Look to temper on the Charms POISON ACCUMULATION +12,9% MELEE DAMAGE VS POISONED ENEMY +24,9. ├ Hachets Kusarigamas are Weapons in Nioh 2 and information about their stats is shown below. Please notice the fact that i have mix the equipment after this video in order to obtain a better damage so with the description down below you will achieve even better results dan on the video.

Carnage Talisman Barrier Talisman SLOTH talisman Weakness talisman, ONE MORE TIME PLEASE SUBSCRIBE FOR MY CHANNEL. This allows me to wear a Fuma set while maximizing the damage output with kunai & shurikens.

Why no poison Guardian Spirit in a poison build?

(, Guard just before an incoming hit to deflect the attack and knock the attacker off balance. Looking for a Splitstaff build for Nioh 2? I really wanted a kusarigama build with heavy armor and this looks like the winner for me. Before acquiring this Armor, you are good to go with the Fuma Ninja Armor set. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Oddly this weapon seems to work well for any build, it's attacks speed/range just overpowers other weapons. Have fun chucking bombs, throwing shuriken, and sneaking up behind oni to jab them in the back and run away only to do it over and over again until you win! How well do poison and paralysis scale in this game?

", "Recommended Skills and Stat Builds for each Weapon Type Now Available!

Check out the Dual Sword Sign of the Cross build here.

For Soul Cores, the giant shrine snakes Yatsu-no-Kami has a bonus damage to Poisoned enemies – something you do quite a lot in this build. The main armor in this build is the Kawanami Clan Armor Set which requires 16 Strength and 16 Constitution. Something like even Gamo gives attack bonus consecutive hits which has improved considerably from Nioh 1 and testing shows its 13% from the 6th hit onward which is easy to do with Kusarigama and dual swords. Maximum Ki increases when you have Kusarigama equipped as your main weapon. The rest of your points can be divided to Constitution and Stamina to wear armor. This is my first build for Kusarigama, this build is done after I finished my second playthrough on Dream of the Strong.

When your health drops to 30% or lower, your Ki recovery speed will be increased by 10% when you have Kusarigama equipped as your main weapon.

Kusarigama has a C+ Scale with Skill, giving 30 Attack every 15 Point. @alphaTuxUsing the kusari gama on bosses is all about what type of enemy it is. ". After performing Tangle Strike, press triangle to perform a slicing attack. As I mostly used Blade Spin, Waxing Crescent is my selection for Mystic Art. I might doing something wrong, but I find it quite difficult to use it against bosses with this weapon type vs allmost any other weapon type.I could not get the first boss down with it, as with katana/Hammer/axt/Spear the boss is not issue at all.

The best build and skills for Kusarigama in Nioh 2. Maximum Ki increases by +10 when you have Kusarigama equipped as your main weapon. ├ Tonfas general question about the Kusarigama vs bosses. "Yes". These cookies do not store any personal information. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. We got you covered.

The Kusarigama on it’s own has a very good attacks move with High Stance Light Attacks.

As you progressed through the story, you will obtained Nekomata the original Guardian Spirit for the Ninja build. But I'll try the other set that you tell me for poison damage buff. The status increase between level 5 to level 10 is large compared to other levels for all stats. Increases both the attack damage and Ki damage caused by the kusarigama's metal weight, while also reducing the amount of Ki used.

└ Best Stat Focus and Builds.

Kusarigama right off the bat scale directly with Dexterity, making it’s the perfect choice if you want to try out all those comical Ninjutsu skills in Nioh 2. (, Follows up a Quick Attack with a strike that uses the kusarigama's metal weight to slam the, After performing Tangle Strike, press triangle to perform a slicing attack.

This skill tree focuses more on progressing the … For some reason I expected them to be super fast (ninja weapon and all), but quick attacks are not as fast as I thought. ", "Understand Which Stats to Prioritize in Nioh 2!

), Swing the kusarigama's metal weight in a wide circle. But my priority was melee demage for the pure damage stats.

The base cap of Ninjutsu Capacity is around 35. This will make inflicting Poison is your main priority as soon as the fight start. OK now its time to talk about the skill points for the build: Constitution 14 Heart 10 Stamina 46 (we need a heavy armor) SKIL 70 Dexterity 99 Magic 30 because of the buffs

NOW LETS TALK ABOUT THE WEAPONS AND ARMOR UP: So i prefer corrupted weapon over all the status efects because it makes amazing KI damage and Ki Drain over all the bosses and especially all human enemies and revenants. When your health drops to 30% or lower, your Ki recovery speed will be increased by 15% when you have Kusarigama equipped as your main weapon. Switch between high and low stance as they have specific roles. This Armor set has an innate boost to Throwing Projectile. Certainly not advanced tech but high stance light combo should wreck things that get too close to you. When your health drops to 30% or lower, the damage you receive is reduced by 10% when you have Kusarigama equipped as your main weapon. This is the same for Onmyo Magic.

