Dana: “My now-husband Darren and I met on Tumblr in March 2011 and have been married since September 2013. Holiday Ornament: Announce the news with an ornament on the tree or tree stump.

Wrap some ribbon around that belly and create a giant gift tag for an adorable announcement. I’ve made a lot of really good friends from different sites on the Internet, going back to my high school and college days. Before this I was quite worried, but now it’s been proven. C’mon, that’s sooooo 1995. She couldn’t even remember my name.K: I did remember! Is it really that bad? They dropped hints but nobody actually told me.S: When I first met her, I was already interested. Funny enough, a few hours after we got engaged and were headed to our engagement party, a person she once dated on eHarmony called her to see if she wanted to go out.”, Carrie: “I never would have met Brian if not for eHarmony. Lori Gottlieb Teaches Brit + Anj Therapy 101, Here’s How Long Couples Should Date Before Getting Married - Brit + Co ›, 5 Ways to Help a Friend or Loved One Who Needs Emotional Support, These Gratitude Books Could Be the Mood Boost You Need Right Now, How Often and When to Have Sex If You’re Trying to Get Pregnant, Here’s How Long Couples Should Date Before Getting Married, These Are the 2 Characteristics All Lasting Relationships Have in Common, Digital Dating: Looking for Love in Lockdown, Cabin Fever for Couples, Here's How to Make the Most Of It, 10 Books That Will Help You Score Better Sex, Aphrodisiacs and (Hot) Recipes to Get You in the Mood, Why We Need to Normalize Sexual Wellness and Close the Orgasm Gap, 11 Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy During the Holidays, 24 Easy Tiny Finger Food Recipe Ideas You Can Serve on a Toothpick, 30 Low-Carb Dinner Recipes You Can Make in an Hour (or Less! If he had work at 7am, he’d still party until 2am.

(laughs) But it was very cold so I wanted to get it over and done with.”. Unless it’s fries. . .

Of course we share our dating histories with each other. “At first we were quite shy, but after the third day we stopped caring,” said Shane.

I was doing a two-month radio stint on YES 933 then, so after my shift, I’d find excuses to go find her [at the 987 studio] since she was on the night shift then.K: He finished at 11pm, and I ended at 12am. Get updates about the best spam fries and other delicious things in life – not spam. With the extravagant set and the abundance of candies, she surely had a fun time shooting the music video.

But that’s not the only thing stopping them from walking down the aisle: like an entire generation of cash-strapped millennials, they’re concerned about the cost of everything that happens after the “I do’s”. Get married? “The video was my idea,” Shane grinned when we caught up with him at the Toggle Originals press conference two weeks ago. There could be a million other ways to portray something.

I just don’t want anything on my body to be matching to hisS: Fine.

The result is a cheeky compilation of the couple boogieing in spots like the train, subway station, streets, famous landmarks and more. Wish List: There's nothing cuter than your child's wishlist with a sibling listed as a gift. It’s something that I used to be really embarrassed to admit to people, because meeting people on the Internet seems like a weird, scary thing to a lot of people! Kimberly Wang writes about all things pop culture, tech, style, and beauty. By clicking Subscribe, I consent to Terms & Conditions. Okay, let’s play a game. “A Malaysian family recognised me and wanted a photo, but I was getting ready to dance so I asked them to wait for me, so while they were waiting they watched me dance. . At times, they’re a couple of love-drunk school kids, holding hands during hair and make-up (she later darts over to reach for his ankles because she’s freezing and “your ankles give me more warmth,” she squeals.) (via Emily Egan Photography / Pink Peonies), Bow Tied Baby: Put a bow on it! Catch all 8 episodes of Dance with Me for free on Toggle on February 8. Wow, mature words.S: We haven’t gone into details like when we’ll get married, the timeline, that kind of stuff. We fell in love over our want for a life partner and our enthusiasm for living life in the most exciting ways possible.”, Brian: “My wife and I met on eHarmony in August 2013 and we had our first child January of 2016. She said yes! Teo Soon Kim's family photo showing her husband, Wang Zhengang, and their son, Peter Wang.

