The thin unidirectional bezel and aluminum insert also add to the vintage charm of the Neptune.

Has the successor to the SKX finally arrived? Style is timeless and affordable. While it’s no longer available in gold, these are definitely still worth serious consideration for those in search of a very well-built, well-designed, affordable vintage-inspired watch. If you have your heart set on the more expensive Tudor, it’s probably worth saving up for. Or subscribe to push notifications to get alerts immediately.

These characteristics combine to form a legible and well-balanced dial.

What’s my conclusion? The Lorier logo at the 12 o’clock position, depth rating at the 6 o’clock position, and minute track are cleanly printed in a gilt tone.

The marked reduction in thickness is thanks to a new-to-Lorier movement, the Miyota 90S5. Again, a minor quibble, but it’s the one (and only) part of the watch that didn’t feel ‘just right’ to me. You miss out on some of the depth and shine, and this “chase light” effect when looking at photos of the watch. Want to share your thoughts on this article? I can’t think of an accurate Harry Potter analog to the watch I did get–this watch.

If you’re so inclined, tracking seconds and using the chronograph are also a breeze, given the black on white design. At $499, the Falcon Series II punches well above its weight in terms of design and finishing. The Neptune features the Seiko NH35A movement which is widely used by many microbrands.

They can make an otherwise perfectly designed watch a no-go in my book. The watch looks and feels more substantial than its 39mm case would suggest.

The gentle curve of the mid case hugs your wrist, making the transition between case and bracelet smooth. The best sales, suggestions, and outfit round ups of the month that was. Your email address will not be published. Slim and sleek for when you dress up, yet durable and practical for some adventuring. Well, welcome to Dappered. The engraved clasp utilizes a simple double push-button system and has two micro-adjustment holes. Well, it’s not a gold watch per se. He prefers a well-executed date window or none at all, and strives for a diverse collection with limited overlap. Waiting. It’s quite affordable.

I’m not sure how to fix that, exactly, since shrinking the bracelet/lug width might make it too slight, and then you have a watch with 19mm lugs, and it’s mass hysteria! Strap swaps are a snap with the drilled lugs, and I took full advantage. It has classic vintage vibes with great finishing. Or hey, even if you’re not particularly into vintage, but still like dive watches, again, the Lorier Neptune has you covered.". It’s different enough from the Tudor to not call it an “homage”.

Copyright ©2011 - 2017, worn&wound LLC, All Rights Reserved. They pay homage to vintage Omega Seamaster references as seen by the arrowhead hour hand. I found the thickness to take some getting used to, but I appreciate that Lorier stuck to their vintage-inspired vision and used superdomed plexiglass. Slim and sleek are two things that a sports watch should be. There are elements about the Tudor that I like better, like the curved lugs, applied indices, snowflake hands, smooth dial, and incredible bracelet. A strong candidate for such a watch is Lorier’s redesign of their Falcon line, the Falcon Series II, which reinvents the company’s do-everything sports watch. The longer lugs and female endlinks allow the case and bracelet to more comfortably wrap around various wrist topographies.

Strapped to the Falcon Series II is the same 20mm to 16mm tapered flat link bracelet that Lorier uses across all of the watches in their lineup. I found myself constantly worrying about hitting it against a table or doorframe.

The sides of the case feature a brushed surface. I may be nitpicking, but I did have a few gripes.

Cue scouring: WUS, IG, Reddit…eBay. Shit.

Lorier’s watches stand on their own, and the watch community has backed that up with their hard-earned cash. Fashion is temporary and expensive.

Although Lorier produced an excellent bracelet for the Neptune, I wish there were more micro-adjustment holes.

Our chat was brief but what struck me most was their sincerity and humility. The Neptune comes fitted with a flat-link style bracelet that tapers from 20mm to 16mm. This is a welcome addition not only to Lorier's lineup, but to the watch market in general. Owing to those modest dimensions, the Gemini lays easily on just about any wrist. more inspiration from classic sports watches, is circumscribed by a continuous ring of the Lorier logo. They’ve done a lot of things right, and the Falcon Series II is one of them. The decreased thickness helps the watch feel wonderful on the wrist, and the dial is perfectly proportioned and legible, in part thanks to the now much slimmer bezel. Your email address will not be published. Not long after, a Falcon Series I followed, and then a Gemini. Otherwise, you’ll be quite pleased with the Lorier Gemini. "What Lorier has managed to do is undoubtedly impressive....The Lorier models are awesome starter watches, or perfect weekend watches, or, for the right person, some of the only watches that you’ll ever need. They’ve become a bit of a signature for the brand, as they’re used across the entire line. Wait. I’m looking forward to what Lorier has in store for us in the future. Classic design doesn’t need to mean ‘old.’ To me, it means design that, while having origins in the good old days, yesteryear, or a long, long time ago, still feels fresh, even contemporary. At $499 retail, this watch is a great buy. Dappered® helps you work the retail system so that you can be comfortable, look sharp, and save money. On Reddit. Perhaps most critically, the Lorier is $499 and the Tudor is $2950 on a bracelet. The Neptune features a simple, yet elegant case shape that measures 39mm in diameter and 48mm lug-to-lug. If there was a little break between the hash mark and the lume plot, it would look a bit different.

The Neptune offers a great balance of vintage aesthetic and modern specifications. Personally, I tend to pick no-date watches.

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The 36mm Lorier Falcon stacked on a 43mm Islander Diver. You can definitely wear it with a suit, and it’s equally at home on a nylon strap for more casual wear. What luck! I really enjoy the visual interest and contrast this chamfer provides, especially when it catches reflections from the light. The Miyota is more expensive to source than the prior generation’s Seiko NH, so the price has increased to a still-reasonable $499. It’s a nice touch, and still allows plenty of room for an engraving, as per Lorier’s intention. Quick sell outs of new models were common fare when ordering a Lorier, and … Clearly, I wasn’t going into my time with the Falcon with a clear mind, but being a man of science, I proclaim: let objectivity take the wheel.

That said, as is always the case with big, domed plexi crystals, there is some peripheral distortion when viewed at an angle. ", "The Neptune really is a well made and designed micro-diver with tons of character.

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