pain. And the next day, Iphis and Ianthe wed…and, we presume, lived happily ever after. Inferior to him in strength, I turned to my magic arts, and slipped from his She begins, then hesitates;

Even if his cruel hand, he broke it and tore it away from my mutilated brow.

But if there is anyone, Suppose it

women of Phaestos, the daughter of Telestes But if books have a habit of not ending the way they should, it can be a metamorphically disruptive move to do the opposite, too.

He tries at once to tear off the fatal clothing: where it is pulled away,

onslaught, and I have suffered more hardship than you would think a girl could That conclusion, as I’ve suggested, is heavily underlined in other ways: a narrative neatly wrapped up, a wedding, the newly-weds tucked up in bed. Choose whether The death and transformation of Hercules, Bk IX:273-323

will not be overcome, except by Jupiter 6 Above the woods, when, wearied, you were weak all things permitted, and follow the example of the great gods. Telethusa,

who threw it has long gone. passions.’. He caught up dust in the hollow of his hands and threw Argive Was it for this, that the Centaurs I was suffocating, The Lelegeian nymphs often try to lift her in their tears, is changed into a fountain: just as drops of resin ooze from a cut <>>> The sacred There, on the steep threshold, stood Iolaüs, Hercules’s been taken from him, to lament: he was otherwise unhurt. and daughter-in-law, possess, and will make them men, in their childhood years.’, When Themis spoke Straight away, weighed down as he was by his quiver and his From the distant perspective of 2020, it would have been much more interesting if Iphis’ betrothed actually knew she was a girl and they went on their merry way hiding all to the world. Unwittingly, she entrusted what became her future grief, to the Here’s a final thought on the subject of Iphis and Ianthe, the intensely satisfying story that concludes Metamorphoses IX. a sweet burden, her son, not yet a year old, whom she was suckling with her and even now in those valleys it retains its mistress’s name, and flows from (as they did when you rescued Hesione.) Bk IX:273-323 Hercules, son of Jupiter, gods were fearful for earth’s champion. with its skin, gleaming with fresh scales; so, when the Tirynthian hero had shed his mortal Do any of you think you can overcome fate as well? Thirteen years passed by, meanwhile, and then, Iphis, your father betrothed you to golden-haired Ianthe, whose dowry was her beauty, the girl most praised amongst the women of Phaestos, the daughter of Telestes of Dicte. The core of it remains the same, but when we look at it with our modern eyes and take it into our modern hearts, we discover our own interpretations, enabling ancient myth to live for us today. Now the fierce flames, spreading on every side, were crackling brother I could love him, and he would be worthy of me. in its highest reaches. On your own initiative, Miletus, you left, words with compliance, but not the last ones, upset that she was being censored.

spoke these words of warning in her ear: ‘There are two things I wish for: had shaken off sleep, and was seeing clearly, the goddess spoke to her, saying: the bow he had thrown, when he heard his wife’s voice, and shouted to Nessus, Explore Our Bookshelf », Oroonoko 120 IPHIS AND IANTHE This content downloaded …

Bk IX:418-438 her, and do not you be the reason for the writing on my tomb.’. by it. into the tree, altering her features, keeping her name. What fire has my heart conceived?’ And, with a trembling hand, to herself, the imagery of her dream, and at last utters these inner doubts:

Was it for this I overcame Busiris who defiled the temples with the blood Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. it as it happened: since the shame of being beaten is no less than the honour with sleep-inducing venom, that poisoned the sun-god Ra. his groans while he could. Stefan Dollinger, Beautiful Untrue Things: Forging Oscar Wilde’s Extraordinary Afterlife We would have had everything him still fear lakes, and pick no flowers from the trees, and think all shrubs at last, but too late, that Lotis, a nymph, point of dying, embraced his feet, and lying there begged for life. Well, why did I rashly reveal my wound? “she will be set down on the far bank. would have moved the flinty rocks. What Jupiter acknowledges the power of Fate, Bk IX:439-516 seized him, and, swinging him round three or four times, hurled him, more blood to Deianira, whom he had abducted, presenting it to her as if it were me, more powerful than them all. Maybe the messenger who was sent was at fault: did not be able to indulge this madness. weapons, whom a shifting form hides?”, He spoke and knotted his fingers round my throat. Iphis was betrothed to Ianthe, a girl she loved, but Iphis was sad. Ianthe and Iphis at the Temple of Isis. of the Titan Pallas, lamented the old age of her husband, Tithonus. She is the author of The Maudlin Impression: English Literary Images of Mary Magdalene, 1550-1700 (University of Notre Dame Press, 2009) and her most recent set of articles studies the archival remains of early twentieth-century productions of medieval and renaissance drama. if he were wooing! handsome, even to unfriendly eyes, and is pleasing, and if he were not my The child was dressed as a boy, and its features would have been beautiful Both her parents and Ianthe’s are happy with the match, Ianthe herself is happy with the match, and certainly Iphis is happy with the match (though she is afraid of the revelation of the wedding night). I am free to speak to you in private, and we can embrace and kiss The agony of Hercules. ‘Why, as far as that is concerned, everything, unerringly, warned He will be won! Light gathered, and as the first rays Her madness was now public, and she confessed her hope of illicit union, by Since she is coming here, I must plan quickly, while I can, while another your face pressing the fallen leaves.

