It didn’t take a rocket scientist to quickly realize that Doug Stroud had that special “something” when it came to catching Lake Erie yellow perch. He finds them by zigzagging as slow as 2 mph until his graph lights up. Perch are ninjas in the water, they will rob your hooks of their bait and you will not even realize they did. There’s the chance of being broken off by an occasional Lake Erie 10 pound or heavier walleye while bottom bouncing for yellows. Pier perch fishing Lake Erie is a wonderful way to catch bucket loads of jack perch. All my perch rods and the rods used by my fishing partners are just that, ultra light or light action. Everyone knows that yellow perch love one of Lake Erie’s most abundant baitfish, emerald shiners. Captain Moses makes everyone feel like a part of his family. He ties two #2 jig hooks directly to his line. The 200-angler field with be chasing a total of $1.3 million. That allows for faster adjustments. That’s often around rock piles and rock edges, simply because gobies — a favorite food of yellow perch — congregate there. Tied snells should measure no longer than 8 inches in length. This means less fish lost and more in your freezer. Lake Erie Yellow Perch fishing It’s summer on Lake Erie and yellow perch fishing is turning on. A hot spot this week has been the area around Green Island, the Catawba Peninsula, southwest and north of Kelleys Island, and around the Toledo Lighthouse to the west. Fishing from the Boat. At present, three of my favorite lightweight are standing at attention in my rod rack and waiting for action. Walleye are hitting diving plugs weighed down with 2 ounce barrel sinkers and run behind diving planers, as well as double spinner nightcrawler harnesses. Use these tactics in the article and you will catch fish, also remember they are great eating and fun to catch. “As long as you’re not ripping that fish you hook back, the other fish see that perch fighting and they think he’s on something. At other times, early in spring especially, Fonzi hunts perch by following warm water. A half minnow will catch just as big a perch as a whole minnow and they are harder for the jumbos to steal. Lake Erie’s bottom is notorious for rock reefs that love to claim lead bell sinkers, hooks and swivels. This weight has a wire eye at the top of it, which can be easily snapped onto the crappier rig. And in Great Lakes waters, like Erie, that can be tough. Once the fish are marked, use the same tactics as you would from fishing from the pier. He, too, starts every outing at familiar haunts. Bandits continue to rule in the diving plug category, while diving planers and trolling spoons and nightcrawler harnesses are also catching lots of walleye. Caught from a Harford County farm pond in 2006.• New Jersey: 2 pounds, 6 ounces. If you didn’t have the foresight to preserve your own bait, there are other options. Some may question the idea of tying the bottom snell directly to the sinker, but trust me it’s true! They are the Fenwick HMG-53L, the Fenwick HMX-60L2-IM7 and a special rod built for me by Gary Loomis on one of his top line North Fork Composite blanks model number S562-HM. On the Canadian side of Lake Erie there is a very liberal day limit. Set this up on your line and perch are only a cast away. He spends a lot of time on Lake Erie in New York, typically from Buffalo south to Dunkirk. Study of deeper Great Lakes show sport fish population is suffering. Even big perch can be considered small fish. Caught from Presque Isle Bay in 2016.• New York: 3 pounds, 8 ounces. Help fund crucial watchdog journalism. This will generally be a giant school of perch. When you are getting out fished by someone like Stroud, it’s a smart move to play follow the leader. Once the bait has been taken, set the hook and reel in your catch. Perch Fishing Lake Erie from a boat is an effective way to target perch. Lake Erie Perch Fishing Charters  April thru November. The rig itself, is comprised of a five foot length of 12– to 15-pound Maxima fluorocarbon leader material, two size number 4 or number 6 Tru Turn 853Z3 blood red bait holder hooks, a lead bell sinker that varies in weight from ½-  to 1-ounce and a micro barrel swivel. They don’t like to sit in the mud,” he noted. Lake Erie Charter Fishing boats on the U.S. & Canadian waters of Lake Erie. “I like to flip them into the boat, get them off the hook, and hopefully there’s still enough minnow there that I can get it back into the water as fast as possible,” he said. “Because a lot of the time, those fish will come up and inhale that bait and then they’ll sit there. This method of fishing perch is extremely effective in the bay. No one better at finding the perch. The smaller walleye are generally being caught closer to shore than their bigger brothers and sisters, feeding on the huge schools of small gizzard shad that have recently moved to the shallows. By the time I had the image framed and focus adjusted, Doug’s setup of lead sinker, minnows and hooks had settled momentarily on bottom. Where are the yellow perch? A simple Google search for “brine for preserving shiners” will result in plenty of how-to recipes for salting your own shiners. Those in the know, might wonder just why I would spend a week’s salary on that hand tied perch combo North Fork Composite rod and the Daiwa reel. Caught from Lake Winnebago in 1954.