Money well spent. Quick and cheap and gave me everything about the car that I was looking for, this was the first time using this but it was great.

Unfortunately, sometimes you get scammed so severely that the only answer is to seek the legal help of an attorney with experience in used car buying and selling laws in your state. While an interested buyer may want a VIN report prior to purchasing your vehicle, check out the site yourself and research it on Also, you might consider contacting your state's attorney general, who is the state's chief legal advisor and law enf1rcement entity. Scam search × powered by. There are several ways you can handle used car buying scams. Protect yourself by doing a little research on some of the most common kinds of used car buying scams out there before you buy a car. There are numerous reputable websites that exist to help consumers share experiences and encourage—or warn—others about businesses practices. My credit card company informed me within 4 days a recurring charge of $18.95 showed up on my account and wanted to know if it was correct. car dealers posing as private sellers to avoid national and state regulations related to buying and selling cars. Kelley Blue Book (KBB). I couldn't read one of the vin numbers and they ran the report twice just to make sure I was satisfied and had the information that I needed. A title washing scam is one that You can help protect yourself against VIN cloning scams by looking for matching registration and title information as well as using common sense such as being wary of private sellers with no fixed addresses. BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community and our consumers throughout this crisis. Find the BBB near you and check out the programs and services offered for consumers and businesses. Although digital odometers were once thought to be less susceptible to tampering, they're actually just as easy to manipulate. Will recommend to others. Simply put, legitimate certified used cars can sell for more than their uncertified counterparts; therefore, maybe more—have owned this car. I call legalcarlookup and told them I did not order there $18.95 service and to cancel it. Unfortunately, independent sellers are often targets of current scams. You call the dealership, get an extremely low quote, visit the dealership to look at (and possibly fall in love with) the vehicle, Whenever possible, ask for vehicle maintenance records for the used car you're considering, and try to match up the recordings to the actual current odometer reading. do all business face to face, including the exchange of money.

Research the network to find out exactly what happens if you get scammed. You want to know exactly what you're getting. Insurance carriers, salvage yards, and junk yards are required by federal law to report specific information to NMVTIS. This one's too easy. Some of the sources of information BBB relies on are temporarily unavailable. When a seller pulls an escrow scam, he's directed you to International Association of Better Business Bureaus, Information from a vehicle's current title, Information about the status of the vehicle, such as whether it’s been classified as “junk,” “salvage” or “flood”, Reports of the vehicle being transferred or sold to an auto recycler, junk yard, or salvage yard, Check or money order sent for more than the price of the vehicle. © 1999 - 2020 DMV.ORG. I was given a cancelation number and told the $18.95 would be refunded with in 5-10 days. You've already flagged this retta 1 review. A vehicle history report gives you information about past ownership, accident history, flood and other natural disaster damage, faulty odometer settings, and even whether the vehicle was determined to be a lemon. Odometer Fraud An odometer fraud scam occurs when someone has tampered with a vehicle's odometer to make it look as if the vehicle has lower mileage . I like this service. Often, these dealers will post advertisements selling the vehicles as if they are the owners themselves. Handy report, more inclusive than Carfax, offers build info and codes as well just with a vin number. Basically, this refers to purchasing a stolen car. All Rights Reserved. Need help getting started? In addition to the vehicle report scam, be sure to look out for these common warning signs: Check or money order sent for more than the price of the vehicle… Contact the manufacturer to find out if that specific vehicle still has an active warranty, and ask for any additional warranty information specific to the vehicle. Reply. I ordered the $1 look up for a car I was thinking of buying. Took a bit of time … Protect yourself from this scam by understanding that SCAM!!

Subscribe to BBB’s Scam Alert emails for weekly updates on the latest scams. everything i needed to know. I went on-line to check a vehicle VIN #, similar to CarFax, but just for a dollar! easy and fast...and clear all yuor need at lowes cost. Even better was the cost; $1 as opposed to $39.95 for Carfax and much greater detail. Gentleman politely refunded my charges (in 3-5 days). BBB remains operational and focused on serving our business community. Buying a car is an exciting time, sure, but it can bring a lot of stress, too... especially buying a used car. Read more. This is the biggest SCAM and if it had not been for my card company notifying me in such a timely manner they would have gotten away with it. While this might be the case sometimes, other times warranties have been voided due to issues such as accidents, modifications, commercial use, and other factors. Some of these scam sites may simply be a way to steal $20 from unsuspecting customers. I was amazed at the detail and thoroughness of the vehicle history report I received instantly. Sometimes, private sellers advertise their late model vehicles as still having active factory warranties. Perhaps the best way to avoid an escrow scam is to

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