It was very advanced, it even had an ejection seat! 43. Will Requiem have to redo most of his vids to include the new start-up procedures? A damaged engine can fill the tank interior with smoke; 60. This is where the jet reaches close to the sound barrier begins to tuck under (or nose down). Put your throttle all the way forward before mission start. - Battle of Bodenplatte Compressor stalls are modeled including compressor stalls caused by high angles of attack like a spin. Oil system damage causes engine damage at a progressing rate; Crew clothes, faces, hands, etc. Ground AI won't fire at crewmen escaping from friendly vehicles; New features for player controllable tanks He didn't really review it as much as offer thoughts on his short experience and interpolate those into how he expects it to play out in the game. 56. It’s no easy button that grants automatic victory. A small visual issue (grey square near the gun gunsight) has been fixed for Pz.III Ausf.M and Pz.VI Ausf.H1; An expert pilot might be able to get some excellent surprise attack in but most are going to struggle with this as a fighter. The rigs were playing QMB the whole time so changes may not have been obvious if they were in other areas. 26. Visually the Me262 is impressive and beautifully detailed. I get what you're saying rlaxoxo, but in this case the writeup was clear that it was "first impressions". In the worst case, the engine will light on fire and a speed dive will be your only way out. The systems are all there and modeled, but before we weren't required to do anything during the start up process. - Battle of Moscow Transmission damage affects the changing of gears, they become harder or impossible to switch; It’s absolutely terrible in a turn fight as the 262 bleeds speed, doesn’t particularly like high angles of attack, and once speed is lost takes some time to get it back. Am I to only one who want to have 262 in early access ? 47. Looking forward to your review of “The Big Update”. How come NO information is available on starting the Me262 ? Damaged suspension springs or torsions can become lame; Give it a try. It's easy! It's 1944, and German aircraft are severely outnumbered in combat. Are you supposed to reduce the stabiliser position after T/O? Fw-190 D9 and Me 262 A: there is a tip in chat clarifying that the engine throttle is blocked from moving to cutoff position when the engine is on;
( Log Out /  A rare issue in P-47 turbocharger that could crash the sim was found and fixed;

Second, flying is a careful and engaged process when it comes to changing throttle settings. Come on guys, this is not a gamepad game, and you  -> yes you, the Dev Team !! The only way to prevent it is to be gentle with the power. Fuel or oil leak could lead to a fire that can kill the crew and cause the ammo detonation; The firepower is immense. I would love to feel the very beginning of jet powered aircraft in DCS, though. 78. User agreement Infinitely firing aircraft of other players shouldn't randomly appear in multiplayer anymore; Pz.III Ausf.M brake drums are correctly animated; It includes the new war machines you can control - jet fighter/bomber Me 262 A Schwalbe for Bodenplatte, Т-34-76 made by UVZ factory in early 1943 for Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka and airplanes S.E.5a and Albatros D.Va for Flying Circus - Volume I. Upping the exterior textures to 4К quality level for Bf 109 F-4 and Fw 190 A-8 are another neat feature, as well as adding visible crews to player controllable Pz.III Ausf.M and M4A2. The Me-262 could not go full-throttle right after going slow, for example, when landing. S.E.5a is now available for all owners of "Flying Circus"; 4. Powered (electric) turret traverse mechanism added to KV-1s and Т-34-76-UVZ-1943 with the manual traverse as the backup one. In this update this error is fixed, so flight characteristics of all Flying Circus planes fully correspond to RoF before update 1.034. First, flying the 262 is completely unlike anything else in IL-2 thought it does feel a bit like some of the early jets I’ve flown in DCS.

When starting I find the important thing is to watch the temp gauges and stop throttle movement if they get midway. 13.

It was a new technology back in WW2. I’m very pleased to be able to offer some of my first impressions of 1CGS’ IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte Me262 being flyable for the very first time by the public this weekend at Flight Sim Expo 2019 in Orlando Florida. There are many changes in aircraft and ground AI. 37. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

Enter key invokes the damage control overlay; 2.

Otherwise, a fireball results. Fw 190 A-8 exterior textures are now available in 4К quality, including damage, thanks to =ICDP=; How would you prefer I wrote it? The Axis Powers already started to create jet aircraft. It had a maximum speed of 460 m/h.

When I was testing the 262 I caused flameouts as I was pulling back the power in a flare to land multiple times! 18. Become a supporter by making a donation on the Stormbirds Patreon. He does a great job writing about sims. So that's why Me-280 was never fully operational, only 9 of them were built. You need to time the igniters right based on the revolutions and throttles need to be advanced carefully. This is only a guess but the 262 is not going to be the wonder weapon that some think it will be.

We can say that they killed the engines like enemies. 4K textures really are sharp. Physical models of all aircraft engines have been revised, many rare bugs were found and fixed;

Cooling system damage affects oil and cylinder heads cooling effectiveness; Cold engine yields less power until it heats up; 8. 63.

Firing the gun and MGs can obscure vision in the tank interior; the engine may simple shutdown and die. 55. It can quickly become unrecoverable. I managed to take off right after the patch was installed, without the Requiem tutorial video. Weight values listed for all large gunsights of Flying Circus planes and for the camera on SPAD XIII.C1 have been corrected;

76. Crew models added to Pz.III Ausf.M; It was a new technology back in WW2. 7. AI bombers open bomb bay doors during the bombing run only if there are bombs inside; This is going to be an aircraft where every kill is earned through careful pilotage and patience. LuxiLife, June 12, 2019 in General Discussion. The level of detail of player controllable tank systems and their damage model is nearly final.

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Crew models added to M4A2; 15. From what you said they modelled the weaknesses as well! But, there were 2 major problems. And there is a 262 in the works for DCS Normandy 1944. 67. It was available on monday, same as new patch.

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