• Indiana: 2 pounds, 8 ounces. Most shiners are caught by lighting up the water at night and then netting the shiners that swim into the light. These graphites measure from 5 to 6 feet in length. Panfish • Put a 1-ounce weight on the end of your line and tie a drop-shot hook 6- to 18-inches above the weight with a palomar knot. Perch Fishing Lake Erie can produce some of the biggest perch you have ever caught. Wilt and Simion checked in a limit of five bass weighing 16 pounds, 1 ounce to earn the BGSU bass club $2,000 and qualify them to compete in the 2021 College Fishing National Championship. “Then you fish up and down.”. Also keep in mind that you’ll need to use non-target fish that are caught legally and are of legal size. This rig works, and you will see many others having the same set-up as you. Lake Erie and tributaries The fall winds have not been kind to Lake Erie boaters. He wants an outfit that drops fast and is strong enough to rip fish in. The yellow perch fishing is finally starting to wake up around the Western Basin of Lake Erie, with limit catches reported around the fringe of the Lake Erie Firing Zone in the Port Clinton area. Ohio is also requiring out-of-state anglers coming to fish Lake Erie to quarantine for 14 days at a home or hotel if they’re coming from states reporting positive COVID-19 testing rates of 15% or higher. Using perch spreaders or perch rigs with live or frozen emerald shiners are the best bait. A variety of trolling techniques are finding success, with anglers using barrel sinkers or diving planers to take lures to hungry walleye. Kent State University’s Tanner Ward of Coshocton, Ohio, finished fifth with five bass weighing 14 pounds, 13 ounces. The hot areas for catching perch, including many 30-fish limits of 8- to 10-inchers, have been the Lake Erie Firing Zone off Port Clinton and Camp Perry, and the waters north of Kelleys Island. But so, too, do inland lakes.Record-size fish can and do come from anywhere. We recommend that you update your browser to the latest version. Factors that make shiners tough to catch include clear moonlit nights with lots of ambient light that reduces the ability of netters to attract the shiners, along with other lake condition issues such as thick algae blooms that reduce the water’s clarity or wind that makes it too rough to go out at night and catch shiners. Here is what I like to use to harvest these fish: The Eagle Claw Crappie Rig is a great system to use. Fishermen need to wear masks, follow social distancing. Sometimes they need some action on the bait before they will hit. That’s especially important when, at a popular spot, they might find themselves surrounded by 50 to 70 other boats. Caught from Lake Independence in 1947.• Minnesota: 3 pounds, 4 ounces. This will give you an initial point to adjust your line. This rig works, and you will see many others having the same set-up as you. If you happen to be using frozen minnows because live ones are hard to find, keep them frozen in a small cooler and just bring them out as you use them. Don’t use an undersized sport fish for bait! The best depths for walleye this week off Lorain, Cleveland and Fairport Harbor have been in the 48- to 52-foot range, with walleye generally suspending at about 30 feet. As temperatures rise, game fish usually scatter and are difficult to catch. But to that he adds only ¼-ounce sinkers so that he can feel bites. Fisheries biologists had reported perch changing their feeding patterns because of a lack of shiner minnows in the shallows. Foni said for every 150 perch he gets then, he expects 15 to 20 will be longer than 14 inches, and one or two will exceed 15. And they will come right up to the boat. When you’re really catching them good, rig up a second rod and try some of the baits or techniques mentioned above. While emerald shiner minnows are the top bait for yellow perch, some bait shops had emptied their tanks months ago because of the poor fishing for perch. Caught from Lake Plantagenet in 1945.• Wisconsin: 3 pounds, 4 ounces. The perch will be larger in the early spring, than they will be in mid-summer. The weight ranges can vary depending on how deep you fish, and how far you need to cast. Warming waters of Lake Erie send big walleye, steelhead trout deeper. “It seems you’ve got to spend some time to find that school of perch that’s going to keep me and whoever’s with me busy enough. When it comes to line and deep water Erie perch, super lines and braids are a must. Well, the answer is simple. Remember that it is still most important to find a big school of perch with your electronics. While shallow Lake Erie is not having big problems, the deeper Great Lakes — Superior, Huron, Michigan and Ontario — are experiencing a near-shore algae feast while offshore sport fish go hungry, according to a new report from the International Joint Commission of the U.S. and Canada, and the Great Lakes Fishery Commission.

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