Using the Taddle Fantasy mode, he summons the Fantasy Gama support robot which forces Emu out of his transformation in one hit. Copyright by Toku.Fan 2019 - All right reserved. The fully grown Seadragons begin attacking people. With the team agreeing to work together, and the first nine Gashatrophies gathered, its time to move to the high-rank stage. As civilians transform into Ride-Players to fight the Bugsters, things get worse when Poppy shows up as the game's guide, and turns the Ride-Players against the Kamen Riders, saying they have special power-up weapons. Meanwhile, Hiiro learns from Kuroto that all the Proto Gashats were seized by the Ministry of Health, and Saki's data must be stored on Proto Drago Knight Hunter Z. Doctor Yajima develops an artificial brain that has the power to amplify the abilities of animals exponentially and keeps it to himself. Genm Corp announces a special event where players will have the chance to fight Kamen Rider Cronus and obtain the power to complete Kamen Rider Chronicle revive all the lost players.

Emu states he cannot work with someone who doesn't understand the value of a single life. The video is ripped from the TV broadcast, that's why the time at the top right of the screen has been blurred out. With Ambassador Hell's defeat, Shocker's Japan division is abandoned.

Emu decides the best way to save the patient is for two operations: one on the Bugster (performed by him) and one on the cancer, which Hiiro initially refuses to do. The Shocker Chief detects Ambassador Hell is the traitor and decides to execute him. When Emu and Asuna arrive to rescue a patient infected with Gekitotsu Robots, Brave appears to defeat Ex-Aid and steal Kiriya's Gamer Driver in his possession. 5 years ago, a new type of virus, named the Bugster Virus, infected humanity and turning them into a creature called a Bugster. At the event, he runs into Asuna again, since she was looking for M at the launch day party, she scolds him, and reminds him that Sōta has surgery scheduled on the same day, then a giant monster made out of pixels bursts out of Sōta. Hongo's friend Sawada completes a liquid gunpowder that can melt any metal. Emu meets Seito University Hospital Medical Examiner Kiriya Kujo, who brings him a friend that's been infected with the Bugster Virus, but Emu having lost his Game when Taiga destroyed the Bugster instead of Ex-Aid doing it, Kiriya approaches Emu in CR and surprises him, offering a chance to recover the lost Game from Taiga, if he'll just oblige Kiriya some help. Back to the CR, Kuroto concludes that Emu did not manage to use Hyper Muteki as his "M" personality was deleted when he reprogrammed Parad. S01:E38 - Lightning Monster Eiking's World Darkness Plan. Using Kiriya's power, he starts to beat Alhambra, until Genm arrives. Ex-Aid barely pays attention to his fight, seeing that Poppy isn't defending herself. In the occasion, Emu reveals that his intention was to have Parad realize the importance of human life and that he will help him atone for his errors, as both are parts of the same person. To combat this, the Japanese Ministry of Heath worked with the gaming company Genm Corp. to found Cyber Rescue, a team of young doctors with the ability to transform into Kamen Riders that can effectively eliminate Bugsters. In his new form, Para-DX easily overpowers Brave and Snipe in their Level 50 forms and defeats Ex-Aid in his Level 99 form. The Gel-Shocker monster Leechameleon uses the blood absorbed from humans to resurrect Ganikomol who once defeated Rider. Hiiro than fights using Taddle Fantasy instead. Use the HTML below. Half of each episode's title is written in English and the other in kanji, usually ending in a question mark or exclamation, akin to most Japanese video game covers. To break through the Toyo Atomic Energy Research Laboratory's barrier, Shocker remodels pro soccer athlete Nomoto and produces the monster Tokageron with powerful kicking might. S01:E98 - Gel-Shocker Annihilated! They have the upper hand at first using the Hyper Muteki Gashat, but fearing that Masamune could steal it from him, Kuroto retreats, allowing Cronus to steal the other three's Gamer Drivers and Gashats before leaving. These omissions are so great that the article's factual accuracy has been compromised. Hiiro realises that the Bugster Virus inside Emu took the form of the personality that likes playing games - Genius Gamer M, and when the stress forced the outbreak, this personality took control of Emu's body.

As Parad is overpowered by Emu, Emu reveals to Parad that his inherent fear of death, comes from the time when Emu was just infected and got involved in a car accident, almost losing his life. Was this review helpful to you? World Fair Impression. Parad, who was freed when Emu powered down, is fed up that Emu won't play with him (his obsession with playing with Emu is something Hiiro noticed earlier), and fuses with Emu, taking over his body. This series is divided into four arcs:123 Episode 1-12: Ten Games arc: This arc features most of the main riders and their initial fight against the Bugsters and the Kamen Rider Genm, using the Riders as Test-Players. Emu then decides to confront Masamune to retrieve it, accompanied by them. Format: DVD. But when the Ministry of Health storm his hideout to take him in for his involvement in Zero Day, Kuroto is revealed to have become infected. Despite Ex-Aid, Snipe and Brave's attempts, Kuroto interfering once again helps it escape. Meanwhile, Poppy remembers things she didn't before – a result of the reprogramming, and Graphite explains that she is remembering her host's memories which she carries, like he carries those of Hiiro's girlfriend. The many people who see this look towards it, and one by one they get brought in to hospitals. Still worried about Poppy's disappearance, Emu and Hiiro are dispatched to attend multiple occurrences around the city and not only discover that Parad completed "Kamen Rider Chronicle", but has released it commercially and its taking the country by storm.

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