After only 50 minutes of rock hopping and walking along the shore of Scarecrow Lake, we arrived at the campsite just south of the Ishpatina trailhead. Just before reaching the Sturgeon River, there is a large flat area (old gravel pit) which can easily handle group camping. We awoke the next morning at 6 AM to a bright, but slightly overcast day. A large boulder hidden by thick bushes at N47.31670 W80.74884, 50 meters from the base of the tower may be the highest point on the summit. Key Col: N47 19.742 W80 44.593 (1640 ft / 500 m) Road access to the Sturgeon River (, […] best description of how to go in seems to be this one from He opted to not change out of his boots and walked his bike right across, soaking his feet in the process. We are going to try again in 2018. View of Ishpatina Ridge from the North Peak, Rank: 1 Traffic: latest traffic and road and highway traffic news, shown in "#traffic news". Directions to reach Ishpatina Ridge, ON from some of the main cities, To plan a trip to Ishpatina Ridge (Ontario) by car, train, bus or by bike is definitely useful the service by with information and. Did it over 2 nights and 3 days. Great trip! I was pretty sure we had to take the left fork, but just in case I hiked a bit along the right fork, which headed south — the wrong direction, into a marsh. The third part is the forest trail that runs along scarecrow lake which has a lot of tricky surfaces to get around including going over and under fallen trees. The peak is part of the range of hills on the northwest shore of Lake Superior, 45 kilometers west from Thunder Bay. Just over a kilometer from the bridge, we reached the end of the 6.7 km section of road, and turned off onto a more overgrown bush road. Dogs are also able to use this trail. Ironically, the MNR seems to have forgotten that a tower was ever constructed here. Clean Prominence: 581ft / 177m. 07.0 km – Turn right onto bush road #2 I had run out of water, and decided to skip filtering water from the little ponds and lakes on the way down in favour of filtering water from possibly cleaner source: Scarecrow Lake. After a quick break, we resumed the final 1.2 km up to the Tower Summit of Ishpatina. More recently, many hikers have begun to use an overland route accessed via a series of logging roads which are accessed north of Capreol (near Sudbury). Would enjoy the it better. is over nite camp recommended 10.1 km – Scarecrow Lake – hike along shoreline to Ishpatina Trailhead I had initially outlined a route which starts from the shore of an unnamed lake west of the north peak. Hotel: In the route information you will find a link to select the hotels for Ishpatina Ridge , Ontario and Sellwood , Ontario. View of The South Peak of Ishpatina from the Tower Peak, View of the North Peak of the Ishpatina Ridge. The last stretch of our bushwack took us across the north side of Dick Lake, and straight up the side of the last peak to the fire tower, bypassing the trail up to the top on the other side of Dick Lake. Having the bikes with us saved a ton of time by knocking off roughly 14kms total. intersection at Portelance Road to the Sturgeon River, The Ishpatina Ridge Trail trailhead lies 2.5 km (as the crow flies) away from this point. Going up took about 7 hours with breaks, and coming back down took about 6. This would be the most advantageous place to start the bushwhack to Ishpatina’s South Peak. Overland to the summit ( The remaining distance to the Ishpatina trail trailhead on Scarecrow Lake must be bushwhacked. Past the marshlands, the trail began to climb more steeply. Key Col: N47 28.178 W80 23.024 (1211ft / 369m) We had the 3 day August long weekend to complete the trip; 2 days for driving up and back and 1 day for the hike to the South and Tower Peaks of the Ishpatina Ridge. Past the Reservation turnoff, the road narrowed and we slowed down a bit (50 km max) as we had to be more vigilant looking for oncoming vehicles, especially logging trucks. Bring a compass and use it might cut off 1 to 2 off the bushwalking. This hike is difficult but can be made easier if you have a truck. It is 64.4 km from the intersection at Portelance Road to the Sturgeon River, so it would be advisable to make sure you have proper provisions before making the trip. Follow the bush path north for about 290 meters and turn east on another bush path which branches to the right. The North Peak as seen from the Fire Tower summit appears to be just as high if not higher, but according to Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources Ontario Base Maps (OBM) series, it is 43 feet lower. The river crossing was a non-issue. The height of land at N47.3065, W80.7651 is the likely candidate for the highest point on the South Peak. 15.0 km – Ishpatina Ridge – Tower Peak, Rank: 3 At a height of 2275 feet / 693 m, the Ishpatina Ridge is the highest point in Ontario. And I remembered seeing fishing boats in Lady Dufferin Lake from my canoe trip to Ishpatina back in September 2007. Me and four friends completed the trail in one day. However, there is a small makeshift log bridge just east of the road, which crosses the stream. 54.4 km – Turn left at the fork – The bridge crossing at little scarecrow is no longer there so expect to get wet again (knee deep). Camped at the peak, had a bear outside the tent over night. Line Parent: Ishpatina Ridge (Tower Summit) In general, a 1-meter difference in spot elevations was considered significant, and these lower points were not considered high-point candidates. Print: It is obviously possible to save the map and the directions of the route Ishpatina Ridge, ON-Sellwood, ON using the print button of the browser. Some great information here, just an update from May 28, 2016. Confirming that you hook right and stay on the gravel road, correct? Andrew fords shallow river. 64.4 km – Gravel pit camp near Sturgeon River, 00.0 km – Ford Sturgeon River and hike/bike along gravel road Units of measurement: The results are shown in kilometers and / or miles. Emerging from the bushwhack onto Scarecrow Lake. The remaining distance to the Ishpatina trail trailhead on Scarecrow Lake must be bushwhacked. Length 18.8 mi Elevation gain 4,002 ft Route type Out & Back Occasionally, one will have to swing back into the bush to avoid blow-down and/or marshy areas. Note: As of September, 2010, the trail has been extended for 1 km to Scarecrow Lake and along the west shore of the lake, cutting the bushwhack to 1.5 km. Key Col: N47 19.742 W80 44.593 (1640 ft / 500 m) The Ishpatina Ridge traverses several rounded humps and under the Ontario 2100 Footer criteria, 3 of these qualify as being distinct 2100+ foot peaks. I hear there is a trail there now. Overview: Discovering Ontario's backcountry high peaks, © 2020 All Rights Reserved We found the small creek at the bottom of the col between the two humps and filtered some water, then headed over the north hump. Luckily we never encountered any logging trucks because I’m not sure where we would have pulled off to let them by.

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