Some time later, as he heads home, Izaya reflects on Celty's comment about his showing concern for his family but quickly disregards it. He heard that Dormammu (Fake) is dead. He knew he was a top student, however, he did not think the people around him were idiots and did not look down on them. Izaya and Shizuo almost start a fight, but a group of thugs interrupts them and Izaya manages to escape in the ensuing chaos. In the anime, Namie Yagiri, the head of Yagiri Pharmaceuticals, goes to Izaya Orihara's apartment where she asks him for help regarding her brother, Seiji, who has gone missing. He dislikes Shizuo Heiwajima and eyes of dead fish. However, Vorona's attempt to kill Izaya is thwarted as a flash grenade goes off - thrown by Simon. Slon remarks that Vorona had gone soft due to her time in the city but Izaya says that she has only gotten more focused, specifically on Shizuo. Izaya debuted as secondary antagonist, as gathered a his villain band in his schemes for Multi-Universal domination. Due to ongoing events involving Celty, Izaya's stab wound is sealed by her shadows in an attempt to 'fix' all the trouble she has caused by existing among humans. Due to the events of the Hollywood Arc leaving him behind, Izaya instigates the events of the Toramaru Arc in petty revenge. Izaya agrees to help fund Shinra's biology club. It's only after the salaryman commits the murder, that Izaya calls him to explain that his co-worker only left him out of the company because he had gotten it into some illegal activities and didn't want the salaryman to be held responsible. Izaya was taken from his family by Knockout for repossession. Nozomi later became one of his followers. Izaya notices her watching him and states that she must think it's strange of him to talk to himself. Volume 1, Chapter 5. Izaya calmly denies any involvement although Shizuo refuses to believe that.

Izaya laughs and asks her if she did not consider 'everyone else' in his apartment his friend, revealing a group of people he had gathered. Together, using this bond, the two set out to create their own Empire. Earthworm also orders her subordinates to attack but they simply do nothing but stand there and stare with glowing red eyes. Shizuo let's Izaya talk and after he is done insulting him, Shizuo simply tells Izaya "Goodbye" in a calm manner before hanging up and going in search of Izaya. It is revealed in. In a seeming act of anger, Dormammu blasted his flames and kills him off for good.

Realizing about his failed comptetion with Dormammu, Izaya begs for mercy and attempts to explain himself, but the he ignore him, having had enough. He leaves Ikebukuro for a while to follow another lead on Yodogiri but gets a phone call from a private number.

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