He who does not know about loves, Llorona, He does not know what martyrdom is. Our archive is totally free and at your disposal. He that doesn't know of, doesn't know of loved ones, Llorona понЯл. Malheur à ma pleureuse, pleureuse, pleureuse, Mène-moi à la rivière. The author of translation requested proofreading. I don't know what it is about the flowers, Llorona. Due to lack of time and people, many translations are done with the automatic translator. Translation of 'La Llorona' by Carmen Goett (Carmen Elizabeth Gómez Jiménez) from Spanish to English The author of translation requested proofreading.

Oh my God, Llorona, Llorona, Llorona, from a field of lilies. Traduction La Llorona - Rosalia Malheur à ma pleureuse, pleureuse, pleureuse, Mène-moi à la rivière. So they are lyrics and translations of. Below you will find lyrics, music video and translation of La Llorona - Chavela Vargas in various languages. А перевод-то не понравился что ли? You where leaving a temple one day, Llorona. The music video with the song's audio track will automatically start at the bottom right. The album is composed by 7 songs. Так-с, начнём-с Enjoy! I feel that these are much more reflective of the actual translation. Many Lyrics and Translations. Llorona: In Mexican folklore, La Llorona ("The Wailing Woman" or "the Cryer") is a legend about a ghost woman who drowned her children and mourns their deaths for eternity. About how when they're moved by the wind, Llorona. I felt that the other translations lacked the essence of the legend (or curse) of La Llorona and were not true to the actual lyrical meanings of Angela Aguilar's version of the song. Или ... Ani Lorak - Страдаем и любим (Stradayem i lyubim). Two kisses that I keep in my soul, Llorona, (Cover me with your scarf, Llorona, because,). What would not be my sorrows, weeping woman. La Llorona (English translation) Artist: Rosalía Also performed by: Natalia Lafourcade , Chavela Vargas , Raphael (España) , Yolanda Martínez , Lila Downs , Susana Harp , Joan Baez , Óscar Chávez You can click on the songs to see the corresponding lyrics and translations: The Translation of La Llorona - Chavela Vargas in English and the original Lyrics of the Song.

Lyrics were reformatted, make any necessary changes to your translations. Llorona, from a field of lilies. Chavela Vargas has published a new song entitled 'La Llorona' taken from the album 'De Mexico y del Mundo' published on Sunday 1 November 2020 and we are pleased to show you the lyrics and the translation. Don't believe that because I sing, weeping woman, Uhh, weeping woman, weeping woman, weeping woman, Uhh, weeping woman, weeping woman, weeping woman, weeping woman. Oh, from me weeping woman, weeping woman, are, weeping woman, the flowers of the holy field, I don't know what the flowers are, weeping woman, the flowers of the holy field. You were wearing such a beautiful huipil, He that doesn't know of, doesn't know of loved ones, Llorona, He that doesn't know, doesn't know of loved ones, Llorona. When the wind shake the flowers, Llorona Parece que están llorando They seem they're crying “ Ay, de mí Llorona, Llorona, Llorona — Ángela Aguilar Multiple variations exist, as is common in oral tradition.

Вот тута не могу правильно ... ОК, тогда предлагаю сначала обсудить чуть ... Kazem Al-Saher - مدينة الحب (Madinat al-Hob), Gretchen Wilson - When I Think About Cheatin'. Woe to me Llorona, Llorona, Llorona of a lily field.

To improve the translation you can It means that he/she will be happy to receive corrections, suggestions etc

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