Now, 13 years later I still feel the same way I did when I started in 1999. (09-28-20), KVJ Cuts- How Many Pairs Of Underwear Can Jbird Put On? Uh-oh! The KVJ Show began on Wild 95.5 (WLDI) in West Palm Beach on May 7, 1999. return !0; . (ATS Starts 1Hr 54Mins 18+ Only), Have You Ever Gotten TMI From A Stranger? It's an uncensored version of the regular KVJ Show- Check It Out but Beware! Testing Your Italian, KVJ Best South Florida Bar Draft, Rocco Back To School, Dennys Joke Jury, Guess My Age, Make-Up or Break-Up, and Is This A Jbird Google Search? (09-18-20). (10-12-20), Does Anyone Out There Ever Get Sex Headaches? KVJ Cuts- Which One Of These Things Didn't Happen To Jbird? The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker – and even in your car. Casino Whales, Energy Socks, Vacation Prep and More!

(10-22-20). The KVJ Show had been all-talk on Wild 95.5, but wound up playing as many as 10 songs an hour at WFLC. (06-18-20), The Weird and Whatever Podcast 18+ Only (06-17-20), How Many Socks Can Jbird Put On His Right Foot In One Minute? (ATS Starts 2Hr 10Mins 18+ Only), What Are The Best Shows of 2020 So Far? (08-26-20), What Is The Worst Thing You Heard Over-Said About You? (10-14-20), KVJ Cuts- World Record Wednesday Leap Frog (10-14-20), What's The Craziest Thing You Have Caught On Camera? (ATS Starts 2hr 7Mins 18+ Only), What Are Major 90s Problems That Don’t Exist Today? Due to a personality clash with Virginia, Marianna decided to leave the show. By clicking or navigating the site, you agree to allow our collection of information on and off Instagram through cookies. The KVJ ATS Podcast 18+ Adult Language (05-05-20), Bonus KVJ Content!- The KVJ ATS Podcast 18+ Adult Language, The KVJ ATS Podcast 18+ Adult Language (05-04-20), KVJ ATS Podcast Contains Adult Language 18+ BONUS KVJ Content, Is KVJ Doing No Name Movie Game On A Monday? (06-30-20), Greatest Things About The USA, Fact or Fiction, Dennys or Animal, Audio Charades, FML and Am I The Jerk? (10-15-20). Are You Doing Your Kids Homework During Quarantine? (10-19-20), The Weird and Whatever Podcast 18+ (10-17-20), It's Feel Good Friday Everyone!

(ATS Starts 2hr 25mins 18+ Only), It's Monday- Who On KVJ Can Think Fast? Family, Dennys or Animal, KVJ Entrepreneur and Where Do You Have A Hidden Camera? (04-27-20). .… Make Up Or Break Up, KVJ Draft (Movie Bad Asses), Dennys Joke Jury, Song Association Game, Loch Ness Monster News and Should Jbird Get A Houseboat? The Kevin, Virginia and Jason Show broadcasts on 979 WRMF from sunny South Florida! Either way someone is getting shocked with the shock collar! She joined Kevin in West Palm Beach in May of 1999, and according to her, “has truly found her radio family with Kevin and Jason”. (ATS Starts 1Hr 58Mins 18+ Only), No KVJ Show Today or Tomorrow- Have a safe 4th of July Weekend! (09-01-20), KVJ Is Back! Who Is Trying To Hook Bird Up On KVJ Instagram? Jbird is Back! The wind was blowing gently KVJ Cuts- How Many Pairs Of Underwear Can Jbird Put On? […], It's National Sandwich Day!

(10-07-20), How Many Times Does Kevin Say Like In This 30 Second Clip? Celebrate Your Friday With Some KVJ Show! Friday Everyone! Turns Out It Is A Tough Game!

but he sees that as a compliment. (04-22-20). Can Kevin, Jbird, Dennys or Suits figure out what gross thing that was added to their Jell-O? (07-21-20). . (10-07-20), KVJ Cuts- How Many Balloons Can Jbird Pop With His Mouth In 30 Seconds? Do Young Adults Not Use Flat Sheets Anymore? Follow Bird and Producer Dennys @jasonkvj #WeLoveYouAllAndBigfootIsReal. (05-05-20). Plus- Devil Tree Update, KVJ Cuts- How Many Rolls Of TP Can Jbird Stack On His Head? It's an uncensored version of the regular KVJ Show- Check It Out but Beware! (10-21-20). The KVJ Show was heard for 14 years on Wild 95.5 (WLDI). Change ). (07-28-20), GOATS By Category, Facebook Fishing, Am I The Jerk, Five Reasons Restaurant Burritos Taste Better Than Homemade, Dennys or Animal, Was A Helicopter Following Bird? (10-07-20). Out Of These Crazy Scenarios- Which One Did NOT Happen To Jbird?

(07-16-20), The Weird And Whatever Podcast 18+ (07-15-20), Here Are Some Tips for Surviving a Shark Attack!

Five finalists were chosen and for a whole week they would perform parody songs, bits and even a street stunt. Lana's Back! (07-14-20), What Are Your Thoughts About Ketchup On Ice Cream? Kevin Rolston - The KVJ Show on 97.9 WRMF

(10-07-20). Double tap if any jokes make you laugh! Interns Matt & Alf became better known for their misses than their hits. Find out and hear the creepiness in this week's Craigslist Missed Connections! (10-14-20). (10-27-20), Get A Look At Jbird's Luxurious Hair! Yummmmmm- Virginia, It’s kinda funny that the target audience for fidget spinners lost interest in them so quickly... #dennysdeepthoughts, This Halloween, JBird is Ref-Boyardee or a Chef-a-ree! (10-23-20). Due to a personality clash with Virginia, Marianna decided to leave the show. (06-30-20), Who Would Win In A Blindfolded Race Between Jbird and Suits? (ATS Starts 2Hr 10Mins 18+ Only), What Are Some Old Shows That Don't Pass Today's PC Standards? The list of its authors can be seen in its historical and/or the page Edithistory:The KVJ Show.

family graciously gives me a pass for two things: the gym and Ohio (05-07-20). Get Episode Alerts; Apple Podcasts; Forked Up: A Thug Kitchen Podcast From Trick-or-Treat games to Jbird changing his costume every hour! (10-19-20).

(09-08-20), Think Fast, Random Questions, Movie Taglines Game, Remote Control Cars Can Spy On You

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