Many thanks to Tony- R.I.P .brother,Wonderful wonderful person and huge collector. “He said he would like to play a third time, double or nothing for eight dollars and this time I could name whatever spot I thought was fair.

St. Ives, Jimmy Jacobs was elected to the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1993. I get that. Once the team of Jacobs and Cayton were no longer…Tyson was loose….no guidance…nobody to trust…and came the back slappers and Doink ing…the rest is history. When he saw me, he said, ‘I see you took my advice.’”. Instead of taking the eight dollars, I let him buy me lunch. Pitcher Jim Bouton said that Jacobs would have been the last of the .400 hitters if he had picked baseball over handball. Dempsey and the ‘boys’ had bet the roll on a first round knock out…and Dempsey was in a big hurry to get outta there….he had to be called back…, The beating continued for another two rounds…, Those days ....things like that happened…..just like today….those things happen. Please keep it clean and civil!

It concerned a meeting with a hustler. I said fine, that I would spot him anything he wanted. The resourceful duo had teamed up in 1960 and now the two men were in their element. Cayton also had a formidable film and tape library of his own, which he would eventually sell to the Walt Disney Company.

Cambs., He did this for no-charge and for many many fighters so they can have family see the boxer’s history on film.Jacobs was a true hero to many fighters and their families. IRC LIBRARY OPENING HOURS FALL SEMESTER 2020 (Sept. 1 - Dec. 7, 2020) Monday–Friday: 9:00–22:00 Saturday: 10:00–20:00 "[4] In 1970, he was recognised by the US Handball Association as the "Greatest Handball Player of the Generation". Jacobs proudly boasted: “I defy you to find a fighter who has been prominent in America who has not been up here. Even up through the 1960s, television networks would erase over fights to save money because video tape was so expensive. His collection was thought to contain between 500,000 and 880,000 comics,[21][22] and had to be stored in a warehouse.

He was also amazingly accurate in predicting the winners of contemporary matches. Many moons ago, writer Stan Isaacs recounted a story that Jacobs had told him. and the right hand as his sword. PE27 6SJ., Cassius Clay, Jack Johnson, The Heavyweight Champions and Legendary Champions; the latter three were nominated for Academy Awards. Lightweights: Nelson vs. Wolgast, 1910; Nelson vs. Moran, 1910; Leonard vs. Tendler, 1922; Canzoneri vs. Petrolle, 1932; Ross vs. Petrolle, 1933; Armstrong vs. Ambers, 1939; Williams vs. Bolanos, 1938. Larry Merchant, who knew Jacobs very well, characterized him as such: Jimmy Jacobs is the only guy I ever knew, who had Three Greatest in front of his name: And now he wants a Fourth Greatest, to have the greatest fighter in the world. Well, I told him if that was the way he felt, okay, that I would play him for two dollars. Comics. Boxing manager Jacobs teamed with Cayton to manage the careers of three World boxing champions: Welterweight Wilfred Benitez,

Historian Jacobs collected the largest library of boxing films in the world. You play with your weight on your front leg; you should put your weight on your rear leg. Zero, that’s how much.

Registered Office: [25], Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, "Fight Manager, Collector Jimmy Jacobs Dies at 58", "ESPN Classic Boxing: Nothing But The Same old Same old", "Larry Merchant on Jimmy Jacobs (for HBO Sports)", "Southern California Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Home", Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson,, International Boxing Hall of Fame inductees, American army personnel of the Korean War, Burials at Hillside Memorial Park Cemetery, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, He's the greatest handball player who ever lived, he's regarded as the, He has the greatest collection of fight films in the world some 98% of all the fight films ever made. I’ve gone all over the world to dig up rare fight films, and I’ve played handball in Hong Kong, Europe, Australia, wherever. So we played and I beat him again by a close margin. But let's keep our punches above the belt... [9], In 1959 Jacobs went into business with fellow collector Bill Cayton, and together they owned the production companies The Greatest Fights of the Century and Big Fights inc.[4] He and Cayton rescued and restored rare films of such fighters as Bob Fitzsimmons, Jack Johnson, Jack Dempsey and James J. Corbett, which might otherwise have been lost forever. “He said, ‘You know, you are good enough to be a tournament player. He had upon my father’s request made pristine copies of my fathers fights vs. Danny Nardico. Jim Jacobs was a helluva nice guy and family friend. On this day I had some free time in the afternoon and I went over to the ‘Y’ in Toronto. Wanting to judge the result for himself, he tracked down and purchased a copy of the fight. Download books for free. Back in 1981, Jim told reporter Murray Olderman: “I always adored prize fights, one-on-one situations. So we played. years because of either health/injury problems or the lack of meaningful competition. boxing manager. [18] In 1984 they signed the 18-year-old Mike Tyson, who was being trained by Jacobs' old friend D'Amato, and oversaw his rise to become undisputed world heavyweight champion; Jacobs became a close friend and mentor of Tyson. [10] In 1974, they purchased the Madison Square Garden fight archive.

