Regular price $800.00 Sold out. A snow boas is a double simple recessive (Albino & Anery). Raven. An Eclipse boa is the combination of the Leopard and Colombian Motley genes. The Sunglow boa is the combination of the Albino and Hypo genes. We have several different Jungles in our collection and have big plans for this gene. If your Dumerils Boa is shedding in pieces, it’s usually an indication that the humidity isn’t high enough. Thus increasing the possibilities when breed to another. Example: “ is the best place to learn about correct reptile husbandry.”. One appropriately sized prey item per week is ideal for babies.

Dumeril’s boas LOVE leaf litter! This gene completely removes red from the boa. Hypomelanism is a codominant mutation in Boas and a key ingredient for Ghosts and Sunglows. Dumerils exhibit iridescence similar to Rainbow Boas. Tiere fressen ohne Probleme ... Kostenlose Kleinanzeigen bei Quoka – günstig kaufen oder kostenlos verkaufen. Colombian Boa constrictor for sale at Outback Reptiles. There are thought to be T positive and T negative albinos (Tyrosinase positive/negative), although definitive testing has yet to be completed. It is recorded that the maximum elevation that the subspecies B. constrictor imperator inhabits is 1000 meters and does not exceed a geographic location of 33 degrees latitude. Dumerils Boas are resilient animals, and make an excellent first snake. A Florida breeder named it Motley because the pattern looked like the pattern on a Motley cornsnake. Boas.

Hans bred these further and determined that the Leopard gene is a recessive gene. “Substrate” is another word for bedding, the material you use to cover your reptile’s floor. If your pet reptile is experiencing a medical emergency, contact an experienced reptile veterinarian immediately. The Anerythristic gene is a key ingredient to making many new morphs.

The best substrates offer the above benefits as well as mimic a reptile’s natural environment. Pastel Boas are very clean and have a high contrast. As a result, these are the best substrates you can use for your snake: For best results, layer your substrate with plenty of untreated dry leaf litter. The Blood boa is a Central American boa and it is considered a "dwarf boa" as adults only reach approximately 5 feet in length.

The oils in pine and cedar smell nice, but they can leave a chemical burn on your snake’s scales, and the fumes can cause permanent neurological damage. The Hypo seams to change the pattern in the Motley but whit a combination of the 2 in one animals there are so many more things we can do with this guy.

An Anery (short for Anerythristic) boa lacks the color red throughout their body. The Boawoman Caramel boa pictured above is our Boawoman Caramel, Caram. He kept them back, and as they grew there color intensified to almost a coral/lavender body color all over the animal. Once your snake approaches full size, you should reduce the feeding to once every two weeks to avoid obesity. The anterior and posterior face markings are black to light powder gray often with extensive amounts of black.

Adults can reach seven feet and often have extensive amounts of orange. Genetics: Color and pattern mutation - not proven yet. Nz 2020 1,1 Wildfarben poss het Sharp je 25EUR 0,1 CA Motley poss het Sharp 50EUR 0,1 Red Salmon 100% het ... Boa, als Haustier geeignet.

In their native habitat in southwestern Madagascar, the soil is poor and primarily consists of mostly limestone and red sand. A Ghost boa is the combination of the Anery and Hypo genes. Lengths up to 12 to 14 feet usually shorter.

produce Eclipse, Hypo Eclipse, and Sharp Snow boas.

Genetics: Color - recessive (anery) and co dom (hypo). Dumerils Boas typically have a docile temperament and make excellent pets. It is safest to feed your Dumerils Boa fresh killed or frozen/thawed food. Our prices are low, and our snakes beautiful.

The Island has become a Nature Preserve and no collecting is permitted. The Ghost boa pictured above is one of our holdbacks from 2012. //