One solution is Wildflower Farm’s short meadow mix which includes Prairie Dropseed and June Grass and an excellent selection of shorter wildflowers. Maryland native meadow seeds are not commercially available, so establishment with native plant plugs is recommended. I’ve already been experimenting with some sedges–pennsylvania, ivory, plantain, as well as a few others. It grows to 6 inches tall and produces pink or white flowers in April-June. Getting rid of all the grass and planting a new ground covering, even in a small area, is not a small project. If moss is growing in your lawn, it is a sign that the area is unsuitable for turfgrass. Use fluid materials such as gravel. Groundcovers need an edge barrier to contain them. Have you considered moss? and reducing the size of your lawn may be desirable if you: spread but do not grow tall, so no mowing and little maintenance is necessary. Photo: University of Maryland Extension, Moss phlox (Phlox subulata) is a native groundcover suitable for dry sunny slopes and rock gardens. This could be in the form of a garden “island” in your yard or a border along a driveway or sidewalk. For years, grass seed has benefited from the addition of clover, which fertilizes soil by … Yellow indiangrass (Sorghastrum nutans) provides year-round ornamental interest and needs to be cut back just once each year. Gravel is an ideal lawn alternative, being easy to use and suitable … I’ve been growing golden ragwort–Packera aurea, native violets, and many other wildflowers in my beds, so it’s just a matter of transplanting a few to see how they do. Options for turf removal include: Your yard is your private space, but it is also part of the world. Synthetic grass, also known as artificial grass or turf, is viable as an alternative to grass lawns. challenging to grow in Maryland’s climate, . Photo: C. CarignanTry gardening with a theme: Native plants are among the very best choices for turf alternatives. Perennial evergreen ground covers, with time, can choke out weeds. Although a bane to many homeowners who desire “perfect” lawns, white clover (pictured at the top) is a great substitution or addition to turf. I want to transform our lawn but don’t know exactly how. Yes, especially the first few years, but a good layer of pine fines as mulch really helps! They don’t have any benefit for pollinators, however. There are other beautiful options for residential landscapes that require a similar amount of maintenance and provide additional benefits. They can be very attractive, with a soft, lush look to them, especially when mown high. Grass not growing well under a tree? If you already have moss in your lawn, encourage it to spread naturally. This is a self-sustaining condition that is a good alternative to clearing the trees to start a lawn. In fact, in some cases, you’ll see a return on investment before the growing season is even over! Fish & Wildlife Service, Lawn Gone! (more extreme weather events) make a compelling case to think differently about lawns and how to manage our land more sustainably. Lawn watering accounts for one-third of all urban water use.

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