Course 6-3 Class of 2020 Chicago, Illinois. Guess you wouldn’t know about that, however.

Like coleslaw at a barbecue, you’re just taking up space. When she moved out I think she was traumatized by all the inadvertent dicks and slams walking home in oversized t-shirts she saw. Find out about our organization, mission, vision, and the core values that every member strives to uphold in their everyday lives. Our Mission: To develop men of principle for a principled life. Much of your history is kept pretty close to the vest, which I both hate and respect you for, Beta, but mostly hate as it’s made my job impossible with this section. I know, I know — you saw the title and had the same reaction you have every time you cross paths with these letters: “Beta? The best of the best. On a side note what happened to new tfm videos every week? Just email me at [email protected] and give me ample evidence of why your fraternity sucks: personal anecdotes, encounters with other chapters, etc. What We Do. No one cares if you’re there.. Want to be part of the next fraternity rush preview? 2 weeks before they got kicked off, I recall exiting a bar with a long line outside the door. Between the tapout shirts, guys publicly ranting about their comic book obsessions and discouraging what I thought Greek life was all about, I cannot wait to leave this God-forsaken place.

How do I know they were livid?

Meh.” And really, is there a better way to describe these humdrum squids? You used a photo from Little 500, something Beta has done quite well at in recent years. I think it’s safe to say we’ve left this virtually unscathed. No one cares that you won a bike race in the middle of ass crack Indiana. They really leave much to be desired, which is odd, because they’re one of the oldest fraternities in the country. Wordsmith casanovas who had a thing for “delicate shades of pink and blue.” Pastels! 2,425 were here. Course 2 Class of 2020 Revere, Massachusetts. Our nationals are the worst, just the worst. TFM. JULIAN GOMEZ. Beta Theta Pi is not a four year commitment but a brotherhood that lasts a lifetime. I just think everyone is excited for the SigEp shit show next week. I can’t wait. Our National Headquarters has provided so much ammo for a brutal roasting that TFM may just need to break it into two parts.

Learn More → Take Action. Beta’s are the joke of nearly every campus.

Every time they reorganize a charter they have somebody from nationals live in the house for 2 years or so. Additionally, we have that one fucking active who every week feels the need to snapchat his “formal attire swag”. Betas are known to be confident yet laid back, always look good, have the best senses of humor, mack muchos babes, give people awesome, hilarious nicknames (like first inital of first name, first syllable of last name or Jimnasium for someone named Jim), and are always and everywhere ready to give their all for their frat. Torch that mofo and let it burn. May his life and Beta Spirit remind brothers everywhere of the goodness of our beloved Fraternity, and may Roll No. The best fucking fraternity ever established.

Fraternity: Beta Theta Pi.

My fraternity is full of guys who would save up chapter funds for 2 years to have a Dungeons and Dragons themed party, and then decide that “that’s not what we’re about.” The partying, not the D&D. Essentially just a super-cut of some undersized kid hanging out with a groundskeeper and getting buried into the dirt every other minute. Toss it into the Delaware.”. Our chapter was once described as “the weird film kids who look at you while you pee.” Fortunately we’ve come a long way, but while I was rushing, one alumnus at the week’s Alumni Night proclaimed before every rushee and active brother that he had not kissed a girl until he joined the fraternity and I watched every brother in the room simultaneously facepalm. The fact that one of the Tri Delts made a geotag for our house doesn’t help. Clear in his aspirations to put others before self, and beloved by his Beta brothers of Alpha Pi Chapter, may Roll No. I guess you choch bags are self aware that no one else really gives a flying fuck about your organization after all. And may No. I can’t find a picture of the “eight earnest young men,” but I imagine that has everything to do with founder, James George Smith, who was described as a “pale, studious, quiet fellow in delicate health.” One swift breeze and he would shatter, much like Derrick Rose, so I imagine they all feared the photography process back then would have legitimately killed him. SLOAN KANASKI. Find out how you can help. This TFM rush preview is for those in the latter group. We are here to guide the next generation of Betas, but we cannot achieve our goals alone. Find out about our organization, mission, vision, and the core values that every member strives to uphold in their everyday lives. Drink bleach kid. We had some 55 year old Ph.D candidate woman living in our president’s suite for a year so just to make sure we didn’t have a beer on football Sunday. You can become a contributor to the future home of the Upsilon of Beta Theta Pi. Official website of Beta Theta Pi at Wabash College, Tau Chapter. Beta does try their “darndest,” though.

At the end of the line was a group of Betas wearing their letters to the bar – cuz, you know, that’s super cool – and they were livid that they were at the back of the line. The Declaration of Independence? No one’s ever gone to a cook out and been like “Damn, I need to get me some of that coleslaw.” You’re a throwaway dish. Really didn’t need an article here. Before the Alpha chapter got kicked off they were notorious for hiring professional choreographers for the “bandstand” dance that all Greeks did during Greek Week. Forget that terrible, straight to DVD American Pie, if you took the film “Rudy” and just ended it before the scene of the team placing their jerseys on Coach Devine’s desk, that would be Beta in a nutshell. Beta's Loving Cup shines a little less bright this morning and is a little less full without Garret Christino, Delaware '20, among us.


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Course 8 Class of 2020 Tuscon, Arizona. Meh.”. The title did the job just fine. The Liberty Bell? Again: “Beta? And as always fuck you and the Canadian horse (also a moose) that you rode in on.

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