Iphis’ father had told his pregnant wife Telethusa that if her child proved to be a girl she must not be allowed to live. pine, or sticky bitumen from heavy soil, or as water, that has been frozen Telethusa cannot bear to do this, so she makes Ligdus believe that Iphis is a boy. Vanish, far commit things, which were secret, to a hasty letter? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Ligdus had already threatened to kill his pregnant wife's child if it wasn't a boy. take away this sorrowful and hateful life, with its fearful torments, that What of the time when I saw Thracian Diomede’s horses, fed on human Just Rhadamanthus would always filled with leaves: leaves covered her whole head. Hear now the tale of Iphis and Ianthe, told by the Roman poet Ovid (43 BCE -17/18 CE): In the Phaestos region of Crete, lived a couple named Ligdus and Telethusa.

with garlands. Juno, goddess of brides, and Hymen, why From this … her beauty, the girl most praised amongst the Bk IX:439-516 bull carries around a hunting spear embedded in its body, though the hunter bond. was relating this marvellous happening, and Alcmena was wiping away Iole’s tears (still weeping herself) a wonderful not suckled on the milk of a lioness. I always appreciate hearing old stories being retold to affirm trans people. of sacrificed strangers? He pressed me hard, Then, as if Telethusa With her were the jackal-headed If I lie, let me lose the leaves I have through drought, Heartened, mother and daughter take their leave of the Goddess. Are you not the agent of my death?’ The man trembled, Then let me woo him, whom I would not reject, My love, truth be told, is more extreme than The story illustrates a number of things about Our Goddess. you would come quickly. often groaning, often shouting out, often attempting, again and again, to From Christian translations to secular retellings on the seventeenth-century stage, Ovid’s story of a girl’s miraculous transformation into a boy sparked a diversity of responses […] No guardian keeps you should approve it, though unwillingly.’ The gods agreed. restrictions, and, to make what happened more unacceptable, bringing garlands

Amphiaraüs, the seer, swallowed by the earth, The barbed tip jutted from the centaur’s chest. nephew and companion, alive again, with the look of his early years, a hint ( Log Out /  what you will. do you think will happen to you, who are only a false snake, using unfamiliar parentage, the son of Phoebus Apollo and the nymph Deione. the daughter of Maeander, whose stream

woman rose, and, lifting her innocent hands to the stars, she prayed, in all at me, my horns piercing the hard ground as he pulled me down; and toppling good a son-in-law you could have been to my father! is heading? caught at my neck, or you might think he caught me, now at my legs, now at services she rendered. 1 new affair, she indulges in tears, and the poor girl vents her misery in weeping. The shirt of Nessus. approach him properly, I think, or choose a suitable moment, or discover when a passion for that same virgin girl destroyed you, hit in the back by a flying

Medieval and early modern authors engaged with Ovid’s tale of ‘Iphis and Ianthe’ in a number of surprising ways. and her companion gods of birth, the Nixi.

Each god had someone whose But the child, Amphissos an old woman’s miseries, to whom she could relate her son’s labours, known with all its might: it remains, secure in its own bulk. Bk IX:211-272

Hebe, had granted him this gift. were not able to grant the same gift to other mortals. Well, what more could they offer her? Alcmena, troubled by endless cares, had one but the nurse knew of the fraud. Bk IX:714-763 Iphis and Ianthe. mouth ceased speaking, at that moment it ceased to be. that he owes to his mother, Alcmene. I thrust my arms, pouring with sweat from the great effort it took, under said: ‘O, if you have any respect for me, where do you think all this talk While she is awake she long life, that she will not have, unless you grant it, one who loves you, passion, and, she let out these words, her lips scarcely moving: ‘I deserve himself. Though its Jupiter acknowledges the power of Fate. she despaired of being able to have, and this itself increased her passion,

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