The Greyhound Lab mix combines the famous racing Greyhound dog with the even more famous Labrador Retriever breed..

The history of the Greyador in particular is still quite new.

With a harness, he can learn to counterbalance me as needed; he’s heavy enough, but I worry because we have continuous snow cover Nov. – March/April. Although not definite, a Greyador may inherit or develop health problems at some point during their lifetime. You can generally expect a friendly and non-aggressive dog, especially with proper training from an early age.

These days Labradors are far more likely to be family pets than working dogs, but they have remained popular due to their genial good temper. Like any breed, there are a number of health problems that could affect a Labrador. Our experts have some product recommendations: If you’re not certain about a Greyador mix, here are some other mixes to consider: Greyador shelters are hard to find, so look at organizations that specialize in the parent breeds.

These are only averages. So, it may not be the best option for homes with other small pets. Labs and Greyhounds have histories as sporting and working dogs. They’re less motivated by food, and quicker to get bored and distracted during training. Less experienced dog owners can benefit from formal training classes like puppy kindergarten so that their dogs get a good foundation from an early age. The gentle and athletic Greyhound has been admired for centuries. Greyhound Lab Mix puppies are not as common as some other Lab mixes like the Labradoodle, so be patient and take your time researching reputable breeders. Their bodies are “S-shaped,” with a deep-chest swooping back to high-cut hips. Expect your full grown Greyador to weigh between 60-80 pounds for males and 55-75 pounds for females. Coursing for sport developed in England during the mid-1500s.

Their size is more predictable than many crosses. But, to get a better idea of where this combination has come from, we can take a look at the two parent breeds.

There’s a lot of work still to do when you get them home! A Greyador might more closely resemble its Greyhound or Labrador parent. Before you fall in love with an individual puppy, make sure you understand all the possible health conditions associated with both the Labrador Retriever and Greyhound breeds. Additionally, some breeds have health issues related to their size, conformation, or pedigree. That way, whatever combination of qualities reveal themselves as your puppy grows up, you shouldn’t be disappointed! Who’s right in this debate? The combination of these two breeds results in a desirable temperament for a family dog, keeping in mind small children and small pets! Learn how your comment data is processed.

“Your Lab Breed Information Center.” The Labrador Site, 2018. They were bred to hunt small game using sight and speed.

They’re also very food motivated.

A Deletion in the N-Myc Downstream Regulated Gene 1 (NDRG1) Gene in Greyhounds with Polyneuropathy, Puppy Parties and Beyond: The Role of Early Age Socialization Practices on Adult Dog Behavior, Longevity and Mortality of Owned Dogs in England, When Do Labradors Mature? In the early 1600s, the ancestors of today’s Labs worked alongside fisherman retrieving nets from chilly waters and hauling fish carts. The average male Labrador Retriever is 65-80 pounds; female Labs are 55-70 pounds. But with patience, it’s only a matter of when, not if you’ll get there. Pippa Mattinson is the best selling author of The Happy Puppy Handbook, the Labrador Handbook, Choosing The Perfect Puppy, and Total Recall. What does a Labrador Greyhound mix look like? If you have small children, teach them how to properly interact with a Greyhound in addition to socializing the dog to the kids.

Greyhounds are long dogs – they have pointy dolicocephalic faces, long thin tails, and they carry very little body fat. John’s Dog.”. Canine genetic experts report several potentially serious conditions seen in Greyhounds. Very high prey drive – may not be suitable to live with smaller pets, or walk off leash. The Greyhound is often still used in this controversial sport. Greyhounds are the fastest dog breed and can reach speeds of 35 miles per hour. When selecting a breeder, ask about the parent dogs’ and puppies’ health. And when they’re old enough for formal training, our Dogsnet training courses will help you harness the best of their Labrador and Greyhound sides. A lot of Greyhounds are white with colored markings (parti-colored). You can learn more about this issue in our article on purebred vs mutt. But, today’s “designer” Lab mixes are more likely to be the result of the planned mixing between a Lab and another purebred dog. Both the Labrador Retriever and Greyhound dog breeds have known genetic health issues that potential Lab Greyhound mix owners should know about. Work with your vet to determine a well-balanced diet with all the proper nutritional requirements for a Greyador. Interestingly, the all-dog median lifespan is just over 11 years, so that puts Greyadors bang on average! Solid black, yellow, and chocolate are the only officially recognized Lab colors. A Greyador will be friendly, social, and loving. She had been abandoned in the country and was starving. The resulting dogs are sometimes referred to as “designer dogs.”.

Greyhound Lab Mix.