The Kusarigama offers a good number of buffs which may be triggered manually, while its … But it's not like in the past since the nerfs now. For Strength, you can also use Odachi as your secondary weapon and combine with Paralyzing as Odachi has several powerful attack that can benefit from …. The final stat scale with Kusarigama is Strength – which give 24 Attack every 15 points.

Warrior of the EAST Greaves, in all of the Armour peaces look for OMNYO and Ninjutsu bonuses becose you will need them in battle. If you decided to try out Ninjutsu build, then Kusarigama will be your main weapon to the path of becoming the Master Ninja. Both of these builds for Dream of the Strong can easily clear out bosses and help your progression a lot. Kusarigama Skills is a skill tree in Nioh 2. If this attack completely depletes the enemy's Ki, they will be dragged off their feet and flung behind you.

Damage dealt to enemies from behind increases by 2% when you have a Kusarigama equipped as your main weapon.

(, Parry the enemy's attack before performing a follow-up attack with the kusarigama's scythe and metal weight. Swing the kusarigama’s metal weight in a wide circle.

Parries an enemy attack, throwing them backwards. https://youtu.be/T2vT9O9P49s this is my version of SOTC with paralysis. Kusarigama Skills are unlocked by spending Skill Points into the tree. ■ Other Strategy Guides

Combine this with tempering option from Accesorries and Gloves, you will get around 90% increase to throwing damage.

Also we need toughness for better block. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. All the artefacts used and status effects you will have to temper at the black smith. Both Skill and Strength have a C scale with Kusarigama. Did anyone have similar enxperiences, or is it just me :) For mission runs, its really good.

No need to have it buff or something we need it for the SET. Can only be used when your swills sheathed. Thanks for the time please subscribe for more SOULS videos. Using kusarigamas makes Revenant fights laughable. What attribute affects this weapon, is it dexterity, Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a. Such is the way of the ninja. I am not a pro gamer at any means but video games have been a part of my life now.

These will help increase the damage of the corresponding active skills.

Kusarigama Build will need Dexterity as it’s main focus. Kusa was a weird weapon for me. Ok guys ill give you full info on the build as a final product. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest.

(, Slashes the enemy with the kusarigama's sickle.

Unleash your darkness! Does anyone know if the Kusarigama heavy attack is classed as a “throw”? (. Spins forward with the kusarigama and slices the enemy. Leveling up Dexterity allows you to use Ninjtusu, so be sure to make use of it when using the Kusarigama. Soon when I have time I'll try with paralysis and poison mix I beleave this will be the ultimate combination. Help! On Dream of the Strong, you can pick another stat to focus on after maxing out Dexterity. You can equip more Ninjutsu Skill by upgrading the skill to reduce the Capacity cost. Rather slow on High and Mid stance actually. ├ Spears On second playthrough, you can easily combine the Ninjutsu Skill with any of the weapon (The best are Dual Sword and Odachi) and make this build even more powerful. This build combine the best of both world, but not a strong focus on Projectile, but rather a combination of both the melee weapon and the throwing power of Shuriken and …. Another tool to use is they Shinobi box – which refills your Ninjutsu items, This is the main armor set for this build.

Soulcores: Yatsu-No-Kami Becose of the damage over poison enemy 15%
 Rokurakubi Soul Core: Yokay ability damage over poison enemy 20% Biwa Boku-boku: Becose of the Anima Bonus over poison enemy. Do you know if there is a kusarigama with heart change (with this bonus?)? Nioh 2 kusarigama poison build final Ok guys ill give you full info on the build as a final product. I just back off for a second to regen Ki, and then repeat. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. This has a slight focus on Yokai Abilities Damage as well, making the power of your Yokai Abilities can be boosted to a new notch. ■ Beginner Guides Can oily be used whensour is sheathed. The rest is compensated by Active Skill like Spinning Blade or Crimson Lotus.

Almost one hit kill but for PVP will be insta kill.

If you feel a little more risky, try the below Passive Skill.

(, Throws the kusarigama's metal weight. Footsweep was good in the first game, but crimson flurry or whatever is a better choice this time around. Note the fact that this build is played only on HIGH STANCE. The Samurai skills allow you to add some custom Passive Skills to the active skills.

Increases your attack strength, but also the amount of Ki damage you receive. For bosses, start the fight with a Weakness Talisman and following the same route.

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