Locate your nearest station airing Armstrong & Getty! Isn't recall one of the things that goes first? I love the KGO news radio station in the afternoon that I just tuned into this morning. Groundhog Poison Tractor Supply, TV, Radio, Internet...dishing dirt since 2001. seriously, did you even listen to any of what A & G were saying??! The Bay Area's Exclusive Hot Talk.

Filed Under: armstronggetty, KSFO Homepage . KSFO's format is a better fit for sure, but the AM radio market is dying off.

Trump was clueless.The family of Chris Stevens does not blame Hillary for his death in Behghazi. I will look for this 3:02.lol@using "cuz". Blue Crested Gecko For Sale, Do Canned Beets Have Nitric Oxide, What Is A Reverse Dapple Dachshund, She is finally doing what she should have been doing. Herman Miller Mirra Chair Replacement Seat Pan, I'm quite skeptical that her medical issues are limited to pneumonia. My wife worked in San Francisco for over 40 years. 43 Spanish Bullets, You could still get the sac broadcast for the 4th hour. Yes, that is what most of those people think of us. Real Journalism, & the Media Died a long time ago!

KSFO's format is a better fit for sure, but the AM radio market is dying off. Blind Trump supporters go after Armstrong and Getty for not supporting 45. She lost the 2008 Primary to community organizer with absolutely zero experience, plus a black to boot, who know one had ever heard of before...that say's it all.Her "OWN" party stabbed her in the back and kicked her to the curb for an unknown, she still (2016) is not well liked. Sounds like Cumulus is cutting to the bone. Here's some useful info from the guy who has pretty much nailed everything:http://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/2016-election-forecast/?ex_cid=rrpromo. I want to see them now! A&G sill under contract from 5am to 9am. Posted on September 1, 2020 … MORE. Muscovy Ducks For Sale In Ky, Another black eye for the FNN right wing/Trump propaganda machine! The American people have a right to know! Cumulus: clueless. You Are My Destiny, Like their personalities, sense of humor.

A and G have the best program in the area. If you remember your history, it will help you for the present issues. Where the F are Trump's tax returns? Have never voted a republican for pres. I wish I had that amount of around the clock care. Also enjoy Mark Thompson & John Rothman at Kgo. That crack about deplorables was no doubt made in a moment of weakness (she's better than that) and will haunt her at least until the end of the race and possibly for the rest of her professional life. You are us.”At KSFO, the liberal Owens will find himself holding forth amid conservative syndicated voices like Owens has spent 32 of his 40 years with KGO talking in the mornings.

Now that is "Fair and Balanced! She has the best medical care our tax money can provide as well as doctors that travel with her daily. I don't recall hearing his ability to "lead the team" being put into question very often. It would be odd if they still did 4 hours but didn't air it in their home market.Unfortunately, many locations don’t carry the fourth hour.

View More Podcasts. @11:24Dunno about "tough." At the end of the day they are the anti-taxer type.The kept Ronn because he had an airtight contract it would have been too expensive to buy him out, then they signed another contract not long ago, so he must have some ratings.Ronn doesn't have ratings. Then they wanted to go back to talk and kept him again because of it. Also, ksfo isn't their home market. Aside from single-handedly keeping Europe afloat, Angela Merkel consistently handles grueling schedules with relative ease and has done so for years. "Ronn" is Irdu for "Tired". The list goes on and on and is well documented.The mainstream media and your beloved NPR cover this stuff up, I wouldn't expect you "left wingers" to be fully educated on the matter.

All contributions are 100 percent confidential and safe and secure. Ly Lan Chapiron, It takes a two-income household to thrive in this suburbia. We lived in Concord, because it was the last BART station on the line at the time. Nikki Medoro to host new morning show on KGO radio Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window) They may have to pay for their own production out of that (their own people that help them, in other words).Need to ask the Bentley Guy if what you are saying is real true.Two no talent hacks from Hicksville, no wonder Cumulus is going in the toilet. All told, 20 to 30 employees lost their jobs, said the sources, including some who were fired. Armstrong and Getty?

Where was the appointment, what state and what doctor. Listen to Talk 650 Live for Free! @302...another Foxbot who just mimics the GOP horseshit propaganda.

‘Black Panther’ star Chadwick Boseman dies of cancer at 43 They kept him on as a bridge to news but it didn't work. 67 Impala 4 Door For Sale, While some KKK grand wizard claims to support her there are no records of alt right financial contributions and no right wing white supremists have made robo calls in her support like for Trump.She knows Vladimir Putin is hostile to the US and cannot be flattered by him. Asherah Pole In Washington Dc, The popular nationally syndicated Armstrong & Getty Show will move from KGO 810 to KSFO 560 AM and will be heard weekdays from 6am – 9am. Anyone who listens to Sussman and Green for more than five minutes can tell they're both anti-trump liberals. Keep it up, deplorable clown, cuz you guys will never get back in the White House if you don't change your racist, sexist evil ways. Sasaki is yet another member of the JGBJ Club, speaking of giggles and cackles, its joe the butcher/plumber and the retired uber driver at nights on the great FM sport talk station. Tombstone Online 123, When I see the initials A & G, I think of Karel's roommates, Asshole & Gebby the Gok.Sorry...400,000 per year, but most contracts only broadcast the max amount, the amount the signatory receives if all the hoops are jumped through. How To Listen To Armstrong & Getty On Your Radio! Its now all about the Horse Race, whose up, or down?!

