While gestating in a tank for sixteen years, 781227 developed abilities that were at least mental, and beyond what was intended by William Kern. Kyle manages to communicate with Stephen's father, William Trager, who is comatose in the hospital. Before they can, Amanda is put in lockdown by her mother, saying that she wants to drop out of the music conservatory. Afterwards, he gets a nose bleed, as Jessi does when she tries too hard to use her powers. Deichman takes him to the school library, where Kyle reads an entire set of encyclopedias.

Declan drives Kyle there, but Kyle is warned away by the same man who has been trailing him from the beginning: Tom Foss. On the season 3 premiere episode, Kyle was able to hover several feet from a puddle in the ground, around fifteen feet. In order to become friends again, Kyle decided to track down the man who broke into the Bloom house to retrieve Amanda's stolen necklace, only to find that Carol Bloom had pawned it. When Kyle wants to tell Declan about his real past, Tom is hollering at him, and the skylight overhead completely shatters and falls around them. Kyle does not sleep for a week and shows no signs of fatigue. When a missing professor and then a skeleton found where Kyle first awoke turn out to be the man in Kyle's dreams, Kyle has to be protected from further involvement with police. Amanda's boyfriend Charlie Tanner sees Kyle making incredibly complicated basketball shots, and he wants Kyle on the team for the championship game. Kyle paced back and forth with Josh trying to come up with an answer about Jessi and when Amanda came to visit, she told him about her schooling.

Il s'avère également attachant et toujours prêt à aider les autres. Kyle eventually does fall asleep, in the shower tub, with white noise on a radio. Inside the cabin, there was not much until they found a secret passage to the basement. Foss is inside, discovering another unknown gestation tank. After climbing onto the roof of the two-story house without a ladder to improve their satellite connection, Kyle gets down by simply jumping off. In the end, Amanda learned about Charlie's cheating during a school poll and got angry with Kyle for not telling her sooner. En France, la traduction a été confiée à Stéphanie Alglave et Cécile Giroldi. As Kyle is jogging through a city park to meet with Tom, he senses something or someone and pauses. Accueil; Tous nos Films ; Toutes nos Séries; Zone Séries; Film2k; Lecture en ligne scans; Kyle XY streaming. Kyle saves Josh from a bully, then takes all the tests in a few minutes with a perfect score. He then must also decipher another coded message, that tells him to not trust Tom. After Kyle and Jessi enter the code then enter a room illuminated in blue light and the sounds of ventilators. His clothes are burned through in many places, but Kyle is without any injury. Stephen suggests picking up the pace, and Kyle runs off faster than a sprinter could. An old man claimed that he had seen them in there a while back, (25 years to be exact) but his granddaughter explained that he just thought they looked familiar. Lori has attempted to befriend a new patient of Nicole's, JessiHollander by inviting her to the dance. It should be noted that this is the first time he used polarity manipulation on another body besides his own.

After hours of trying, Kyle finally managed to "talk" to William and managed to tell Stephen that William did read the letter that he thought William had ripped up and forgotten about. The director Lou Daniels notices that Kyle is strange for more than having no navel, and calls Nicole Trager, whom he knows as a psychotherapist who takes odd cases. He looked up, and there was Adam Baylin. When Toby hits Kyle hard in the chest, Kyle does not move, like a wall. Kyle XY is an American science fiction television series produced by ABC Family.The central character is a teenage boy (Matt Dallas) who awakens naked in a forest outside Seattle, Washington, with no more knowledge or abilities than a newborn and no belly button.He is taken in by a family and given the name Kyle. He very soon shows that he is special by catching a snake as it is striking, then letting it crawl away. Those shown until now are; Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ", he then repeats exactly what Lori had said that day on the phone, which is very embarrassing to her. The Trager kids tried to leave the home but Nicole told them that they were on Lockdown because of Jessi. Kyle reluctantly joined Lori and the other kids to the camping site where the camper was killed, only to discover the ruins of Zzyzx. He took the opportunity to get to know Jessi, managing to read her memories when they held hands, eventually causing the lights to crash. The detective who had worked with Kyle as a Missing Person case brings a couple who claim to be Kyle's real parents. Pour la diffusion, c’est M6 Éditions qui en avait la charge. En Belgique, elle est diffusée à partir du 5 juillet 2008 sur RTL-TVI et depuis le 18 janvier 2010 sur Club RTL. Meanwhile, Kyle does not sleep for over a week--until he finally finds comfort in the bathtub. Those shown until now are; 1. Dès le 20 décembre 2009, la série est remplacée par la série-documentaire Prehistoric ParK, faute d'audience.

He uses the techniques later at Declan McDonough's party while protecting Lori against Officer Wolner. Placé dans un centre de détention pour jeunes délinquants, il rencontre le docteur Nicole Trager, qui, fascinée par les aptitudes de ce jeune homme qu'elle baptise Kyle, décide de l'héberger de façon temporaire, contre l'avis de son mari et de ses deux enfants. Jessi also began to have flashbacks of her violent past.

