A helmet is not going to save you if you can't steer out of the way of a car, or your pedal falls off since you didn't know there is a left and right pedal. Putting grease in bearing assemblies, oiling other components, adjusting cabling – brakes and gears. Servicing a bike for myself is actually quite easy. While there is a Certificiate III course – there are no RTO's in Australia registered to deliver it.http://training.gov.au/Search/SearchOrganisation?nrtCodeTitle=AUR30212&scopeItem=Qualification&tabIndex=1&ImplicitNrtScope=True&orgSearchByScopeSubmit=Search. No. I think it's fair to say that the cheapest, nastiest, $800 "bike store" bike will actually work well as a bike. Just step, hop and go! Good value for money, haven't been able to destroy it yet...Good first bike, reliable. As others have said stay away from department store brands. You get a knob preciously wrapped in big foam case, but it doesn’t work.0 star - stability (no tick), regardless of type of surface the bike is on; tiles, carpet, rubber liner or a large arm chair wedged on the other end. I bet 'something' has been bent a few mm during shipping and enough to point the rear mech in a wrong way and stop the chain then bend off into the spokes. Those bikes are nice as especially the hardtails. I cant believe there is a job for a qualified mechanic for a push bike, also what i cant believe is there is such thing as a service for a push bike. I have been using Kmart, southern Mountain bike for over 3 weeks now, pretty much everyday.... Also helps if you have the suspension for the type of riding you're doing. Maybe I'm just not used to it. weight, rims (on second set), front derailer needs tuning all the time. Back when I was working for kmart they loved knocking back return claims unless you could prove the bike was assembled by a bicycle mechanic. It's not really low cost for what you get, because you get very little (in the way of effective and lasting lubrication). I think the factory put them together ready for shipping to a store opposed to being ready to ride. It may seem very deer, but good bicycle brands are FAR superior to department store brands and good maintenance of them will make them last upwards of ten years. Oh, yeah, these SR1 do look ok, I meant that they all big box bikes need to be built up, tightened, checked and bolted together in more than finger tight before riding. Deal: 27.5" Crest Mountain Bike $99 (RRP $149) @ Kmart, Store: Kmart, Category: Sports & Outdoors 70cm wheels. Everything can be summed up to the following: "Buying the most expensive frame on the market, then looking around for all the most expensive high end components, you could probably spend over 20 grand. It explained the braked' feeling as the wheels would rub the brakes, and why the gears changed. I agree that you get what you pay for here, but if properly assembled and maintained a k-mart bike will still function ok as a basic bike. I know some people might cringe at the fact that I use WD-40 on my chains but it's a $99 bike, so whatever. I hate saying "you get what you pay for" but in this circumstance, I think it unfortunately fits. A sales person from Kmart and any of the other names that I've given; will just sell you anything that they think looks good because of the colour or just because it gives a crappy description on the tag/box. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au! For me, I have a rather stupid philosophy and that is; if you are going to get some thing, does not matter what it is; if you want something, then you must get it right the first time.

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