If you have any questions give me a shout! Comes with a case that is perfect for it and retails for $160. They can be supplied in a range of keys to suit different types of music and instrumental line-ups, and provide the perfect accompaniment to fiddle, guitar, whistle, flute, banjo, mandolin etc. They are also adorned with brass ring ferrules to add sturdiness and elegance at the same time. Website by Joe Wass, managed by Ian Clabburn. The bellows come with a leather waist and arm strap which offer plenty of adjustment. There are audio and video files for each chapter, all performed on a set of Scottish Smallpipes in A. Description: Medieval Smallpipes. Please contact me for shipping expenses. I know that the most common keys are A and D, but I am not sure which would be best. Highland Fling. new at $1500. The black wood stalk to tie into your bag is included and it is ornamentally banded with sterling silver as originally ordered and received. I've recently changed musical instruments and am now into Diatonic accordions. It is aimed at both the total beginner, not able to read music, Sorry. Synthetic bag and a navy blue velvet cover. They are 3 drones to one stock. http:piperjones.com/ http:piperjones.com/instrument-making/, This is a beautiful set of bellows blown. I like the sound of the border pipes, and am considering adding that to the mix. Plain silver drone caps and chanter sole and slides with the cocobola button mounts. So. We can combine shipping on multiple items. It has been assumed that they were later converted from being bellows-blown. I’d second both of Rook’s suggestions. A modern development of the 1980s, Scottish Smallpipes are based on the old eighteenth-century instruments that survive in various museums. This set comes with 2 chanters-one in"D" and one in"A" I bought these used and have owned them since 2006 and I can say that they have been well cared for and never abused in any way. Village Maid. Therefore, because I am unsure of how to contact the maker I am going to start the bidding at 165 $ which I believe is a good and fair price. of this project have been developed into this teaching CDrom. Scottish smallpipes by Evans-2 chanters-fiberglass case-great set of pipes!! The leather is black and the wood appears to be cherry. I have taken my inspiration from them, particularly from sets that I have examined and measured in the collections of The Royal Museum of Scotland. Our Smallpipe chanters use cane reeds designed to be robust in sound while still being very comfortable to play. The tutor plus mp3 album is £25, The This tutor was developed as part of a research project The PDF tutor book comes free with the CDRom, The tutor is £20 plus p&p. We are settling into our new website, including making available articles from our thirty year history. Bagpipe Rosewood, Full Set Colour | NATURAL Finish: Outside Smooth and glossy finish. Minimally used so they are in original as received condition. This Vintage IRISH To My Dear Wife Embroidered Fringed Made in Ireland Silk Handkerchief would make a Wonderful addition to your Collection or a Special Gift. Falls etwas unklar sein sollte. The bag is cowhide and the Bellows are made from Mesquite. Using the same fingering as Highland pipes, Scottish Smallpipes are mellower, with more buzz — a joy to play for hours at a time. Kindly e-mail me any questions that you may have and I'll get back to you ASAP! I make every effort to describe the item accurately and honestly. Inside: All bores are polished and smooth. Please ask any questions you might have about the item prior to bidding. E.MAIL US AFTER PURCHASE AND WILL REPLACE IN SAME PRICE Free Accessories 1 Synthetic Drone Reed Set. With its cylindrical bore, the sound is characteristically lilting, but perfect for playing with other acoustic instruments or to accompany dancing. These have become the pipes of choice for Highland pipers looking for a second instrument to play. Strictly Time Highland Dancing CD Strictly Time by Alan Walters is an excellent CD for highland dancing. 2) Garvie "session" chanter It is made of Blue Silk. That’s why I went the so-called "border pipe" route. Tracking numbers can be provided. The chanter and drones usually have boxwood ends and the drones each have delicate boxwood plugs. can use it to make sure that the movies and audio will play Download the latest version. The SSP is also made of blackwood and in Key of D. They're made by Kilberry and is equipped with custom reeds. My loss is your gain. Happy Bidding ps: if you are outside of the US or Alaska& Hawaii. I'm the second owner of this chanter, so it wasn't built for me! For more products please visit our eBay store, Smallpipe Bag Cover Velvet bag cover for Scottish Smallpipes. A little side note. Return to Vicki's Bagpipe Homepage. One Owner, Rarely Used and Well Preserved. it is easy to play tunes that are normally in A, in D. Instead of playing on the A and E strings they use the same fingering but on the D and A strings. The drone and chanter pict makes them look a little bowed but they are not. Two sets of pipes would obviously be a better way but: Money, carrying around, etc… 4-6 business days International: Airmail(no tracking available) Approx. The pipes were delivered in August 2002. They are made of rosewood and boxwood. Need to make way for other important things and it saddens to me to have to sell it. £580.00 . If your set is in A you can play along, if you’re in D, you can still learn by watching and listening Just follow the links above! It must have meant a lot to somebody. I could just cut and paste off of the Sloan web site but I figured it was just as easy to give you the site so you can go read about them if you wanted more info on them. this chanter might be of some use to somebody out there. This exact instrument) being played on youtube-. I have Borders by Nigel and Smallpipes by Hamish Moore - the smallpipes sound fantastic but I probably play the Borders 100 hours to every 1 on the Smallpipes. D is fine for solos if you are in a competition or want to convert tunes to different keys. These early sets are in higher pitches, but I have developed my pipes in a range of modern pitches while retaining the feeling of the original instruments. THANK YOU. I'm selling them because I don't have time to play them. Velvet cover with ivory fringe Played in the key of D. Posted with, Well. I hope I’ve covered as much 1 Patrice Chanter with 2 practice Reeds. 7-10 business days, Scottish Smallpipe chanter in A. Flora MacDonald's Fancy. The Shepherd Smallpipes in the Key of Upper D. Ideal in concert hall, pub and recording environment. D used to be used for smallpipes a lot when the smallpipe revival began, but I have heard from a maker that in recent years many more sets in A are being bought. Boxwood. D is a little confusing in terms of getting to grips with the new notes in comparison (if you are already a highland piper) to the A or Bb chanters. Complete with Canmore Bag, Blackwood Chanter, Plastic Pipe and Drone Reeds and Tuning Manual. We ship Monday to Friday through Canada Post. For playing with fiddles, mandolins, banjo etc. The price is $1.500. Since the music that you´ll be playing on the small pipes will pretty much be scottish pipe music (caveat: I know nothing of the Lowland repertoire) there´s no resaon to choose anything but A. HIGH QUALITY TASSEL AND FRINGE GOLDEN Material: High QUALITY SILK SIZE: 60” Length: 71” TASSEL TO TASSEL Also available in. tutor to your desktop. Ezeedrone reeds, one can set up the drones to cope with the border pressure and still play. This set comes with 2 chanters-one in"D" and one in"A" I bought these used and have owned them since 2006 and I can say that they have been well cared for and never abused in any way. It came from an Estate Sale. If you have a CDrom and are now having problems, please get in touch! Highland Fling. It’s the sound that comes out, not what something technically might previously have been called that is important. A seasoned instrument maker from Co. Donegal, Ireland. Seann Tribhas. Stable Base Design. I enjoy incorporating a customer’s suggestions whenever practical; you can see some of the possibilities on the Latest Developments page, which describes the features Callum and I have evolved. 1 Cane Pipe Chanter Reed. So I could not tell you as of the original price for these bellows. The pdf below shows the contents of the This tutor is designed to feel as much like a one-to-one A combination set could be a compromise, but it would be just that, a compromise. Spreche selbstverständlich auch deutsch.

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