Forgiving is easy. Readers have loved the hip hop quotes we’ve been publishing on Wealthy Gorilla over the past 4 years. “We hurt people that love us, love people that hurt us.” – Kendrick Lamar, 3. Use the lane they’ve paved as a blueprint to your own success. “I live this life at a pace that anyone can go. If they don’t, you know where they stand.” – Kendrick Lamar, 6. – Kendrick Lamar. – Kendrick Lamar, I walk alone with a cross and a diamond stone. It's really about keeping hip-hop original and pushing away the corniness in it. Trusting again, not so much. You come from this place of negativity, of not having nothing or following the older people you look up to, and now you’re taking the lead for thousands of people around the world. That’s what God for. If my edge is dull, my sword is dull, and I don't want to fight another guy whose sword is dull. I’m a diamond inside the rough, that’s too mighty for maricons.” – Kendrick Lamar, 22. Lamar has received many accolades during his career, including 12 Grammy Awards. I'm sticking to the script, I'm putting that organic feeling back in the game. “I don’t talk about these things if I haven’t lived them, and I’ve hurt people in my life. GKMC offers a glimpse into his adolescent years and the complexities of being born into gang culture while not being a gang member himself. Life to me is currency, prosperity I got it — Kendrick Lamar, 19. To understand all the history and what we was going through.” – Kendrick Lamar, 47. “Ya’ll don’t want me to win. – Kendrick Lamar, 3. At this time, young K. Dot was still struggling to find his voice, and before the 2009 release of the stellar Kendrick Lamar EP, he decided to change his rap moniker to his legal name. I always tell people that if I move anywhere it would be Toronto. Sonnymoon and Quadrants are a couple of bands that really inspire me in terms of the melodics of things and certain tones and just what feels good. Think about it. Temptation is just the feeling that you're the most independent person on planet Earth. So I was like, ‘Y’know what? – Kendrick Lamar, I got a story to tell, you know that I cherish these. That’s who I wanna be.’ – Kendrick Lamar, Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people. That’s something that we all go through as a kid. When people heard K. Dot, they were like, ‘The kid is dope, he can rap — but who is he?’ That went on for years — just another kid in the streets that can rap good, right? I can't feel it. 1. I look at where I'm at today and realize that most of my success is owed to the mentors that was in my life. It’s knowing what to do with it. – Kendrick Lamar, The opposite of love? When you're in the limelight, you can get anything you want. I’m a sinner, I’m a killer. That's how I get my thoughts out, instead of being crazy all the time. “Look at me, I’m a loser, I’m a winner, I’m good, I’m bad. To me, it’s always a war between the two. – Kendrick Lamar, Mark my word, I’m a make my mark, even when they start their martial Law. The hardest thing for - not only an artist but for anybody to do is look themselves in the mirror and acknowledge, you know, their own flaws and fears and imperfections and put them out there in the open for people to relate to it. – Kendrick Lamar, But what love go to do with it when you don’t love yourself? – Kendrick Lamar, 4. “Love is not just a verb. So, when you’re put into a space where you feel like you can’t necessarily trust your close ones, that can do some whole other crazy thing to you psychologically. – Kendrick Lamar, I was a black sheep, but now I’m just a goat. It's scary. Share with your friends. It’s you looking in the mirror. Think about it.” – Kendrick Lamar, 10. – Lamar, Don’t wait until it’s too late, you might not get another chance. The sky is falling, the wind is calling, Now, this lifestyle that I’m in, the same thing exists! This is what’s happening in the world, not only to me but to my community. The fact it brought me back home. – Kendrick Lamar, From the moment I started writing raps, I was always aware of the pressure. … It’s impossible to fight the title of role model. – Kendrick Lamar, I want to put positive vibes in my music. With DAMN., To Pimp A Butterfly, Good Kid M.A.A.D City, and Section 80 under his belt, he has proven his ability to produce profound concept albums that have mainstream appeal time and time again. That's something that we all go through as a kid. That’s the art for me. They were shooting the second 'California Love' video. – Kendrick Lamar, The best way to describe myself would be…unpredictable. Besides, in 2016, Time magazine named him one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Your email address will not be published. I’m tryna surround myself with people that inspire me or at least inquire similar desires.” – Kendrick Lamar, 11. I'm only as good as my last word, my last hook, my last bridge. “So the next time you feel like the world’s about to end, I hope you studied, because he’s testing your faith again.” – Kendrick Lamar, 7. To this day, Wealthy Gorilla has become one of the fastest growing self-development sites in the world; with over 160 million views worldwide, and more than 200,000 followers on social media. “We all get distracted, the question is, would you bounce back or bounce backwards?“ – Kendrick Lamar, 46. – Kendrick Lamar, People gonna be they own individuals, and have they own worlds and I can’t knock it. “I’m trying to learn something new. That’s the art for me.” – Kendrick Lamar, 32. — Kendrick Lamar, 35. – Kendrick Lamar, I ain’t a drinker I’m a thinker, call it what you want. Look inside of your should and you can find out it never exists. Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, professionally known as Kendrick Lamar, is an American rapper, songwriter, and record producer known for his incredibly inspirational rap music. I’m your conscience, if you do not hear me then you will be history, Kendrick. – Kendrick Lamar, I find myself to be quite confident as a person but you’re going to have that piece of doubt in the back of your head because we’re human.

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