Chapter 29:Summary In this section Pi explains to the reader that the 1970’s were a difficult time in India. Our summaries and analyses are written by experts, and your questions are answered by real teachers. Log in here.

Giving the zoo it’s own life tells the reader there is importance here. She’s holding an orange cat in her arms. The scene with the zebra in the zoo can thus be interpreted as symbolizing the last moment of Pi’s innocence, before he too is made ugly by suffering. Pi goes out to explore what the noise was. • “Things didn’t turn out the way they were supposed to, but what can you do? 9. I really love this book and how the author chose to write it. Pi’s father didn’t like what was going on in the Indian government at that time, so in hope to escape that he planned for his family to move. ©2020, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Summary and Analysis: Part One—Toronto and Pondicherry—Chapters 1-11, Summary and Analysis: Part One—Toronto and Pondicherry—Chapters 22-32, Summary and Analysis: Part Two—The Pacific Ocean—Chapters 37-46, Summary and Analysis: Part Two—The Pacific Ocean—Chapters 47-57, Summary and Analysis: Part Two—The Pacific Ocean—Chapters 58-67, Summary and Analysis: Part Two—The Pacific Ocean—Chapters 68-77, Summary and Analysis: Part Two—The Pacific Ocean—Chapters 78-87, Summary and Analysis: Part Two—The Pacific Ocean—Chapters 88-94, Summary and Analysis: Part Three—Benito Juárez Infirmary, Tomatlán, Mexico—Chapters 95-100. “I turn. Eventually he must get further back into the lifeboat, where he finds the zebra is still alive but suffering from a broken leg. Pi lands in a partially lowered lifeboat. You can easily find this at the GradeSaver site. STYLE AND RHETORICAL DEVICES: You'll get access to all of the

( Log Out /  In February 1976, the Tamil Nadu government is brought down by Mrs. Gandhi’s government, an event that deeply worries Pi’s father. The Patel family set sail Jun 21, 1977. These chapters show Pi as already isolated, already a strange animal among those that he loves but that do not understand him, as he will be on the lifeboat. Change ). This quote gives the reader a taste of how life will be different for Pi in Canada. This example of characterization is important because it is the first time Pi has seen an American in his life. ‘He was hoping to find India,’ I pointed out sullenly.” (Martel 88) With this piece of imagery the reader learns that Pi has a family. Chapters 22-24:Summary Why enter this jungle of foreignness where everything is new, strange and difficult?” (Martel 77) Part 2 of Life of Pi begins with the sinking of the Tsimtsum. • Characterization – “A deputation of three Americans came. This is when an animal sees another animal, or human, as a member of it’s own species. The Life of Pi is an adventurous novel that takes an alternative look at faith, not specifically religion. The narration switches back to the author’s point if view. This quote is significant considering all of the foreshadowing in this section. Pi then goes on to discuss a concept called zoomorphism. Life of Pi opens with a fictional author’s note, explaining the origins of the book. There are very few pictures from Pi’s life in India, and those he has were sent over by Mr. Adirubasamy, after the sinking of a ship called the Tsimtsum. Chapter 24 describes how Ravi teased Pi for his attempt to follow multiple faiths. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Just then, he sees a shark coming.

• Foreshadowing – The entire topic of chapter 32 is an example of foreshadowing.

Back to Pi's story: Mr. Kumar the baker asks Pi to visit the zoo, and Pi shows him around. There is a boy named Nikhik and a girl named Usha. The story goes back to the narration of the author. Now that Pi has a family of his own the reader sees that everything has turned out the way that it was meant to be. Pi jumps off and grabs the lifebuoy.

In terms of storytelling, what makes this town a... What makes Pondicherry an appropriate choice for Pi's upbringing?

Even though Pi doesn’t want to move he still accepts that sometimes life doesn’t go as planned, but you just have to roll with it.

They just hope for one. Pi realizes that not everything in life goes according to plan but you have to deal with it and take what life throws at you. QUOTES: In this chapter, Pi discusses a concept called zoomorphism.

This is significant because Pi’s father wants to “discover” the new world, while Pi believes they already live in the place they have been searching for all along. ( Log Out /  This unknown loss causes Pi to never take aspects of his life for granted. Pi questions why people move. Instead, Pi soon becomes an orphan, with everyone and everything he has ever known sunk into the ocean.

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