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imaginable degree, area of Hughes states that America is supposed to be a place of equality for everyone including both white and colored people. It was on a train journey through Depression-struck America in 1935 that inspired him to pen this classic plea for a resurgence of the true American spirit. The land that’s mine—the poor man’s, Indian’s, Negro’s.

In this lesson, we'll explore his poem, 'Let America Be America Again', and the meaning behind his words.

Whose hand at the foundry, whose plow in the rain. Langston Hughes’ compelling poem, Let America Be America Again, discusses an essential reality of the American history: the intrinsic contradiction in the ‘American Dream’. Why is that? Langston Hughes’ compelling poem, Let America Be America Again, discusses an essential reality of the American history: the intrinsic contradiction in the ‘American Dream’. "Let America Be America Again" relies heavily on the use of figurative language, or figures of speech that add interest and meaning to a text. People from Old Europe, many from Africa, all set out for a new life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (Thomas Jefferson).

Euphony and cacophony are also used so as to express tenderness and beauty on the one hand or harshness and discontent on the other. '', To unlock this lesson you must be a Member. The poem explores the darker areas of life, the history of exploitation for example, and outlines the unique struggles of the poor who make up America, both black and white.

The poem thus begins by deploring the loss of the American Dream and the virginal beginnings of the continent, thus mimicking the commonplace view of modern America. Let America Be America Again By Langston Hughes The first section is comprised of stanzas one through six. How about make it original at only $13.9/page? Many Americans during this time felt the American Dream was just an illusion because they can never get the opportunity to make it their reality. For the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden, the reality of day to day existence makes the dream a cruel illusion.

The rhyme and the rhythm of the poem are irregular, effectively presenting the alternations of tone, from the apparently detached voice to the impassionate one.

Same goes for freedom. One of these is the proud American flag, with its starred pattern symbolizing the constitution established by the first seven states on the continent.

It's almost a call to rise up and take back what belongs to the many and not the few. I am the red man driven from the land, I am the immigrant clutching the hope I seek-- And finding only the same old stupid plan of dog eat, The poem “Let America Be America Again” (658) is written by a famous writer by the name of Langston Hughes who is knowledgeable in American literature. What literary devices does Langston Hughes use in "Let America Be America Again"? In the poem, Hughes says that for him and millions of others, the supposed ideals of America and the American dream have not been attainable, and that the powerful have oppressed and discriminated against the weak. A critical look at Will Kymlicka's article, "Being Canadian". The grabbed land and gold, but until you put some kind of rhetorical device in your speech you will change very few minds. The quatrains each have an ABAB rhyme scheme, and the shorter stanzas have the same end rhyme. The initial emphasis on absolute equality of rights in America is for instance translated in a metaphor: “Equality is in the air we breathe.”(Hughes) The metaphor thus points to the essential life of the American Dream: democracy.

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"Let America Be America Again" reflects the many influences in Hughes's poetry - from the expansive work of Whitman to street language, from jazz rhythm to the steady iambic lines of earlier black poets such as Paul Laurence Dunbar. Hughes’s poetry often reflects the rhythms of blues and jazz music and celebrates black American culture. Publication followed in the Esquire magazine and Hughes went on to become a noted if controversial figure in the world of black literature, following his earlier work in the so-called Harlem Renaissance, an upbeat black artistic movement peaking in the 1920s. However, as the poem proceeds, the initial affirmations are counteracted by the ones in the parentheses, where the tone shifts to a bitter and even accusatory one. 6 Let America be the dream the dreamers dreamed—. Yet, by the end of the poem, Hughes takes a more upbeat tone, saying: ''America never was America to me, And yet I swear this oath--America will be!'' Create your account.

The theme is developed in a complex pattern.


For I’m the one who left dark Ireland’s shore. Site is owned and operated by Academic Resources Center, Review of Acuna's Work on Occupied America, Johnson, Wanita. lessons in math, English, science, history, and more. Let America Be America Again ‘Let America Be America Again’ is a poem inspired by the political happenings in America.

Alternating rhyme, repetition and alliteration are all at play in this the first stanza, almost a song lyric.

Look out for the 'open' end lines which encourage the reader to not pause but go on straight into the next line. The poorest worker bartered through the years. In this context, the symbol serves as a powerful effect, pointing to the way in which the wronged or persecuted individual casts a veil over the stars on the flag: “And who are you that draws your veil across the stars?”(Hughes)[2] Thus, the symbol contours the way in which the injustices suffered by the individual overshadow the initial, idealistic proposal which was inscribed on the American flag.

Another line in parentheses, as if the speaker is quietly reasserting his inner voice - again making the point that this America hasn't existed for him, implying that he is far from the Dream. Instructor The final septet concludes that, out of the old rotten, criminal system, the people will renew and refresh and rebuild something wholesome and sustainable.

Note the contrast of the language used here. After this the rhyme scheme gradually loses its regular pattern and becomes stretched. For the foundations of America, equality was as crucial as life’s fuel, the air. This is the cruel irony. Essentially, Hughes is saying, ''let America be America again,'' because it's not the America it claims to be. Analysis Of Let America Be America Again 1175 Words | 5 Pages.

An American writer of the 20th century and well known for writing about injustice and inequality against low income working folks that existed in his days as a kid in Harlem south of Manhattan, New York. Twenty-five years before these sit-ins, American poet Langston Hughes wrote a poem titled ''Let America Be America Again'' that expressed his concerns over racism and inequality.

Is crowned with no false patriotic wreath. Get Your Custom Essay on, By clicking “Write my paper”, you agree to our, Topic: Langston Hughes’ Let America Be America Again,, Get your custom

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