Later, Kyle continued to train with Tom Foss while simultaneously trying to tell Amanda the truth about Charlie. Kyle brings Jessi back from her self-induced death. Nicole wondered what connection Jessi and Kyle said, but he said to trust him and that it was all for them. After coming across a couple in a tent, he wanders into the nearby city, more amazed at all there is to see.

Kyle counts how many words are left in Nicole's book by flipping the pages. The man who has been watching Kyle from the beginning becomes the security guard for the neighborhood, allowing him access to the house and everything about Kyle's life. He fought back as planned, but CIR began to erase other memories. https://kylexy.fandom.com/wiki/Kyle_Trager?oldid=8360.

Kyle suffers a seizure from the strain, and is taken to the hospital. Amanda sneaks back into Kyle's house, saying she never got on the flight. La série est rediffusée depuis le 2 novembre 2020 sur AB1, du lundi au vendredi à partir de 17h25 et rediffusée le dimanche dès 12h35. : un adolescent (enfant dans D.A.R.Y.L.) Kyle can hover or even walk or run on it. Neither her same-age daughter Lori nor younger son Josh are nice to the stranger in their home, who will be sharing Josh's bedroom. To save him from the dangerous place, she asks to take "Kyle" home as a temporary ward. When Josh tells him "Kyle, speak! When Josh tells him "Kyle, speak! Most dramatically, it has been shown that … Kyle was upset to hear that Amanda was still dating Charlie. Later on, Kyle listened to everyone arguing and suddenly, the noise stopped. Le thème de l'individu « candide » ou « feuille blanche » arrivant adulte d'on ne sait où, sans mémoire et s'imprégnant de ses expériences, fait songer au roman de Robert A. Heinlein En terre étrangère, qui décrit l'intégration dans la société d'un individu de ce type, envoyé sur Terre au titre d'observateur d'une civilisation martienne, et aux Réplicants à la mémoire vierge de toute émotion de Blade Runner, tiré du roman de Philip K. Dick Les androïdes rêvent-ils de moutons électriques ?. Elle ne contient que deux opus s’inspirant de l’univers de la série. For then on, Kyle sleeps in a tub in his room.

He figures out Tom's secret about how his family died by sensing his heart rate and body temperature. To save Tom from falling, Kyle makes the impossible jump from the climbing wall to a ledge. The sleeping pill from Dr. Stone has no effect.

After the dance, while cleaning, Lori is attacked outside and her necklace, a gift from Declan is stolen. Kyle uses his holographic memory to recall the exact weight of the cash tray to discover that it had been short the missing money before Josh had it. Kyle used his polarity manipulation to repel Jessi from the ledge using a puddle which lay under her, to keep her from jumping off in front of a large crowd. Kyle makes a deal with Ballantine to give him the information, but is placed in a holding room since Ballantine already had Jessi.

Kyle then completes the hours of tests in thirty minutes, with what Nicole suggests will be a perfect score. The training began to take it's toll on Kyle's relationships. Amanda's mother warns Nicole to keep Kyle away; but Amanda seems to like him. Kyle ventured into Jessi's mind and took back the information, leaving Ballantine no choice but to release Jessi and strap Kyle into Cir. He had flashbacks which seemed like old home movie reels, of his early life and Kern's betrayal, only to discover that it was Brian Taylor and not Tom Foss that had also betrayed Adam Baylin. Il y rencontre la psychiatre Nicole Trager, qui décide de le ramener chez elle, au grand désespoir de ses deux enfants, Lori et John, et même de son mari. During the series, Kyle discovers and develops many abilities. Kyle draws real scenes with photographic accuracy, by making pixel-like dots of color. Josh decides to keep a list of things that prove Kyle is an alien lost from space, while Nicole tries to help him find his past.

At the dance Kyle and Amanda dance together and were about to kiss just as Jessi blew out the lights when her sister, Emily attempts to drag her away from the dance. Un jeune homme se réveille, entièrement nu, près de Viktor Falls, dans la forêt non loin de Seattle. Kyle XY est une série télévisée américaine en 43 épisodes de 42 minutes, créée par Eric Bress et J. Mackye Gruber et diffusée entre le 26 juin 2006 et le 16 mars 2009 sur ABC Family. This video is unavailable. At dinner at the Tragers', because he is thirsty he repeats exactly what he had heard in the Juvenile Detention Center: a rude command to "Juice me!" Kyle sees Toby Neuwirth push Josh into the wall on the big stairs and then slap him. De nombreux éléments de la série sont similaires à ceux présents dans le film D.A.R.Y.L. Kyle connects with Jessi when she is in the CIR, and is able to convince her to transfer the Zzyzx information back to him.

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