Once they've branched out past Sacramento the show has changed quite a bit..more national not as homespun as they used to be. Why is Trump hiding the results of his last PSA? I guess everything changes. The weakest segments of the day would then be only mildly annoying: the fantasy programs from Chip Franklin and Coast to Coast.

Now on KSFO. Health issues aside, I think the race has been over for months. TDS; Good one, 10:29! There is an abundance of noise disguised as creativity --it's become rampant and frightening. Love the Sunday post! Paper Mario Best Badges, Bay Area Radio Noise from KSFO Morning Show to Armstrong and Getty; A Few Sunday Thoughts BAY AREA RADIO IS FULL OF NOISE POLLUTION--Need proof? Just because you and yours live in the basket, doesn't mean your orange messiah's path to the White House is a done deal. The evening version of Ronn Owens (Friday night music trivia) and the overnight voice of Ray Taliaferro made working swing and graveyard shifts tolerable back in the 70s-80s. hillary released an actual physicaltrump is not running against obamawhat is mr trump hiding?ill tell you what he is hidinghow he writes off banging easter european whores as a biz expense. A certain KGO talker that is continuously mocked here by the buttocks guy. So said he. Power Bob O Pedic Recliner, We cant have that now can we? !She has zero leadership abilities and will gain zero respect from World leaders. Low IQ radio, she'll fit right in on the current KGO. Will Grazon Kill Buttercups, If the best you can do is reference fill-in talk show hosts for support than it doesn't seem like much support. Blaine Trump Clothing, I wonder if KGO 810 will go back to news 5AM to 9AM, Noon to 1PM and 4PM to 7PM?

If Apples Were Advertised In A Circular Walmart,

I don't see a 3:02. Despite that, I am thankful to have worked at what once was a flagship station in the Bay Area.”SAG-AFTRA, the union that represents most of the laid-off staffers, issued a statement calling the firings “an outrage to the community of listeners who rely on the station.” “Cumulus has an obligation to provide quality local news programming,” the union said. Actually A&G is on from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. and then Mark Thompson is on to noon. The Sacramento-based syndicated “Armstrong & Getty Show” moves from KGO to KSFO and will be heard from 6-9am. President Trump Talks to Rush Limbaugh Joe Biden Picks Kamala Harris as his Vice President. Ota is being sued by FTC for fraudulent advertising claims. She, like obummer seem to enjoy insulting the hard working American people. Contrarian-Conservative-Libertarian. Armstrong and Getty? It has been lower than a dog fight for years and years. Before KGO they only broadcast 3 hours in the bay area. Leftover wonder bread and not the least bit funny or clever mostly a bunch of Midwest guys who are less funny and poignant than watching paint dry. As for becoming our next president, I hope she fails!! In parts of the Bay Area, the smoke is really bad again So much of what is offered up by these people is at best twisted and often completely untrue. She's winning Virginia, Pennsylvania and will likely win Colorado as well. They really do make my mornings more entertaining.

Headlines. Contrarian-Conservative-Libertarian. The Doom Generation Unrated Full Movie Free Online, Ronnie took a bullet in a critical area of the body, and subsequently had numerous episodes of pronounced debilitation. I don't recall hearing his ability to "lead the team" being put into question very often. " They'd be baying for momma or wifey poo that they were "dying". Speaking of having to cackle, I clicked through on an article about whatever excuse they were feeding the press about her problems and it took me to politicos website. How Much Should A Dachshund Weigh At 3 Months, Have enjoyed A&G for years. This is THE weakest form of arguing. Don't let it worry you.

Armstrong and Getty are awesome! > As I recall, Republicans hid Reagan's dementia until after he died. Merciless critics of mainstream media. The Armstrong & Getty Show: September 1, 2020. What a dick.A&G are some of the most talented guys on radio.

Same as the old Rich.

"Oh, and in regard to Carlson's harassment claims and the ostensibly moral network: Geraldo Rivera and Greta Van Susteren have now stated that they "regret" not believing Carlson initially. Donald Trump had a doctors appointment last week. Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale Craigslist Pa, Sadly, I found out than an ex-classmate of mine who I had the highest respect and regard for - especially since she did everything she could to avoid signs of nepotism as she was the daughter of my very respected high school principal (this was during the Reagan Era, and what we're seeing now is very much the opposite) - includes among her Facebook Likes....A&G! Esmeralda Lyrics Adriel Genet,

You morons that aren't intelligent enough to understand the show need to never vote. Make sure you donate everyone! Member's Mark Caterina 6 Piece Reclining Sectional, Who was there in the comments section commenting? "Cuz" is used all the time to save time. Really, having a president who doesn't know where or what he is is more important than a candidate who is suffering from a mild case of pneumonia.

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