No. Person who enjoys learning new things and sharing them with you. Trustworthy person. ( Log Out /  Saturn interaspects can be part of any long-term relationship (co-workers, friends, parent/child), but they are absolutely essential for commitment between two people. Astrology Fated Relationships- The Vertex, Highlights for Nov. 2-8, 2020: Join the Choir, Weekly Astrology Forecast November 2 – 8, 2020, Love Horoscope for the Week of November 2, Stress, Social Distancing, Taurus Full Moon, AURUM ASTROLOGY: Finding the Gold in Life. other long term indicators are saturn and jupiter. They may need a time to realise that they want from their partner and what kind of partner they want. Someone who will show especially with their action that they care about you. Someone who is sociable and knows how to act in the company of people. This is someone with a sensitive side in them, who likes to tease and is very honest about their feelings. Even though your Mars energy may be aggressive, the way you express it just seems to click with your partner’s inner puzzle. You would have been guided to look at this planet for a reason. Someone who value practicality and is patient. Sun/Moon oppositions can also create a powerful urge for marriage (you and your partner balance out each other). He will be philosophical, honest, and may be interested in higher learning. The person is smart and insightful. The NN is very personal and he will shake you up at your deepest core. Before a couple even goes near the idea of wedlock, there must be at least one Saturn connection in their synastry. Thoughtful but impulsive. They may be not showing their interest in having someone, at least not outwardly, they may despise the idea of marriage. The Juno person feels the Venus person is their ideal mate, and it is easy for them to commit to each other on a romantic level. Posts: 194From: Washington, D.C.Registered: Jun 2013. They may have totally different background than you, they can be from another culture or country. Generous person with a big heart. People who have powerful seventh houses or who are given the gifts of their partner's powerful planets here, such as, the sun, moon or Jupiter, sometimes take people and relationships for granted. We completely FORGET that we live in a Universe created by The Great Architect. Sexy Corsetten volgens Venusteken voor vrouwen (NL), 05. Juno in Leo: Your partner will be creative, egotistical, energetic, and full of life. Pa. judge grants Trump campaign's observation request, Despite Trump's repeated calls, vote counting will continue, Live: Biden moves closer to reaching 270 votes, Pennsylvania AG on Trump lawsuit: 'We'll win again', Bill Belichick subpoenaed about alleged conspiracy, Black men drifted from Dems to Trump in record numbers, ESPN announces 300 layoffs, citing 'disruption' amid virus, Giants trainer may have saved this player's wife's life, California's Prop. Someone really strong, both mentally and emotionally. If you want to know which astrology aspects are interesting to look at, you can think about the aspects of personal planets made with saturn, and saturn is certain houses. Passionate but can be detached. Juno in Gemini / 3rd House - your partner is someone who can understand you. Juno in Virgo / 6th House  - your partner is someone who just “knows”. Juno in the seventh house - "When Juno wields her scepter of authority in the house of relationships, you may spend the early part of your life quite unconscious of your own power and capacities, and project rather too much onto other people. Juno in Cancer: Your partner will be sensitive, dependent, and emotional. Trustworthy person. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I don't think a conjunction is necessary to indicate that Libra is a good portion of what he seeks in a mate.If it were the Asc sign then your persona, not your core, would attract them...etc, Copyright 2000-2014 Someone who is not judgmental and always is looking at two side of the situation. Juno in Aquarius: The partner will be original, independent, logical. Trump currently has the Sun squaring his natal this might describe how he is feeling now? Go For it. Someone who will fight for you and will be your partner in crime. Trustworthy person. But don't let Mercury lighten and intellectualize things to the point where the relationship looses the rules and boundaries that keep it solid. Your heart is the master." Juno in Cancer / 4th House  - your partner is someone who is a go-getter. Make sure you don’t marry someone simply because you think he needs “help”! The conjunction to itself and conjunction to personal planets is most significant, followed by conjunction to asteroids. In fact, every day until the day after your wedding day would fall in the seventh house. Growth Is Inevitable. Other Juno aspects are indicative of a potential marriage partner, as well. What attracts women? his vertex on your sun will mean that he has a deep connection with you. This is someone who can take you to another world but can destroy what they created in the blink of an eye if you do them wrong. His Juno in Capricorn conjuncts her Mars. Me and my SO have the following juno aspects in synastry: his conjunct my Asc (1 deg) mine conjunct his Sun (0 deg) his conjunct my Moon (2 deg) mine conjunct his Venus (1 deg) his trine my Jupiter (0 deg) his sextile my Saturn (2 deg) his square my Vertex (1 deg) mine conjunct his Vesta (1 deg) Is it normal to see these many Juno aspects in synastry? This means that your external expression of purpose and ego perfectly matches what the Juno person is looking for in a partner. That's too far. Juno in seventh house is placed in the house of marriage and partnership. Someone with reputation (whether good or bad). -Ask Questions about your Specific Relationship(s), Crush(es) or a Potential Partner. If it doesn't conjunct your Sun then it means nothing. Without the rest of your chart and his it is hard to give a full answer. Someone who is young at heart but is also wise, brave and very protective of you. Your partner is loyal, can be clingy and is secretly sensitive. well, juno in the seventh is a good connection and will mean that his expression of love connects with how you think relationships will be, meaning you will find him a suitable long term mate. Your Sun conjunct your partner’s Moon (or vice versa) is the gold standard for potential marriage aspects. Some astrologers believe that this placement similar to Scorpio also indicates past life karmic bond. Someone good looking (according to your own beauty standards) with warm aura about them. Becoming Is an Art Form. Juno in Scorpio: Your partner will be sexual, mysterious, and perhaps jealous. You would have been guided to look at this planet for a reason. The Sun person will usually dominate (this is true for straight and same-sex couples).

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