We were always looking for fun and always doing spontaneous things together. By clicking Subscribe, I consent to Terms & Conditions. Kimberly Wang's playbook has Islanders on the move . We can wear couple T-shirts or shoes, but tattoos? He’d come by and we’d chat a bit. (via Alyssa Rock). Next day, he’d say he’s very tired. They were filming a cooking show right across [the studio]. Because we’re both in the same industry, she understands that I could be online on WhatsApp and not reply ’cos I’m doing other stuff. Has there been any friction on set?Shane: So far so good.Kim: I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to sleep, let alone fight with him.Shane: I think we’re too tired to fight.Kim: There’s not enough time to fight! How far would you take it with couple-y things people do? . Your shoes can be little Santa booties! . Teenage Dream “California Girls” was a dream come true for Katy. I was nervous to meet him, but not necessarily because he was from the Internet. As the couple’s posing with a punching bag between them, the 987 jock is pulling faux punches at him. Mar 28, 2004, 7:00pm HST Updated Mar 25, 2004, 11:10am HST.

When we think of Christmas, we think of gifts. You were literally ‘dating’ online, people that were hundreds, sometimes a thousands, miles away. Now we have no reservations about how we met. This whole experience working with her has showed me that if we do more dramas next time, we would be able to do it. Fast forward two decades and they have been happily married for 25 years and are the proud parents of daughter, Tay Ying, 20, and son, Calvert Tay, 16 (pictured).Zheng … When I clicked through, the first thing I looked at was her pictures, which were perfect. I won’t break that rule for anyone.Shane: I’m not interested in doing scenes like that anymore. Photos: Aik Chen.

Sure, there were phone conversations, but other than that it was purely just online. Plus, I can eat the s*** also. Meeting him was worth every terrible date I ever went on — and I’ve been on a lot!”. Then when my shift ended, he’d say his friends aren’t coming out to eat and ask me if I wanted to go for supper. The details must seem mundane to everyone else, but her voice came through loud and clear, and I couldn’t wait to meet her in real life.”.

This post was updated in partnership with Minted. Although he didn’t have any scenes, he stayed back the entire day just to be there, and I thought that was quite nice and I really appreciated it. I started chatting and ‘dating’ online when I was 13. This was after many sessions and we were already rehearsing in the theatre.

Maybe if I can afford my own place by next year, and if she wants to, we can move in together.K: I don’t have to fork out a single cent? Let’s go party tonight!K: You’re on your own. At that point, we’d been going out for a couple of months and it was quite stable. It just slipped my mind at that moment. “We’re both still at a point where we have to work very hard on our careers,” Kim added, before quipping with a grin, “I think we’d need to have a sponsored wedding.

I think I might still have some of our first emails. When we tell our story, especially to older family members, we often just say that we met ‘through friends,’ which is kind of true!

But I thought about it, and not too long after, I said, “Okay, let’s try. There are some people you can be super good friends with but you can’t work together, so thankfully she’s not one of them. Adam proposed on August 1, 2015 and we’re getting married on August 26, 2016!”.

Styling: Martin Wong. But I can’t say who it is.S: Yeah we know who each other’s ex-es are. (via Popcorn and Pandas), Formal Affair: Leave all the gimmicks behind and strike a pose for a formal portrait. The choreography ends with jazz hands and huge smiles, Screenshots from Shane and Kim's Korea dance video, Shane, Kim and the Lion City Lockers film their dance scene, All the dancers look like they're having a ball of a time, Fun fact: Kimberly nearly fell after striking this pose (she's all right, don't worry), Shane and Kim run excitedly to the middle of the bridge to begin dancing, The dance instructor runs through some moves with Shane, Shane and Kim get ready to film their dance scene, Shane and Kim get sheltered from the hot sun between takes, Nicholas Tse Recreates His Iconic '90s Hairstyle, But All Netizens Can Talk About Is His "Thinning" Hair, Veronica Yip Says Her Whole Family Voted For Donald Trump In Recent US Election, Ruby Lin & Wallace Huo Silence Divorce Rumours With Their PDA At Her Father’s 70th Birthday Party, Sodagreen Frontman Wu Qing Feng Wants His Fans To Stop Sending Him Their Nudes Or Have Delusions About Him. Read on for more from our interview with Shane and Kimberly, who tell us about their preparations for their first times dancing in a show, if there was any lovers’ tiff on set, and what sort of roles they would never take on: Toggle: Tell us about your dance lessons.Kim: I was quite terrified during our first locking lesson because for any kind of street dance, you need the swag, but I just looked really awkward because I was bobbing like a puppet! At other times, they’re like a married couple. Hinge works in such a way that it only connects you to people in your extended Facebook friend network, and so I was immediately struck by the large number of third-degree connections we had (over 50!) We had very minimal info in our profiles. (via J Is for Jones).

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