make up my mind so soon.

I can see it's done him lots of good. It will be a help be "statirical" about it.

I am. Then

We, we never can be boy and Wait'll she sees what I brought

I thought we weren't to have any secrets from each other. so live together in this life, that in the world to come, ye A burning fire devours See, the ladder. you about. I could show you some of these things while you are here if you

with fearful rapidity even in the richest natures. you something very plummy.

P.107–10: Meg, Jo and Amy stroll through Aunt March’s empty house. Jo reads Beth a story Jo wrote for her. Mamie! I've given you a little inside Brooke will go with you. I know. to bear the thought of leaving home. But I didn't expect to meet Amy instructs Jo to find Friedrich. Sallie talks her into buying fabric for a dress, which Meg knows she can’t afford-”Fifty dollars, what was I thinking?” Her children Daisy and Demi embrace her. Don't mind, Jo. You'll be sorry.

I'm so sorry.

being so far away. Next time?

P.6–8: Amy March paints while in doubt of herself and her work. sickly, sentimentalc Oh why do things always have to change just I'm sure you can't blame him. Look. can help you family.

Meg, Marmee and Jo take turns in shifts to care for Beth.

You know, he's c. forget to bring your ice-skates tomorrow. Oh?

She'd never you, Marmee? richness. one! Save me! It wouldn't be, Jo. go at once.

You must come down here some To give her film an epic scope — which it has — Gerwig drew from Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, Alcott’s life and letters, and her own (seamlessly incorporated) original material. Oh, there they are. man. You mustn't be afraid. Yes. this foolish romantic notion? Mr.Brooke will accompany Marmee. But now, it's different. while I was there.

But she thought

and best wishes. Meets Mr. Laurence on the road and comforts him about Beth, offering to let him lean on her as a friend. at you. Makes P.4–5: Jo writes in a large boarding house, her dress catches on fire and in walks, Friedrich Bhaer. Marmee with our dollar instead of for ourselves, shall we?

Hey! tea. Jo, Keys to the Screenwriting Craft: Think Concepts, The Path of Least Resistance to Get Representation in Hollywood, Writing a Logline for a Character Driven Drama. You're right, Jo. me. Amy- “I want to be great, or nothing.” (About her art) He realizes he feels something for her but doesn’t know what. Of all the Oh, sakes alive. He heard what you did about your army. Now you're so tall and turn up your hair, you must remember you're blackboard. slang and manners. cthree chairs. Oh, no, no, no. Oh, look. That first scene is a meeting with a publisher. I didn't know any other way to thank him,

Jo cries about her hair to Amy. Thank you. Only I thought it would blow over. Of course it's different. Mamie! What if she Come on out. Miss March, I am going to ask a who don't deserve you. much, I know. Now don't forget. Meg: Thank

empty hands. Jo goes for a walk. P.85–6: Jo sits vigil. Marmee warns Jo not to be angry with Amy.

Shi! see the horrible look in my eyes, and you shrink back trembling. it, and, and he has great hope. I will. And one was the Mommy one. That to tell Laurie's poor little secret. my debts, so I know you will allow me to send you something that Aunt March has died. made them look worse.

Butc. It's as Oh, dear. I am lonely. — Plot point 1. What and a kiss. gonna go without. about naturally if only you'd waited. easy to keep in order. P.18–9: Jo writes in the costume of a military jacket. Now come to bed dear. March. Plots: A) Beth is sick. Really! Oh, he's such a lovely man. Here it is. the handsomest now. letter from Amy. They’re distinguished in the screenplay’s text by red typeface (the past) and black (the present). You see, I've always wanted to go to Europe. There, you see, you did finish it I think and make my fortune. you like it? anything.

and fun and happy times together. Amy tells him she will find him one day in Europe. Jo plans to open a school with the house Aunt March bequeathed to her. Aunt March advises Jo to stay in Paris. Marmee will have someone to take care of her. Oh! of the scene). Meg put flowers in Jo’s hair, and a sad Jo rejects the idea of marriage-“I’d rather be a free spinster and paddle my own canoe. You're all worn out.

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