Also Read: Emily Greinke – Facts about MLB Pitcher Zack Greinke’s Wife, Serious throwback. It doesn't seem as though Ian and Chelsey know the gender of their upcoming baby, but it goes without saying Dakota is probably jonesing for a sister. kids, it seems as though the Desmonds are an unstoppable force tearing it up in Florida. In 2010, the couple decided to make it official and tied the knot. He previously played for the Washington Nationals and Texas Rangers.

Chelsey Desmond gave birth to their eldest son, Grayson Wesley Desmond, on April 26, 2011. Check out the outfielder's full statement, below. This year, however, Desmond is going to be a full-time dad, and stand by Chelsey's side, and help their children understand the momentous changes the world is facing.

She also dealt with unfounded gossip that Desmond was cheating on her. He was staying with a host family and spoke to Edwards for hours on the phone while sitting in his car, so as to not disturb his host family. Jack Depp Is 18 and Dating a Beautiful Model — Who Is Johnny Depp's Only Son? They took separate paths to college, with Desmond dedicating his focus to baseball.

Colorado Rockies baseball star Ian Desmond has been in a relationship with his wife Chelsey since the 5th grade, they married in 2010 and the couple now shares 4 children. As a family, Chelsey, Ian and the four kids seem to enjoy going to the beach together, playing baseball (because, duh! Ian Desmond’s wife is certainly deserving of the spotlight in this Chelsey Desmond wiki. Travis Roy’s Girlfriend: Where Is Maija Langeland Now? Desmond is a three-time Silver Slugger Award winner and a two-time MLB All-Star. Chelsey Desmond is the lovely and supportive wife of MLB player, Ian Desmond.

The first time she visited him in Potomac didn’t go so well either.

It was disheartening for an athlete who had already gone through a lot to keep playing the sport. And Chelsey has supported him through all the highs and lows of his career. ), and traveling to watch their dad play baseball. After 10 years of marriage, Ian Desmond knows that he may rule on that baseball diamond, but in their home, his wife calls the shots.

She doesn’t miss a single game that Ian plays, be it at the stadium or on television. These days, Chelsey is a full-time mom to four adorable kids, and is currently pregnant again, so it seems like she definitely doesn't have too much time on her hands.

Chelsey and Ian Desmond’s Puppy Love Began in Fifth Grade Chelsey Elizabeth Edwards was born on June 13, 1986 to William R. Edwards and Debra Morgan Edwards.

Considering the situation with COVID-19 and the safety of his wife and kids, Ian Desmond has opted not to play for the 2020 season. Though it took a lot of time for Ian Desmond to make it to the Majors, he has never shied from prioritizing his family over the sport. It was when he was playing Class A in Potomac that reconnected with Edwards. Nevertheless, she is nothing like the other girlfriends of major league baseball players, who are always perfectly groomed and picture-perfect. On Tuesday, June 30, Colorado Rockies outfielder, Ian Desmond, officially announced that he would not be returning for the upcoming baseball season, according to TODAY. According to MLB, Chelsey and Ian have three boys named Grayson, Cruz and Ashton, as well as an adorable baby girl named Dakota, who was born recently in October 2018. Edwards lost her luggage, Desmond’s car broke down, and they had to hitch a ride to a mall to buy some sweats and t-shirts that would tide her over the rest of the stay. FACT CHECK: Fisher-Price to Sell “Peaceful Protest” Playset. he would be foregoing participating in the upcoming 2020  baseball season, Exclusive: Actress Lara Jill Miller on Life after 'Gimme a Break!,' Studying Law, #MeToo and Her Current Career.

What is usually considered a "puppy love" turned out to be a love for life. He stated: "With a pregnant wife and four young children who have lots of questions about what's going on in the world, home is where I need to be right now.''. This is not the first time Desmond has placed his family above the game.

Ian had a scholarship to the University of South Florida in hand as well.

In a thoughtful post concerning racism and social justice in the league and in the country, he said he will spend the rest of the season with his family.

He only has one more year on his contract, and will be earning $8 million in 2021. Chelsey confessed: “To me, he wasn’t Ian Desmond baseball player.

Chelsey Desmond Wiki — Age, Job, Family

He missed two games, but was back to work two days after his son was born. As Chelsey Desmond is pregnant with her fifth child with Ian Desmond, the Washington Nationals player has decided to sit out the 2020 season. After the girls being outnumbered four to one in the household, Chelsey and Ian welcomed their first baby girl in late 2018. Chelsey and Ian are basically elementary school sweethearts.

a momentous decision that may well impact his career. Chelsey wanted to stay close to home and ended up studying dental hygiene at the community college, but when she and Desmond started dating again, she dropped everything to follow the team. After marriage, Ian Desmond’s wife, Chelsey Desmond gave birth to her son Grayson Wesley Desmond (born April 26, 2011), Cruz Desmond (born November 20, 2012), and Ashton Desmond (born October 11, 2014). Clearly, Ian Desmond cares a lot about his wife and kids, so stay tuned for more on the adorable MLB family.

