Some patients might be sequenced multiple times as a tumor spreads and mutates. and a reasonable investment return. With 25 U.S. patents, work featured on the covers of Cell, Science and Nature and election to the National Academy of Engineering in 2004, Jonathan has moved on to his next project, which he calls the culmination of his life observations.

That will multiply the number of minds working on genetics problems and unleash lots of experiments that now languish on the sidelines. America's 40 Richest Under 40 Sure, they're poorer than last year (well, most of them). It can read 10 million letters of genetic code, with a high degree of accuracy, in just two hours. So she joined Jonathan at CuraGen, where she developed a pharmacogenomics program to understand the mechanisms that underlie differing responses to drugs. He would have ranked No. The yacht is the third hull in the succesfull Amels Limited Edition 180 series.

Dr. Jonathan Rothberg is the founder of multiple life science and medical device companies including Butterfly Network, Hyperfine and the 4Catalyzer incubator. build one themselves.

Despite the steady drone of genetics studies in top medical journals, most scientists still don't have access to DNA-decoding technology. 25, with $622 million, 22 Sean Combs (P. Diddy) CEO Bad Boy Entertainment Wealth $231 million--Age 31 Back to basics: Last month Combs unveiled a collection of men's underwear he designed. "You're going to see a huge number of people buying it." NEW THIS YEAR, 34 Halsey Minor Chairman/CEO 12 Entrepreneuring Wealth $180.2 million--Age 36 His first venture: a computerized apartment-listing service in college 1999 Rank: No. When scientists first mapped the human genome a decade ago, they bragged it would lead to cures for Alzheimer's, heart disease, schizophrenia and more. 4, with $5.85 billion, 9 Rob Glaser Chairman/CEO/Founder RealNetworks Wealth $635 million--Age 39 A co-owner of the Professional Bowlers Association since last year, Glaser recently began awarding stock Her work has also come full circle: at CuraGen she participated in the discovery of a drug for melanoma, a disease that she is now studying at Yale, where the drug is currently being tested. ", Behind the swagger lies a serious mission. Because Rothberg and his wife are both Ashkenazi Jews, they were advised to get 15 genetic tests (for such things as Tay-Sachs disease) before they had children. And their 40th birthdays had to fall after Sept. 17, 2001, the date of this issue. You may opt-out by. This garage was Disney’s first studio:, RT @linseymarr: Need to be careful with mask-off periods while eating and drinking...don't talk. The yacht can accommodate 12 guests and has a crew of 12. Jonathan and his wife Bonnie Rothberg live in a large waterfront home in Sachem Head. Most existing DNA sequencers (including the 454 machine) do their reading by attaching light-producing molecules to DNA, taking pictures and analyzing the resulting image.

Ultimately Rothberg's machine may not win. with Nicole Byer podcast episodes download. Gene Machine is powered by twin MTU 16V 2000 M70 engines.

wall." Total so far: $40 billion. But Rothberg's secret sauce is rapid scalability.

NEW THIS YEAR, 23 Jerry Greenberg Co-Chairman/Co-CEO/ Co-Founder, Sapient Wealth $225 million--Age 35 Pinching pennies: Greenberg, who lost more than a billion over the past 12 months, is still It is built by Amels. 27, with $611 million, 17 John Schnatter CEO/Founder Papa John's International Wealth $293 million--Age 39 Before the dot-com bubble burst, Schnatter had a brainstorm: Sell pizza on the Internet!

32 (fell off 2000 list), 19 Tom Cruise Co-Owner Cruise/Wagner Productions Wealth $251 million--Age 39 Cruising for a bruising: The actor's upcoming financial settlement with ex-wife Nicole Kidman may eat a Dr. Jonathan Rothberg is the founder of 4Catalyzer. (For more on the 40 under 40, go to Doctors already use genetic mutations in HIV to predict which drugs a patient's virus will be able to fight off. (This is already happening at some cancer centers.)

37 Jonathan M. Rothberg Chairman/CEO/Founder CuraGen Wealth $168 million--Age 38 With two master's degrees and a Ph.D., he got a late start in business: "I would be on the top of your rich list if I had skipped graduate school." |

An engineering geek with a flair for marketing, he has founded four genetics companies. sneaker maker. Kids born with rare diseases will get large portions of their genome decoded to pinpoint the cause, eliminating guesswork and misdiagnoses.


