They are saying they want blood in our streets, and they will have it, if we let them. And it’s just not true. Watch Out for Exploding ATMs in Philadelphia. In other words, anywhere in America. Those owners, meanwhile, especially if they own a chain like QuikTrip, steal forty hours every week from thousands of employees who in return get the privilege of not dying for another seven days. When it comes to small business, family owned business or locally owned business, they are no more likely to provide worker protections. That’s the thing I’m defending. een established as a.pretty low bar. 13! There's actually a police tactic for this, called controlled management. Andrew Cuomo saying that stealing purses and sneakers from high-end stores in Manhattan was “inexcusable,” or St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter saying looters were “destroy[ing] our community,” police officers, government officials and pundits alike have bemoaned the property damage and demanded an end to the riots. Why is this common? You make the distinction between violence against property, like smashing a window or stealing something, versus violence against a human body. Does this give me license to loot the DNC because they are stealing my American Dream? The conversation explores how these tactics threaten the perceived invincibility of property relations, we think about how prison riots fit within this framework, and a lot more. There is no right or wrong., — Aaron Maté (@aaronjmate) August 29, 2020, For a counterpoint @npr should interview business owners, some brand new to this country, who watched in horror, sometimes fearing for their lives, as looters destroyed their livelihoods with lasting consequences for everyone in the neighborhood. Unless incitement to riot falls under free speech…. 4 IN DEFENSE OF LOOTING The looting that I am defending in this book is not that act that can be described by the synonym plunder. Many cab companies would not send cabs for pickups in “troubled” neighborhoods, especially after dark; many cities made ordinances requiring cabs to make those pickups or lose their permits. My first thought after reading this tripe was how closely it mirrors our divider-in-chief’s infamous “You Didn’t Build That”., “Willie Osterweil, 25, an aspiring novelist who graduated magna cum laude from Cornell in 2009, found himself sweeping Brooklyn movie theaters for $7.25 an hour.”. What would you say to people who are concerned about essential places like grocery stores or pharmacies being attacked in those communities? There was fear that that kind of rioting would spread. The left-wing fascist claim that Policing evolved from Runaway-Slave Hunters…. P�*�e��2�P)/*SʴrJ9���|�̨�����"u�z�ڡ~UT���:��RS�V�W_V_Q��S�[�{�G��iim�6_[�5k�M�]ڐfk�N�am�6���iG��� ����o�v%%�f�S�R�R���Խ)3�v���&SR/�~��S�l�|�r�O�J6�4ݒΥ��[ҥt5�+�X�G��韧��'�g��g2B&��)�,Ӝi��e3F��ٞy(�Df_�`�7��72d.鴞�?�/֛��ޫ�>�߯?�O���C����G�/���y��,�Mg��ޜ]��e��[�Nv{vw����������L���ذ���,e�XV[o`�˗�.o-yױ[�\0Z]�.���Nѱ�Xk���g�t�Ai����Tj+8����o��vh��s�B�9l7 �B��cS���Hb}�)��o��6n'��M� :C���^ghyc�rG�R��S�J����x��u'�zB=�k�H S�%���2���>�roB������A��,�/!��mN�A�Ҵ�u3�������$����'��Q`o���� \���@�5�������� V��g�n�ƈ��� ���3�����^p �Ah`� ��bl��%��D1���Xl&�Ģ&N��7C{P��7:+�%�] l˰f�±X������ ��x�N��F��|�)� '��`*N�D��6����� ;~��$�Zmx !���W�|�� �$L"@�$�aR*�[%�V!�Q��P�w���V��������}��w���Z�7�X��^!�10,�Eo�k�C����Zph�BAs2�M(a�qfy[[;���V��� �*�������r�u�a��X�h]�ہ���--+{J��������b�.���i�~�l��iXs�} f��:��H�72(y�r&�*��;�tt�O�2J���� �:p���~a7��� � ��h����Ն30�#Ȕmbŭ���!8��7�D&�(�1� �(cpXp �Hy.#Sp �bG �88�*"����AX;$j��J� �yX)�%.��� It's a classic trope, because it jams up people who might otherwise be sort of sympathetic to looters. I live in one of the very safest neighborhoods in Pasadena. Despite the fact that if it were not for those individuals the media might pay no attention at all. Insurance is a form of socialism. The very basis of property in the U.S. is derived through whiteness and through Black oppression, through the history of slavery and settler domination of the country. I think people know. The difference between riots and protests has more to do with who and where than what, The prosecution’s strategy to convict anti-Trump protesters, medics, journalists and dissidents reveals how much white nationalists have seized institutional power. How could the average Ferguson resident really say it’s “our QuikTrip”? That doesn't make me feel safe. The Reds have their own history of thuggery! They don't attack community centers. , Legal Insurrection, All Rights Reserved. Yes, this person has difficulty acknowledging his own biology, yet we are supposed to take him seriously about theft being a good thing? However, in trying to correct this media image—in making a strong division between Good Protesters and Bad Rioters, or between ethical non-violence practitioners and supposedly violent looters—the narrative of the criminalization of black youth is reproduced.
And her book arrives as the continued protests have emerged as a bitter dividing point in the presidential race. Whenever people worry about looting, there is an implicit sense that the looter must necessarily be acting selfishly, “opportunistically,” and in excess. But I’m more interested in visiting the domicile of the author of this book, and feeling the joyful liberation of emptying her house of any and all valuable possessions. But if you arrest them, then you have to house and feed them in jail unless you want to just let them back out. Of course, the argument goes that there are food and retail deserts because of racism. It makes invisible the Black people who are rising up and who are initiating this movement, who are at its core and its center, and who are doing its most important and valuable organizing and its most dangerous fighting.

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