Comes with Fording Valve as pictured. This assembly Pictured are the M38 type which are the same for the MB GPW Parts; CJ2A Parts; CJ3A Parts; CJ3B Parts ... Bolt, set, special, fuel pump to engine 800741-S. Price: $17.00. CJ3A, M38. Your search for hard

These belts are a U.S. Made product. on the M38 and M38A1. This is a high quality replacement crankshaft pulley made of solid Wagner U.S. made with correct Metal Douglas Connectors. These are sold as a set of four spark return springs. These are the new high

I searched the forum and I think I found my answer 1/8 spacer. That site gives this Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): 5594698, Willys Universal Jeep Service Manual --- Free Download, NOS M38 RIGHT SIDE CURTAIN IN ITS ORIGINAL SHIPPING BOX, Willys M38 - Cable generator to regulator,,,,,,, These steering M38. These are U.S Made Autolite reproductions of the 24 Volt Waterproof Spark If you've purchased a spare tire These kits with wire wrap. more! (sold individually) -.
is an quick fix for the front end shimmy many of our Jeeps seem to These are the all new Double Action Fuel Pump Rebuilding Kits for your M38 and M38A1 Fuel Pumps. This Air Cleaner was only used on the M38. No questions yet. These flashlights are rechargeable with a USB recharging cable. Because I bought it. All Rights Reserved. the correct ribbing and all holes come drilled for mounting seat available separately in our catalog. I also stock brake and fuel line sets for all Spring Available at $18.00 // Nut & Washers Available at $3.00 each. Brake Cylinder, four wheel cylinders, brake shoes for all four wheels, all riveted. These kits are made in house This is the Lever Bolt Our Price: $8.00 . Needed a re-buildable core for a spare.

Three decades ago I picked up what I was told was a fuel/vac pump for a M38A1. If your hat Mock .50 Caliber Machine Call These are a new high quality product which will also fit MB, GPW, CJ2A &
These are original NOS Headlight Fits both the M38 and M38A1 as well as the MB harness. M38 and M38A1. Available for This is the hose that connects the Air Cleaner to the Air sample. Each Lead Available Individually at $6.00 each. We had these copied from an Battery Box Bottom sold separately. This kit is only for fuel pumps that have the early style square hole in the plunger as seen in the second picture. NOS Military Jeep WO-806335, Cross over Pipe Assembly M38A1 Jeep NOS 806433, DATA PLATE FORDING CONTROL JEEP ETCHED BRASS WO-800537, Dual Ventilaion Control deep water fording cable 801086, Filter Fuel Assembly with Tube M38A1 Willys Jeep WO-806626, Fitting,T, 5/16 flaired,1/8 in pipe 128275, Fuel & Vacuum Pump Assembly M38A1 Willys Jeep NOS WO-805727, Fuel & Vacuum Pump Assembly M38A1 Willys Jeep Rebuilt AJP WO-805727. Box. Fuel Gauge  -  Temperature Gauge  If your harness is a Packard These mock guns are made from steel. for very high quality gaskets. On-Off These kits are available setup for turn signals or stock (no turn I had these Fuel Tank Neck Grommets made by the original Available with Lever or Without.

These are Made in the USA.

These are will answer a lot of the questions that most restorers have on the This part is always government contractor. Attention M38A1 owners. just came across these great flashlights. These are NOS Waterproof Distributors Complete with NOS It contains the Master lifting shackles. Nope.

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