Contact Baja Designs customer service if you want to customize the order) The sizing and shape of the Squadron lamps is perfect for the OEM location. Yes, even if it looks the same, it’s not. This should include the ditch areas. The ride!

This is quite sufficient for even modified overland use and is a class leading rating. It was hard on the half shafts and when on the trail, the suspension would top out and clunk on almost every bump.

The carrier will be a single swing to the passenger side with a center tire mount. The major addition was an auxiliary fuse and relay block. A recent addition has been some hood louvers. I wanted something capable for my continuing adventures but also comfortable and quiet for the long trips. Recovery equipment was placed in a backpack and clipped to rear seatback for easy access.

Ultimate Performance Winch, Warn Zeon 12-S Platinum Ultimate Performance 12,000lb. The Chief lower front guard and sump protection plate have since been added and proven to be necessary. However, the ubiquitous “Grand” has been, and remains a huge success for the Jeep corporation. If your WK2 comes equipped with an Off Road Adventure package, you will get the very good skid package. Here in Colorado, you can't swing a dead cat and not hit a modified Wrangler or Toyota. The S2 pods were mounted on aluminum brackets from Shield Productions. Achieving the best combination of reliability, capacity, performance, and comfort from any platform for overland use is a huge challenge. rated towing capacity. For this, you need some kind of compressed air capability. They draw less current than the OEM fogs, so no circuit changes beyond the light connectors are necessary. Tube steel was sourced and roll bent to match the rear bumper arc locally.

The GORE Automotive powertrain breather vent, The Quadra-Trac II is actually very impressive in nearly every condition, and can be set into different drivetrain behavior algorithms by the console dial. Low frequency bulbs were also originally installed in the OEM fog lights, but there are now Baja Designs Squadron Pros in the fog pockets with yellow lenses. It is worth noting that the rated total roof load for the WK2 Grand Cherokee (and most contemporary SUVs) is 150 lbs. The parts that we have in our selection will make sure that you're Jeep stays in tip-top shape. Fog lamps are meant to illuminate the near, wide field of vision in bad weather conditions while driving lamps are focused for longer distance road surface illumination.

There are aftermarket kits out there which turn these housings into additional tail lights, but I was not interested in that. The synthetic rope is safer to use and saves almost 50lbs. The Murchison snorkel had to be imported from Australia, and as of this writing remains the only snorkel available for the WK2 Grand Cherokee. If a vehicle requires massive modification (like replacing drivetrains and complete suspension redesign) to effectively use in all expected conditions-- you bought the wrong vehicle. Using repeaters and networks, range is nearly unlimited. Heavy use in rough terrain can certainly wear or break the factory link hardware at an accelerated pace, but they are not very expensive to replace, and do not require upgrade in my opinion. Plasticolor Texture Grip Jeep Logo Steering Wheel Cover. Still, as any owner of a Wrangler, CJ, FJ40, Defender, or other short wheelbase 4x4 knows- they can definitely be fatiguing to drive long distances. with a towing capacity of 3500-7200 lbs. Only the front bucket seats have MOLLE webbing attached to them. Often, more space than a human passenger. The MOPAR rear fog light kit was installed in place of the plain reflectors in the rear bumper. This is not terribly convenient, but a small price to pay for a hidden winch setup.

All the panels were left loose until all wires for the custom roof harness were completely ran and the bulkhead connector finally sealed. These are perhaps the best sill protection available for the WK2, but they are also expensive and difficult to install. If you do not want to start cutting up the fenders and bodywork on your SUV, or installing excessive lifts, this limits what tire size you can use. I prefer to have rear fog/dust lights. I went with a legacy Warn XD9000 winch (non-integrated solenoids) with synthetic rope. On the older Grand Cherokees, the Quadra Drive option was a significant factory upgrade option for those wanting to go off pavement.

Of note, the SRT8 grille is not a 100% direct replacement with a Laredo bumper fascia. EVENLY DISTRIBUTED. I chose to mount the control pack under the hood on the passenger side near the firewall. Larger diameter tires are the only way that true ground clearance beneath the axles is achieved. Thankfully there is a decent selection of drivetrains available for the WK2 Grand Cherokee to suit just about anyone. The decision was made to go with the 5.7 liter "Hemi" as the middle ground. The air conditioning! (2014 and later come with the ZF 8-speed shift by wire transmission)  It allows for fully automatic operation and "Autostick" operation. This brings us to one of the pillars of an overland vehicles, capacity.

What this means, is if you are wanting to upgrade your spring rates for heavier loads and trail use with a permanent lift, but were more concerned about having a "locker" (it is worth noting that aftermarket locking differentials remain unavailable for the ZF differentials in the WK2 Grand), I would personally suggest foregoing the ORA2 package with  Quadra-Drive and Quadra-Lift.

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