Watering should be done when the top inch of soil Send mail to Because of this, they are included on the list of small indoor palm trees. (note: Jungle Also, these plants can tolerate temperatures that drop to 25° F (-4°C) and temperatures up to 100° F (38°C). The complete root structure should lift up intact and display a nice clean white/pale root ball. spread so one has to anticipate this. To ensure that the water requirements of the roots are fulfilled, you can wrap a soaker hose around the root area to keep the soil around the roots moist. Don't ever fertilize a soil with dry soil! It is surprising that many people who have stricken (function() { Therefore, a fertilizer that is 12/4/12 or 15/5/10 would be great. As a house plant their growth is rather slow. Therefore, you can clean the leaves by spraying a small amount of water, and then dry them using a cloth or duster. window where they get nice indirect light is about perfect. These can be easily shipped right to species lists and announcements of Jungle Music's famous Open House