According to a 2013 study by O’Neill (et al), the average lifespan of Labrador Retrievers is 12.5 years, but the average lifespan of the Greyhound is only 10.8 years. Exactly how and when they became distinct from other sighthound breeds is uncertain, but they were already long established by the time breed registries became fashionable in the 19th century. So let’s look at Greyador temperament and trainability next. Here’s a quick look at everything we will cover in this guide. Known as the Greyador to some, Greyhound Lab mix dogs are medium to large in size. Dogs like Labradors and Greyhounds were bred to excel at specific tasks, and the best way to offer them a good quality of life is to continue giving them an outlet for those things we created them to do in the first place. Male Dog Names – The Top 50 Names For 2019.

It causes muscle weakness, an odd gait, and an intolerance for exercise. Your email address will not be published.

Why Do Puppies Cry At Night – How To Restore The Peace, What Is A Halti? Today, Labradors are not just popular family companions.

Greyhounds have a smooth, short coat. But the appearance of a Greyador with a brindle coat is much more ambiguous. Please advise. You will need a fenced yard for a Greyador to play in. So all Greyhounds should be tested for prey drive before being introduced into homes with small animals like cats. This includes small animals, such as cats.

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It will be short, but whether it is dense and sheds frequently depends on if the puppies favor the Lab parent.

What happens when you put these two breeds together?

Veterinary care, exercise, and diet contribute to a Greyador’s health. Our Puppy Search Guide will help with your search and answer important questions. Interested in acquiring a Greyhound Labrador mix puppy from a breeder? The Greyhound’s aerodynamic body was built for speed.

Getting a dog is a lifetime commitment, so be sure your new Greyhound Lab mix is as healthy as possible.

But, their body shape, and the length and color of their coat, can vary a lot between individuals. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? Some colors are more popular, such as black and black brindle. Your email address will not be published. But it’s important to remember that your dog can inherit any combination of the Lab and Greyhound temperaments. A chase instinct is highly possible in this mixed breed. Socializing puppies can reduce aggression and fearfulness in adult dogs of any breed. They are very muscular, and have very long, whip-like tails. Once in England, hunters used Labradors as waterfowl retrievers. The Labrador Retriever breed was founded in the UK, using dogs from Canada. A Greyador is an excellent option for a family dog! The physical traits of mixed breed puppies are hard to predict. Training and socializing a Greyhound to a cat is possible but may be challenging. Some working Labs are pretty quick themselves, but show Labs tend to be a bit heavier on their feet. But what does a Greyhound Lab mix look like? So, they will benefit from regular exercise and training. The Labrador Site: Accessories & Supplies, Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England. “Evaluation of risk factors for degenerative joint disease associated with hip dysplasia in German Shepherd Dogs, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, and Rottweilers.” Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 2001. For Greyador puppies, there should be a particular emphasis on small animals and very young children. Greyhound Lab mix. As a sporting breed, they have a high desire to work and please their owner.

This means they are generally very responsive to positive reinforcement training, and pick up new commands quickly. And, make sure you’re happy with any combination of their characteristics. Today, Greyhounds are bred mostly for show. A Greyador certainly won’t be a slow dog, but it’s impossible to predict in advance how quickly they’ll be able to run. Labrador Retriever cross breeds are becoming more and more popular among dog lovers. They’ve held the top spot in America for 28 years in a row.

Don't miss out on the perfect companion to life with a purrfect friend. Here are some of the common health issues with each parent breed. Outdoors, they are likely to have a high prey drive, and enjoy chasing things.

Can I buy high traction booties for him?

et al.

National Greyhound Adoption Program (PA, USA), Dog Ramps For Cars, Beds, Stairs and More.

Nowadays it’s trained to chase a lure on a racecourse. So the Labrador is instantly recognisable, and the Greyhound has inspired generations of painters and sculptors. But, it’s a good general idea of how long a Labrador Greyhound mix will be in your family. If you’re ready to bring a Greyador into your life, check shelters. Shih Tzu Chihuahua Mix – Is This A Good Family Dog? The black Lab and Greyhound mix is an especially popular cross breed, but many colors and markings are possible.

You’ll also need a fenced yard or at least a fenced dog park to visit. Labrador Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds. Just like their appearance, the temperament of all mixed breed dogs can be any combination of the traits of either parent breed. Greyhounds’ prey drive is off the scale – the impulse to chase anything small and furry is deeply hardwired into them, and the signal from their eyes goes straight to their feet, without consulting their brain in between. Not only will some Greyadors be more natural born sprinters than others, there can be a lot of variation even between siblings. How To Stop My Dog From Barking In The Morning. If you bring home a Greyhound Lab mix puppy, you won’t find out until they are mostly grown up. This uniquely aerodynamic, active dog requires regular exercise but can maintain a status as a house dog quite happily. However, behaviorists generally agree that it’s nearly impossible to train a Greyhound out of chasing smaller animals. Reputable breeders are concerned about the overall health of the breeds of dog they work with and would not knowingly sell puppies afflicted with a serious medical condition. The sport of Greyhound racing—purely for speed—originated in the early 1900s. Smith, Gail K. VMD.

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