As he tries to counter, she begins to cry tears of joy. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

Unnamed parents She had thick brown-black eyebrows and always kept her eyes closed unless playing Gungi.

[9] She awakens to Nen as a result of playing constantly with the King, her ability is one that allows her to improve in the game.

[30], As they play, Meruem becomes blind. Because of the poor man's rose bomb. She is convinced she can become an even better player and requests a break so she can memorize the plays she is dreaming up. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.If you enjoyed this clip I would encourage you all to watch this anime in full as it is truly remarkable.

Als sie den Palast von Gorteau betrat, wurde sie mit einem Spazierstock gesehen. She thanks the King for saving her, to which he replies his subordinates did it. Sie hatte dicke schwarze Augenbrauen und hielt ihre Augen immer geschlossen, die sie nur beim Gungi spielen öffnet. Status [27] Meanwhile, Welfin, who is about to be eaten by the King, in a desperate effort to save himself says Komugi's name, finally making him remember her. She had thick black eyebrows and always kept her eyes closed, unless playing Gungi. Gungi-Spieler Komugi was born in a family of twelve in Republic of East Gorteau. Anime Debut Komugi

From Shaiapouf's cry and the blood sprayed on her face, Komugi deduces he broke his arm. As they place the first pieces on the board, the King reveals his name is Meruem. Gon eventually agrees to wait for one hour and keeps watch of Neferpitou as they operate. [28] He heads to Bizeff's quarters where he tracks down Palm and makes a deal with her so he can spend his last hours with Komugi. weiblich

[23] Palm envelops Komugi in her hair, unwittingly preventing the King from detecting her with his En. When she was attacked by a hawk, she refrained from calling for help for fear of inconveniencing others. [11] Shortly afterward, she is severely injured in her midsection as a result of Zeno's Dragon Dive. Meruem remembers Komugi. Episode 102 (2011) [5] When he unwittingly uses a move she came up with, "Kokoriko", against her, Komugi hesitates for a moment before countering it. Sie trug einen anderen Rock, ähnlich dem alten, nur ohne Rüschen.

Seit sie anfing, Gungi als Repräsentantin des Landes zu spielen, verdiente sie wenig Geld für ihre Familie. She suggests she gives up what she usually wagers instead of her left arm: her life.

Braun (Manga)Grün (Anime) General Status

He asks her what she wants if she wins, and her answer is "another game". Ihrer Behauptung nach, vergisst sie nie einen Spielzug, wenn sie die Spielfiguren physisch arrangiert. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for \"fair use\" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

Um ihre Familie nicht zu belasten, entschloss sie sich außerdem, Selbstmord zu begehen, falls sie jemals ein Spiel verlieren sollte, weil sie dann nichts mehr verdienen würde und ihrer Familie somit nur noch ein Klotz am Bein wäre. Kana

[12], There, she is attacked by a bird but does not cry for help not to wake anyone up. Shaiapouf approaches Killua and Palm and offers to stop Neferpitou if they give him Komugi, but Killua refuses.
Komugi apologizes for her rudeness but is made to shut up by the King as he reads the rules of the game. Ihr Outfit änderte sich, als sie von Pitou geheilt wurde. Arc 8: Finsterer Kontinent Expedition Arc, [1] Not even Meruem, despite his superhuman intellect, managed to defeat her once. Her proficiency, however, is limited to Gungi.[10]. Episode 102 (2011) The Extermination Team realizes she is his target and not Meleoron[20] and Killua uses Godspeed to keep her safe from Shaiapouf's clone.


[6] He offers to give her anything she desires if she wins, but wants her left arm should she lose. [15] After composing himself, he gives Neferpitou the order to heal her and prepares to fight with Netero.

She declares they will always be together and, at his request, says his name one last time before he passes away. He tells her he will not take her life but will beat her countless times.
They hide her inside a box in the warehouse so his En will not detect her. She replies and, sheepishly, returns the question. Komugi ist die beste Gungi-Spielerin in Ost Gorteau und aktuell Weltmeister. Zehn Jahre vor ihrem Treffen mit Meruem hat sie einen Schachzug namens "Kokoriko" ins Leben gerufen, der sich großer Beliebtheit erfreute. Doch ein Jahr nach der Erstellung, verschwand dieser Schachzug aus allen Lehrbüchern und Aufzeichnungen, als ausgerechnet Komugi einen Gegenzug entworfen hat. Instead of taking off my left arm, can I just bet what I always bet?

State Als sie sich entschied, eine professionelle Spielerin zu werden, beschloss sie, sich umzubringen, falls sie jemals verlieren sollte. Hair Color Rōmaji Rōmaji Perplexed, the King asks the reason. Due to her resolution to commit suicide, if she ever were to lose, it can be inferred that she has never lost a single game since her first official game. Manga Gungi Player [15] Shaiapouf is the first to find her, but he smiles and leaves her to die. She is confused by what is going on and hears Gon threatening to kill her if Neferpitou speaks out of turn again. To her surprise, the King begins to laugh and admits he did not consider she might ask for his life in return, a notion that horrifies Komugi.

コムギ Komugi (コムギ, Komugi) was the World Gungi Champion. Brown (Manga) Green (Anime)

Synchronstimme [21] When Shaiapouf flies away to hide the pieces of the Gungi board, Killua carries Komugi on his back and leaves the palace grounds.

Sie ist ein junges, blindes Mädchen mit weißen, unordentlichen Haaren, die sie zu zwei dicke Zöpfe gebunden hatte.

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