They were about stories of your past and people in which I knew little. I forgive you. You really did love me, you just didn’t know how to. If you cared for people as much as you pretended you did, you could do great things for people. I’ve stared at my screen for a couple minutes now, wondering where exactly I should start. Knowing exactly what you want to say will also help you to make sure you're communicating exactly what you mean. This would again be shortened into something more playful and flirty when you began dating them. You gave that to me, but I saw the way I treated people was wrong. I loved you. I had read this months back but did not share as I thot a dear friend I wanted to send this to might feel offended as always happens between us. I always wanted you to want me. I was trying to fight through the pain you caused me for so many years. I should’ve left way sooner. Although I knew you by many names, the name that you once were to me, was now hers. preparing yourself for all potential outcomes. "Be honest and straightforward. She is also an SEO Nerd living in New York City with her cat and collection of cheesy coffee mugs. I begged and begged her to just spit it out, no matter how awful I knew I’d feel. Left me to make all the mistakes, and answer for them. Let me begin by saying that by definition you are a man but you most certainly are not what a man is. Fuck you for coming in at such a vulnerable time. I may never stop hating you for who you were when I knew you, but I also don’t think I’ll ever stop loving the person you could’ve been—the person I thought you were. 6 months into our relationship, I decided to sneak out of my house, go to a party, and get picked up by your neighbor to sneak over. Not for your own good, but for my own sanity. I don’t, because you’re not that person. We were inseparable. I knew how you turned against many important people in your life, including a few wives and your children, and knew I could be on that list. I believed in your aspirations and disregarded your ambiguity. I had never cared for anyone like I cared about you. I continued to do it to keep my status. My first mistake. If we truely understand that no one can fit into a predefined box of expectations and are truely willing to forgive then there is hope for love to survive. I have forgiven you and moved on with my life. It doesn’t always hurt the way it used to, but there’s a certain kind of pain that has lived within me since the day I left you. Whoever you are, I want you to know that you have hurt me, but I forgive you. I could keep that hatred for you deep inside of me and let it hide there safely as a reminder of the pain you brought me. Stay tuned! At the end I read this letter out loud to the group and they all had the same reaction. I still have my bad days, but I do my best to function for the benefit of my own mental health. Just make sure you've thought carefully about what you're going to say and aren't approaching the other person in anger, and then no matter what the outcome, you'll know you did your best. But, I am still here. We may also fear that even a gentle confrontation may push our friend away or turn a coworker into an enemy. Left me to raise our children and left me to … In an article for Psychology Today on the best ways to deal with people who hurt you, psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D said, "Confronting someone who has hurt you can be a difficult and daunting task for a lot of people. When I first met you I called you by a nickname, like most people did. You saw us hold hands when you were around, but you didn’t care. They grew larger in time. I tried for two years to stay your #2. As humans, we let each other down. You and I are different people, but in the end we are the same. I know what you show a person when you meet them and what you show them when you get to know them, for I was on both of those ends at one point. Writing a letter of forgiveness to someone who hurt you is powerful and therapeutic. So when I put up walls or question things it isn’t for nothing, it’s because i’m scared. Liar. Reblogged this on Scintilla of Wisdom and commented: On the contrary, I forgive you because I remember. I put these letters together specifically for that purpose—for whoever is reading them to know he or she is not alone. A Letter To The People That Have Hurt You, And for that I will be a better person going forward, The Day I Learned Forgiveness is the Only Way to Survive this Life, 60 Little Tips That Can Change a Girl’s Life. She did nothing wrong. I used this letter a while back for a women’s group I was co-facilitating. But know that you never cross my mind, and nobody here ever knew of your existence. You left. You were cautious with your words but careless with your actions; something I would later be thankful for. The Cheater. Thank you for the tears you made me cry, and for all the times you made me feel like I … I no longer let the pain make my choices, or at least not most of them if I am honest. I have never met a truly shittier person in my eighteen years than you. But all and all I was happy, and I thought you were too even though I did have occasional doubts that you missed what you used to have. I bet by now, you’ve pushed what you’ve done so far out of your mind. But I hung on to the Liar and feared the Manipulator, the names I knew you as now. I tried my best to give you the world, but nothing ever satisfied you. Fuck you for breaking my entire heart over the girl in south dakota. that i can assume you are an expert on this subject. Not to be "Give concrete examples such as, 'I feel scared when you don’t call,' she said. You forced me to push her away with no explanation. I know you are begging to know what I think you did wrong. In a piece for Tiny Buddha, life coach and yoga instructor Raeeka noted that it's important to choose your words carefully when confronting another person with your feelings. No matter how hard I tried, you always pushed me to the side. You consciously took away everything that made me want to live. As my Grandpa and Uncle always said. We had the best time in the beginning. Yes, you hurt me, more than once and so incredibly deep I thought I would die.

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