When the message prompt appears, do not press A to continue (otherwise the game will autosave and you will lose that item card). Lv.9, Bomb: Bomb the eastern of the two adjacent whole wall tiles right next to the vertical wall on the top wall, Challenge Battle: Guard the allied keeps with your life! Adventure Battle: Defeat the shadow beast! Challenge Battle: Defeat 700 enemies in time! Adventure Battle: Defeat the Big Poe Forces! Adventure Battle: Defeat the Shield Moblin Forces! Clear square C6 on the Adventure map: Young Link / Fierce Diety Mask: Clear square G9 on the Adventure map: Yuga / Wooden Frame: Clear square H11 on the Lorule map: Zelda / Old Dominion Rod: Clear square A2 on the Adventure map with an A ranking : Zelda / Wind Waker: Clear square C15 on the Adventure map with an A ranking: Contributed By: TuxedoAlex. Challenge Battle: Fight through the royalty quiz! Lv.6, Challenge Battle: Watch out!

Starting square: H-8Final Boss square: A-1. Lv.4, Adventure Battle: Destroy the army with boosted morale! Heart Container - Link (W. Rockface Keep). Lv.1. Adventure Battle: Defeat the island beast! Adventure Battle: Defeat the warriors of Skyloft! Lv.9. You go through there to Lorule once you have the wall painting item, after which you can see the connection on the map on each side showing you unlocked a connection.

To unlock each weapon, reveal the reward with the correct item card, then complete the square with an 'A' rank. Lv.2, Fairy Top - Skyloft Shirt (East Temple Hall), Challenge Battle: Defeat all Giant Bosses in time! Adventure Map. All attacks are devastating! Heart Container - Midna (South Field Keep), Adventure Battle: Defeat the enemy forces! Adventure Mode is a special mode in which you can acquire Heart Containers and powerful new weapons, power up your warriors, and unlock new Characters.. Buying the entire Hero of Hyrule Pack season pass for one-third the full price of.

Lv.3, Adventure Battle: Defend the allied keeps! Fairy Food - Life Tree Fruit (Southwest Keep [Pot]), Heart Container - Skull Kid (West Temple), Challenge Battle: Watch out!

Challenge Battle: Defeat 800 enemies in time! Lv.3, Candle: Burn the southeast of the five green trees, Fairy Food - Stamina Fruit (East Keep [Pot]), Challenge Battle: Defeat all Giant Bosses in time! I'm also just curious what levels you would recommend for the other maps as well.

Fairy Top - Demon Lord Shirt (N. Settlement), Challenge Battle: Defeat all enemies! Gold Skulltula's can only be found once per mission, so keep that in mind. I was wondering what would be the recommended levels for each map. Heart Container - Lana (Town Center Keep), Challenge Battle: Watch out!

Ask us your questions in the comment section below! Once unlocked, there will be a chance for more weapons of this type to appear as random drops during missions. There are nine full maps -- so it is possible to hold up to 14 fairies if all final stages are completed. Each final stage completed will raise your maximum fairy count by one. Adventure Battle: Survive the attack of these powered-up enemies! Using the Gamepad as a second screen, you can press '+' on a new controller to play. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

The potion will also change color (Red - Purple - Blue - Green - Yellow) to reflect its potency.

Obtaining these mixtures requires the Apothecary to be leveled up, which is done by collecting Gold Skulltula illustrations from throughout Legend and Adventure mode. 7)– Heart Container (Fi)5:20 – J-8: Prevent reinforcements from arriving!– Heart Container (Zelda), Piece of Heart (Zelda)Playlist of the playthrough:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOjlX2JnE0k73o3ktkOymCEuTHXUaJGugIn-depth playlist of the Adventure Map:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLOjlX2JnE0k6VMsmovfJZv-ekdEu6adW1All videos in this playlist are named after the levels we do. For the last five months, Hyrule Warriors has been a riot for Zelda fans and renown Warriors alike. Lv.10, Challenge Battle: Watch out! Challenge Battle: Guard the allied keeps with your life! Lv.3, Adventure Battle: Destroy enemies and traitors alike! The new Gold Skulltulas can only be found on the Hard or Hero difficulty. Adventure Battle: Defeat enemies while collecting treasure!

All attacks are devastating!

Acompanying the DLC on the eShop are a few costume packs for a dollar each that add a couple of costumes to the game that were originally only available as Pre-order or Club Nintendo Rewards. SBAllen’s) Unlockables Guide.

Lv.4, Challenge Battle: Destroy enemies and traitors alike! Fairy Bottom - Skyloft Skirt (Northeast Keep), Challenge Battle: Rack up your KO count! Unlike in the Great Sea Map, you cannot disable these rules with Item Cards, so you must complete the challenge with the rule for each map. Power Bracelet: Push the eastern of the two statues, Adventure Battle: Destroy enemies and traitors alike!

Adventure Battle: Defeat the forest dragon! Lv.5, Challenge Battle: Rack up your KO count! The following is the level the Apothecary is upgraded using the indicated number of Skulltulas: Leveling up the Apothecary also increases the potency of your special potion that characters can drink mid-battle to get a boost of healing as well as some SP gauge.

Successfully complete the 'Survival Lv.4' challenge in Ganon's Fury with an 'A' rank to unlock the Cucco's Fury special section in Challenge mode, which allows you to play Ganon's Fury challenges as a giant Cucco character. Challenge Battle: Defeat all enemies! Adventure Battle: Defeat the ocean beast! Lv.10, Adventure Battle: Destroy enemies and traitors alike! I currently am struggling a lot on it at around level 90's with everyone.

Lv.5, Heart Container - Twili Midna (Lakeside Keep). Lv.8, Adventure Battle: Capture the enemy keeps!

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