Meanwhile, Kai Proctor begins trying to earn Lucas's loyalty by warning him about the Moody Brothers, a local gang, but Lucas is determined to stay clean as he continues to build his new identity. Deva skips school with her boyfriend Reed (Hunter Garner), who takes her to a drug den operated by a local dealer, Hanson ( Toby Leonard Moore ). The rivalry between Proctor and Alex, we already saw from season 1, comes to head as Alex detonates C4 explosive in one of Proctor's cattle trucks, blaming him for the earlier heist that Hood and his crew did. According to reports, Cam recently had a child with Instagram model La Reina Shaw. She appears as a minor antagonist in the first season, and a supporting antagonist of both the second and third season. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

MurderKidnapping None Some Marines outside the bar get aggressive with her, and they almost overpower her before Nola comes and beats them up. She was portrayed by Odette Annable, who also portrayed Reign in Supergirl. Get info about the exciting new season of Banshee, starring Antony Starr. Ulrich Thomsen was born in (Næsby) Odense, Denmark and graduated from the Danish National School of Theatre and Contemporary Dance in 1993, after which he performed in several theatres in Copenhagen, such as Dr. Dantes Aveny, Mungo Park and Østre Gasværks Teater.[1]. Spending time with his brother (formerly) However, she has to go through Burton first in order to get inside the house and slowly gut, Proctor and Rebecca to their deaths. After accepting it, Nola challenges Alex, who then asks her to leave town, which she does, but not before driving a hatchet into Lana's killer, Jonah Lambrecht's skull. He is vegan. One commented, “Double C, no Chanel cuz she bad bad bad ‼️”. Nola and Alex then turn Rebecca over to Hood and he walks her back to her uncle. Nola Longshadow is a recurring antagonist in the Cinemax Original TV series Banshee. Over the weekend, Kia dropped the epic photo on Instagram.

His relationship with the IG model allegedly played a role in his split from Kia.

He asked for a DNA test to be done to confirm the children are his own. The major breakthrough in his career came in the 1998 film Festen followed by an important role in the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough (1999) portraying the part of henchman Sasha Davidov. Ulrich Thomsen (born 6 December 1963) is a Danish actor and filmmaker, known for his role of Intrigued the events deceides to stay in town for a while. Before they make their getaway, they're chased down by Nola in a motorcycle, armed with an submachine gun. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Kia countersued Cam demanding she is awarded primary custody and support above the normal guidelines. At the end of last week's 'Armies of One,' Jason Hood, the young man who was actually born into the surname of Hood, rather than picking it off a dead man like a watch, wound up being killed at the hands of Banshee's resident crime lord, Kai Proctor. There are scathing looks from Kai Proctor and the casino owning Native Americans. The idea wasn't to show Kai being nice to some random girl, the idea was that she was a stand-in and a symbol of his problematically sexual relationship with his own niece.

During the season finale, while Nola and Alex are having dinner, a car screeches by the house and drops off a bloody bag containing the head of Jeffrey, a gambler at Alex's casino and the man Alex sent to kill Kai Proctor.

Later after Kai Proctor, found the killer of the Kinaho Girl and ripped his teeth out, he comes and offers them to Alex as a peace offering.

Procter then calls in Hood's favour he owes him, and asks him to bring Rebecca back to him. His film debut was in 1994 in Nightwatch, directed by Ole Bornedal. Crimes

She was portrayed by Odette Annable, who also portrayed Reign in Supergirl. Nola returns to Banshee again, after hearing the death of his brother at the hands of Rebecca Bowman and Kai Proctor. He played a part in the 2002 English film Killing Me Softly.

He then rips her jugular out in order to finish her off. Hood formally introduces himself to Nola  who tells the sheriff she doesn't believe Chayton Littlestone, the primary suspect for BSD, would kill a fellow Kinaho. Cam’s lawsuit is seeking joint physical custody of their kids. After the split, Cam sued Kia for paternity, child support and custody. Type of Villain Cam Newton's Ex-Girlfriend Kia Proctor Sizzles In Bedroom Selfie Amid Custody Battle With NFL Star.

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