I am going to pick up my new Ruger HE in .338 Federal next week. I would use it again on deer but it is primarily a hog gun so I switched to 185gr ttsx. A faster powder such as AA2230/X-Terminator, H322 or even IMR 8208 will get you more velocity, likely much more with the 160. Accuracy had been so-so with BR2s but was fantastic with the 210s.

But for me and I'm assuming others, it is great to see what others are doing and getting. I can not find .338 Federal head stamped brass? Had to be something they already did in at least one other rifle. But for what its worth I finally picked my load for my .338 Fed. Ballistic Tip back. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot], Majestic-12 [Bot] and 2 guests, Nosler Inc  |  Privacy  Use  Order Processing. May not do as much damage as desired though. Rifle is REM 600 with a 21" barrel. RCBS worked fine for me, but now use custom dies. Maybe this was shooter error but that was my first impression. The 200 Hot Cors were not impressive ranging from 1.3" and up. No pressure, but no more room for powder. I also feel the 200gr weight is ideal for the 338 fed, plus would give same point of impact as the 200gr fusion which I believe will be an ideal deer bullet. The 185 TTSX shoots great at 2.88, which is mag length in my Ruger, and equates to .053 off. I think JB used the Magnum primers because Ramshot listed them, albeit mistakenly (I'll have to re-read the article and check that, don't want to speak for him). I picked up a new Ruger M77 Hawkeye from a dealer’s old stock. Have not been able to get the 210 TTSX to shoot at all for accuracy though.

Shot 185 TTSXs, 200 Hot Cors and 210 Scirocco IIs with TAC today. 8208 is 'supposed' to be incredibly stable across a very wide temp range. The .338 Federal cartridge still has a special place in my heart, so I decided to grab one and get it ready for the season this year. No signs of pressure. This is precisely the type of info I was needing. Was with 180 BTs, 200 Hot Cors and 185 TTSXs all with Fed 210 Primers and Federal brass. VS the new powder? I did not recover a 215 Gameking. Made a heck of a thump when it hit. However, now I wonder if I’m having a problem with over-travel.

No issues reloading for my old Ruger. Market Price: $246.99.

Rather, they left a .338" hole through 4 thick phone books and kept on going. Got some 185 TTSX on the way. The good news is the bullets you listed will probably kill just about anything you want to shoot. No chrono, but accuracy was the best across the board I've seen. I've run them each higher but am comfortable where they are as far as velocity and they have been fired in high temps and fairly hot chambers with no pressure signs. Rifles loaded for 308 and 300 win mag 308 Loads 155 GR. FYI, 338 FED brass is now available at Midsouth.

Both stopped in the 5th jug, the SST seperated jacket/core with the lead shank much shorter that the jacket which I believe means it slipped earlier in the process of penetrating. Even for such a "short" 338 bullet, the BC is .432, which is practically the same as the 130gr .277 and 150gr .308 Ballistic Tips, as well as our beloved 75gr .224 Amax. More than anything I find that I get really high port pressures and over gas in AR if I use hotter loads of 8208.

Plan on hunting elk with that this year? I use the RCBS dies for resizing and the Redding neck sizer for follow on work. Very similar book performance to TAC and a reputation for extreme temp stability (TAC may be very stable too, I don't know for sure). Nothing wrong with that!

I have a bunch of the 180 BTs as well and plan on putting at least one through a deer this year. Are we looking at a relatively narrow window of opportunity between optimal near max performance and spikes? I'm using 8208,2230,LVL and TAC. I am running the 185 TTSX at 2.88, but it could go much shorter. I tried to get Savage's new Model 11 lightweight hunter in 338 Fed but their custom shop wouldn't chamber in the Fed. Or, if you're not worried about range, the 210 Partition would put the hurt on a big hog! Here is what I saw: New Fed brass for most, all velocities are corrected to muzzle velocity. I think the 200-210s may be better suited to the 2000MR. IMR 8208 is my go to powder for 160-210 gr bullets, AA2230 gets better velocity in the 160-180 range and LVL is best velocity over 210gr. I ordered a barreled action from Montana Rifleman, who were happy to accommodate my request. Although, all my ballistic nonsense charts (I like to over analyze) tell me the 185 TTSX ought to put as much smack (official effectiveness term defined however I want at the moment) on the target as the 200 given my projected 200 velocities of 2620-2650. Made a bad shot on the deer. Even the 210gr Nosler Partition. I generally shoot big power houses with extremely high B.C. The 185 TTSX has been the easiest to get to shoot and they look like a magazine commercial no matter what I shoot them into.

