The Ignis Wraith is more than just a fun flamethrower weapon, it also has a huge impact on your missions by wreaking havoc on anything that your flames can reach.

The Ignis Wraith is not only a unique type of weapon but also a powerful one, which makes its Rivens quite pricey. The Torid is sitting at about 12k gas damage but I do have a riven for it. sorry, still fairly new to the game so i don’t know all the mods at the top of my head yet and don’t know which are considered the standard haha. The zaw is just for whacking shit once the spores are spreading around.

Point Strike is currently the best way to improve your critical chance more than any other critical chance improving mod. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, You don't try enough - you'll never get it. Although blast and corrosion also works reasonably well against grineer. Uh... Well, gas is pretty popular in general for the Ignis, since you can semi-fractal the status procs. You can easily shoot through obstacles and even penetrate doors with the flames from the Ignis Wraith when this build is used. My saryn prime is finishing up soon but unfortunately, i’m not high MR enough for ignis wraith yet but i still want to be dousing my enemies in gas and flames. Since you won't rely on your Ignis damage though, it doesn't matter much to squeeze out the very last DPS points. Going for a viral mod combination will allow the weapon to retain its heat element.

You want especially your toxin based element as high as possible - that leads most people using dual stat mods for toxin and heat for more status chance and then raising pure toxin damage (Infected Clip) before reaching 100% status chance - because of how the spore mechanic works. But just because everyone recommends the Ignis Wraith instead (because it's a straight upgrade and you can get it quite cheap) doesn't automatically mean, that the regular one isn't any good. This weapon excels at clearing rooms of enemies, incinerating them or pumping them with other elements like corrosive or viral.

Although the Ignis Wraith shoots out flames, it is still a beam weapon which is actually a good thing when it comes to damage output since the longer you hold on to your fire button, the more damage the beam increases to, which reaches a cap which maximizes its damage.

Using the combination of mods in this build will allow you to inflict heavy amounts of DPS towards your enemies, especially when they are clustered together, near or under Nullifier bubbles or when hiding behind cover. This build allows you to clear rooms that have clusters of enemies efficiently.

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