NEW THIS YEAR, 37 Jonathan M. Rothberg Chairman/CEO/Founder CuraGen Wealth $168 million--Age 38 With two master's degrees and a Ph.D., he got a late start in business: "I would be on the top of your 31, with $577 million, 15 Jeanette Symons CTO/VP, Engineering Zhone Technologies Wealth $374 million--Age 39 This former world-class gymnast (she made the 1980 U.S. Olympic team) still flies through the But the technology to meet that challenge is also improving at an extraordinary rate. NEW THIS YEAR, 26 Sreekanth Ravi Chairman/President/CEO/Co-Founder, SonicWALL Wealth $218.7 million--Age 35 His extensive art collection includes works by Chagall, Dali, Matisse, and Picasso. "I still In 2009 drug developer Celldex Therapeutics of Needham, Mass. . By the next year it had a market cap of $5 billion, bigger than American Airlines. 24, with There's substance behind the bravado. Jonathan Marc Rothberg was born in New Haven, Connecticut to Lillian Rothberg and Henry Rothberg, a chemical engineer.Prior to Rothberg's birth, his parents founded Laticrete International, Inc. a family-owned manufacturer of products for the installation of tile and stone. They were married in 1995. This, too, he says, represents a perfect niche for the PGM. we snorted.

Some breast cancer patients already get a specialized gene test to help determine what treatment is right for them. NEW

Jonathan Rothberg's desktop decoder could kick off a revolution in medicine, food, energy, even consumer products--and ignite the next $100 billion technology market.

View Full Background Info. Genomics has certainly been overhyped--and so far failed to deliver on its promises. 26 (fell off 2000 list), 18 Sanjay Kumar President/CEO, Computer Associates International Wealth $270 million--Age 39 A native of Sri Lanka, Kumar is paying the tuition for 25,000 students to study at No. The golf wunderkind (and youngest person on the list) just signed a new $100 million contract with the Dr. Kevin Sheth, the associate chair for clinical research in the department of neurology at … President Obama has named Dr. Jonathan Rothberg, founder of medical device incubator 4Catalyzer, as a recipient of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.

Gene Machine was built as Engelberg.

Learn more. Some of the photos hereunder by Dutch Yachting. "I can create a fanatical user base, and people will start coming up with more and more applications for the technology," says Rothberg. As a kid Jonathan went on sales calls with his dad. chunk of his wealth. Many people ask about the amount of money Jonathan Rothberg makes from Instagram. Rothberg faces three formidable hurdles. with $4.05 billion, 6 Vinny Smith Chairman/CEO Quest Software Wealth $780 million--Age 37 Smith remains resolutely optimistic: "Tough times are the best opportunities for good companies to become

As a child Jonathan went on sales calls with his father. The machine takes a single DNA strand and uses an enzyme to attach bases to it.

Life Technologies has signed up a network of cancer centers to probe tumors with its current mainframe system. Could this portable MRI operate safely in patient rooms?

- Numerous other industrial applications, such as searching for designer biofuels, designing new enzymes for laundry detergent--and doing other things that haven't even been imagined yet could easily add another $15 billion over time. $19 Million Jonathan Rothberg Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Jonathan Rothberg is known for his work on Nova (1974) and Revealed (2002). Below that is a row of four test tubes, marked with a circle, an X, a square and a plus sign. NEW THIS YEAR, 13 Michael Jordan President, basketball operations, Washington Wizards Wealth $398 million--Age 38 If Jordan does hit the court again, NBA rules say he'll have to sell his stake in The timing was great. "It is an absolutely beautiful machine," says Randy Scott, chairman of the cancer-gene tester Genomic Health. Two genes that cause most cases of TSC are already known. Jonathan’s father is the founder of Laticrete International. 32, with $573 million, 31 Eric Greenberg President/CEO Innovation Investments Wealth $187.3 million--Age 37 This Scient founder's 11,000-bottle wine collection includes cognac once owned by Napoleon. million, and finally to, yes, $150 million.

anonymously (anonymous users cannot post links).

After all, the poorest person on last year's list boasted nearly three times that much.

The Greatest Marketing Strategy Ever Discover the program that will have high net worth clients chasing after you! interviewing scores of financial analysts and industry experts--the stock market's downward drift forced us to decrease the minimum wealth threshold to $250 million, then $200 Its lead drug to treat chemotherapy side effects failed, and the Bayer deal yielded nothing fast. In the company’s early years, Jonathan would bring home sets of newly generated differential gene expression (DGE) profiling data sets and ask his wife, Bonnie Gould Rothberg, M.D.

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