Probably not bad at all with recoil too. Been scouring the site for 338 Fed loads and found a few, but the one year search limit hinders things. H4895 is real good with 200gn bullets. Hot-Cors give me the best accuracy so I'm stocking up before they get replaced with the deep curl.

A left-handed rifle in an unusual caliber, before the SAAMI standardization had been finalized, was going to be a custom rifle. When I was trying different powders and bullets, I got a 0.646″ 5-shot group with this combination, though I haven’t been able to duplicate that subsequently. I shot the 200 SST at 2.88 (.033 off) and it shot terrible.

Bwana, I can't afford one anymore. Out of stock. Less than one inch measured outside to outside at 2700 fps from a 20" barrel. Limited data points, but I did finally get to chrono samples of TAC with a 185 TTSX and 210 Scirocco II. My accuracy went out the window with the 2000MR, nothing less than 2.5 inches. The TSX/TTSX sounds like a good way to go to me. The 225 Deep Curl would be an interesting load. tested the 225gr Accubonds today for accuracy, better than the 200's but still not good, groups 4in at 100yds. It worked but I would be worried on something bigger or badder, such as a big bore hog. I use 48.5 as I had a bit of primer flattening once. Guys thanks for this discussion. Also going to try the Scirocco IIs. Not having all day to mess around with loads and being relatively new to reloading (and not having a huge stockpile of powders lying around) it helps a lot see what powders are constantly popping up and what powders are being used without alotta published load data from manufact. I was testing for accuracy (neck size only vs full length size). I removed the action and saw right away what the problem was. What are you hoping to gain? I have all the rest of the data. I've shot deer and pigs with 185 TSX and 200 gr Hornady Interlocks, and they are both working very well.

Copyright © 2000-2020 24hourcampfire.com, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Think I need to order some 210 TTSX and/or 210 Scirocco IIs to test in addition to the 185 TTSX.

Fiddled with yet another combination this weekend. 48 gr of Reloder 15 pushing 185 gr TSX and 200 gr Hornady Interlock bullets. 308 Lapua brass worked very for me. At least I don't recall it being so. Velocities, powders, barrel lengths, etc. Now that the heat wave is over and fall is almost here I've been working on a new .338 Federal hunting load again. as long as the velocity is there to keep our bullets from going subsonic over those ranges and the pressures are within the .308's realm. The gentleman who did the test did so at our request. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Ruger stainless/synthetic Hawkeye, Vortex Viper 2-7x, 200gr factory fusions...they work.. Camels and a .338.... Man that looks fun!!! I recently picked up some Hodgdon Lever and loaded two rounds at 50, 51 and 52 grains behind Sierra 215 gr. That is one tough bullet. ", I'm just trying to save money on bullets if I can. Also tried some 200 SSTs with H4895 and 210 primers. My only fear with the tsx is not getting enough expansion on our small deer. When I was trying different powders and bullets, I got a 0.646″ 5-shot group with this combination, though I haven’t been able to duplicate that subsequently. 2.88 is max mag length for my Ruger, that's why I'm using it. I would like to try them on deer size game, any thoughts? In my opinion, RL15 would be very slow burning for the 160 TTSX. you save 7%. Elk hunt 'round the corner. I'm not a fan of the Hornady's SST either. I got a slight improvement in accuracy with the neck size die but what surprised me was the velocity difference. Forum won't let me update that post for some reason. Killed a 120lb deer and a 200lb hog with it so far. Was with 180 BTs, 200 Hot Cors and 185 TTSXs all with Fed 210 Primers and Federal brass. Wanted to use the trophy bonded tip bullet, but last price I saw was unbelievable, could buy premium factory ammo cheaper than could reload with them. The testing was done with Win WLR primers. It is 2000MR, and he said they don't have any loads for the 338 Fed and are working on getting it to market. Manufacturers website can blow all the smoke they want, but there is no substitute for first hand results, or in this case second hand accounts from those who did the tests. I've got a good pile of Nosler 180 gr.

Boom, I appreciate your sarcasism. IMR 8208 XBR After doing some looking i would say this is a come back of the old 820BR powder IMR quite making quite awhile ago. My rifle is a picky bastard and only seems to like 200 Hot-Cors, Accubonds and Ballistic Silvertips. Even today, it isn’t complete and it hasn’t been fired. Thanks, I kind of thought that RL-15 was too slow. The 185 TTSX has shot so well with TAC I quit trying other things. Not sure if anyone is still here.

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