One other name worth mentioning here for this fine article is Chicago’s Tony Fosco, retired Chicago Police Det, and huge fight film collector who recently passed away. It’s nice to see Jacobs receive some recognition for his contributions to sport, film and pop culture. Nice to see Jacobs has not been forgotten, and recognition for his great contribution to this sport continues. Jacobs was the associate producer of the series, as well as writer and narrator. England. A great shame. But here’s what is in plain view—and goes unmentioned: He was virtually ambidextrous as a player and his incredible natural talent won the praise of many. Jacobs was named Manager of the Year by the Boxing Writers Association of America in 1986. Jim Jacob’s then met legen… The damage done to Jess Willard…broken eye sockets…cheek bones….jaw and knocked out teeth…not to mention the broken ribs and collapsed lung…. Jim Jacobs’ vast, private collection of old boxing films was the other great love of his life that ran in tandem with his passion for handball. In 1998 Cayton sold the collection to ESPN for a reported $100 million. If we feel comments are offensive, the post will be deleted and continuing offenders will be blocked from the site. | Z-Library. Here were the major fights, which, thanks to the sterling work of Jacobs and Cayton, finally saw the light in 1965: Heavyweights: Johnson vs. Burns, 1908; Johnson vs. Ketchel, 1909; Johnson vs. Jeffries, 1910; Dempsey vs. Willard, 1919; Dempsey vs. Firpo, 1923; Dempsey vs. Tunney, 1927; Baer vs. Schmeling, 1933; Baer vs. Carnera, 1934; Louis vs. Schmeling, 1936 and 1938; Patterson vs. Johansson, 1960. I’m more smitten if a guy says he wants to see Mickey Walker in his prime rather than Sugar Ray Leonard. They left behind a rich and wonderful legacy that will continue to be enjoyed by boxing fans throughout the world.

“He said that he was good, too, but that a small bet made things more interesting for him. [16][17] The partnership ended in December 1983, when Benitez bought out his contract in order to manage himself.

Many of the fights unearthed had been long forgotten, while the existence of many others wasn’t even known.

film library, Big Fights, Inc. Charley, thanks so much for your recollections. He thought he had got some bad breaks. "The Heavyweight Champions", and "Jack Johnson". He has the greatest collection of comic books in the world. [4] He was drafted into the army during the Korean War and was awarded a Purple Heart. Cus D’Amato believed that Jim’s aura as a champion was matched only by Joe Louis and Sugar Ray Robinson. [7][14][15], In 1978 Jacobs and Cayton bought the management contract of world light-welterweight champion Wilfred Benítez from Benitez' father for $75,000 and guided him to two more championships and over $6.5 million in purses. Awarded the Purple Heart for his war service in Korea, Jim went on to become the U.S. singles handball champion and a legend of the sport. But that’s what remains, and that Cayton and Jacobs built this library at all is an amazing achievement. Most people can’t believe this. It was Jacobs who coined the "sword and shield" handball concept: He relied on left hand as his shield, I don’t recall his exact words now, but he said something like, ‘Sure, but I always find the game more interesting if I put a little money on it.’ I told him that I didn’t bet because frankly, I was very good (Jacobs was the national singles champion at the time) and because I found that I got all the enjoyment I needed without having to bet on the game. In 1961, Jacobs merged his Most of what Cayton and Jacobs were able to acquire, and the sources for what we see on ESPN Classic and Youtube, are old theatrical prints and newsreels, including poor quality pirated copies, some of them many generations from the original footage.

Jacobs owned six copies of a rare Detective Comics issue from 1938, worth $10,000 each at the time of his death.[6]. Jim Jacobs was all about being a decent person. He said two points would be fair. 15-year span. [5] Between 1955 and 1969, he won every national handball competition match he played in.

It’s a myth that a motherload of boxing films existed just for the taking. I will peg my game to his and usually manage to keep it fairly close. Instead..Jimmy Jacobs left us too early…Bill Cayton was the numbers guy…whereas Jimmy Jacobs was the one who had Tyson’s ear and trust…. “I’m more smitten if a guy says he wants to see Mickey Walker in his prime rather than Sugar Ray Leonard. 6 California Road, Over the years my father collected 7 of his televised fights from Jim Jacobs as explained below. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, Jacobs was Jewish. [8], A longtime boxing enthusiast, Jacobs started collecting films of boxing matches at the age of 17 after reading about the controversial decision in Joe Louis and Jersey Joe Walcott's 1947 world heavyweight title fight.

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