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However, following Ian in the Minors meant she wasn’t at work much. Ian Desmond was going through a slump in his 2007 career when he was demoted from AA to Class A. Colorado Rockies baseball star Ian Desmond has been in a relationship with his wife Chelsey since the 5th grade, they married in 2010 and the couple now shares 4 children. Find Out in Netflix Docu-Series “Carmel: Who Killed Maria Marta?”.

Chelsey Desmond’s man was born Ian M. Desmond on September 20, 1985. Their youngest son, Ashton William Desmond, was born on October 11, 2014. Chelsey Desmond is also an athlete, so she’s well-versed with the pressures Ian faces.

#tbt, A post shared by C H E L S E Y D E S M O N D (@mrsdesmond) on May 30, 2013 at 10:31am PDT, Also Read: Tiffany Ortiz Wiki, Facts to Know about David “Big Papi” Ortiz’s Wife. Avi Rothman Is Kristen Wiig's Handsome Fiancé and the Father of Her Twins— Who Is He? With his pregnant wife and super mom, Chelsey, and their four (soon to be five!) Considering that Desmond spends half of each year on the road with the team, the burden of being mom and dad to their brood falls to Chelsey. But desmond knew what he wanted and in 2004, already a major league player, he asked his grade-school crush to be his girlfriend. A distasteful stereotype within the baseball WAGs community is the assumption that all players are prone to infidelity while being away from their partners for months at a time. From then on, Desmond would spend only half of the year with his family. Chelsey is more likely to wear sweats than couture swag. The couple were sweet on each other through grade school and high school and drifted apart when Desmond Ian had his own scholarship, his to the University of South Florida. What’s more, discover her family background and net worth. Ian Desmond’s wife cares a lot about raising them right, and so does Ian. That earned her a sports scholarship to Lynn University in South Florida. Emily Greinke – Facts about MLB Pitcher Zack Greinke’s Wife, Tiffany Ortiz Wiki, Facts to Know about David “Big Papi” Ortiz’s Wife, Amy Crawford – Astros Pitcher Gerrit Cole’s Wife, Amber Marie Seyer Wiki – Facts about Barry Zito’s Wife, Carli Skaggs Wiki, Facts About the Late Tyler Skaggs’ Wife, A post shared by C H E L S E Y D E S M O N D (@mrsdesmond), Nina Altuve Wiki – Facts to Know about José Altuve’s Wife, Emma Turner Wiki: Facts about Andrew Schulz’s Fiancee, Elizabeth Kartchner Wiki: Facts about Collin Kartchner’s Wife, Alaina Anderson Wiki: Facts about Derrick Rose’s Wife, Molly Holm Wiki: Facts about Blake Mycoskie’s Relationship, Katie Scully Wiki: Facts about C-SPAN Journalist, Steve Scully’s Wife, Abby Phillip’s Husband’s Bio: Facts about Marcus Richardson, Ashton William Desmond, Cruz Desmond, Grayson Wesley Desmond. But opted to forego college when he was selected by the Montreal Expos in the 2004 draft. In the article below, read about Chesley’s wiki info like her age, job, and height. However, Desmond’s prospects took a turn for the better in 2008, when he was among other elite prospects selected for the Arizona Fall League.

At Riverview High School where she attended, Chelsey recorded some of the highest stats in the school’s history for the sports she played. While their two oldest sons were still toddlers, Chelsey and the boys traveled with Desmond, but with the arrival of their third son, and Grayson reaching school age, the couple established their home base in Sarasota, Florida.

Chelsey Edwards had been with him throughout the highs and lows of his career. The family was based in Sarasota, Florida, which is also Ian Desmond’s hometown. Chelsey, who was a keen soccer and softball and volleyball player, was offered a scholarship to Lynn University in South Florida, which she declined. Chelsey Desmond is currently pregnant with the couple’s fifth child.

It would be fair to say that Chelsey knows Desmond better than anyone -- after all they've known each other since the 5th grade when the started "dating." Where Is Carlos Carrascosa Now?

After that first meeting in fifth grade, they dated on and off, kid-style. Meanwhile, Chelsey, a homebody to the core, freaked out at the prospect of leaving the familiarity of her hometown to go to college elsewhere.

Four children in 10 years and a fifth on the way is quite a feat, and one Chelsey seems to handle with aplomb.

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