Is this part of today’s ratings wars between the huge screen industry in Turkey/Istanbul. Terrible ending!! It is called Rüzgar or Wind (2018). Do they like buckets of sad tears in their audiences? Kaan’s change in behaviour towards Ali’s girlfriend for no apparent reason and him putting Naz aside so easily. Gökçe is forced to spend time alone with Nazlı. What I can think is the actress was unable to continue. I writing dose not work. I love, love, love Enver but I don’t know if Feyza deserves him. As for the English subtitles I agree, some editing wouldn’t hurt. A very bad series compared to other turkish productions. He couldn’t even express his love for Kaan. I like the supporting cast and Feyzal acting. This TV series didn’t only get massive viewership in Turkey but from other middle east, European and Asian countries as well. Please cut it down, life is still beautiful. When will Series 4 be out on Netflix of The Intersection? Not one strong, level-headed female character, or may be intriguante Neslihan? He was my favorite character and the only one I needed to know was always going to be alright. I’m sure they got new writers who didn’t spend time watching Seasons 1 & 2 …or for sure gave zeros about their audience. The whole thing becomes ridiculous. Was so wrong. He used Naz as a babysitter, Naz stay with Kaan, Naz take Kaan to your house and I kiss you in the forehead because you are a good person. I feel Endemol Shine were under the pressure to tip toe around the problem. With outclassed performances from the cast, best direction and exciting story, Ask Aglatir is getting popular among the Turkish drama viewers. Kaya Akkaya as Amir Intersection: Is Turkey reaching a turning point. Though her dream is to become a writer but her parents, don’t trust her skills. Heck she even helped,encourage, directed Ali to a great relationship with his son and this Remembering watching few scenes on my MacBook one where the main male character standing in the hospital corridor where his face was bleeding after a fight earlier, his fiancé was concerned about his serious injury while the ex girlfriend was smiling over it and made a comment that she is used to this type of violence while she is next to him. Genre: Historical, Fiction, Drama, Adventure, Starring: Burak Özçivit, Nurettin Sönmez, Ragip Savas, Saruhan Hünel, Tugrul Çetiner, Alma Terzic and Aslihan Karalar. I was so invested in this series until the old girlfriend resurfaced and it didn’t fit the storyline. But even though it was evident that he was more in love with his ex than with Naz, the storyline kept making us believe that maybe there was a way that between AN and Naz, or at least I couldn't believe he was such a disgrace. This happened with Loce ans Punishmne . I was so upset with the way that she became diminished – Also I wanted to see some passion from Ali because she is a beautiful vibrant woman. The way he acted when she died. Sorry. Little girl Zeynep suffers a lot during this family shift until her youth. I hated that they re-wrote Alinejat from being a good, growing adult/father falling mutually in deep love with Naz. All in all, it is a lovely romantic TV series with the spicing of comedy. Starring: Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan, Sıla Türkoğlu, Berat Rüzgar Özkan, Melih Özkaya, Gülderen Güler and Gülay Özdem. Intersection, will make you waster your time, I know that to make it more interesting they have to mix the emotions and love stories between the characters but in the end its so dissapointing you feel scammed after watching 2 seasons. [email protected]@. Also the idea of breaking up with her one day before marriage is awful.

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