Mako always wears his signature red scarf that was once his father's, who was murdered along with his mother when he was a boy.

The two began a new legitimate life, with a solid roof over there heads and the local gangsters now closed off to them.

Hiroshi Sato, Amon, Equalists, Tarrlok (formerly), Unalaq, Dai Li, Red Lotus, military of the Earth Empire

[4] Despite his coworkers' constant belittlement, Mako promptly suggests his theories on open cases and refuses to take the easy way out to close a case, being adamant in following leads.

Desna & Eska | The new role of Gyozen in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends bears the unmistakable tenor and quality of that voice, and certainly made me smile as I began my dive back into the gorgeous world of Ghost of Tsushima. After Luten's death Iroh abandoned the seige and returned home. Mako would witness his parents death at age eight though, killed by a criminal firebender.

Pathik | After the ceremony, he was found by Bolin, who tried to sway him to stop being Wu's bodyguard and join him and Kuvira's army instead. As such, he accompanied her to Zaheer's prison, where she faced the airbender by herself, hoping it would give her peace of mind.[51]. The police force had their hands full investigating the triads ravaging the city, as the different factions engaged each other in turf wars over the land that was not destroyed during the invasion. Mako and Bolin would find that Korra had just come to Republic City. With Korra still missing, however, Mako and Bolin promptly joined Tonraq to find her, being tipped off to her exact location by Jinora.

Greg Baldwin was chosen as his replacement; he already had experience as Mako’s voice double for years, re-recording lines and additional dialogue when Mako was unavailable. Mai | Varrick | Bolin said Mako should not change the subject, but Mako insisted that he had found Skoochy, as Skoochy noticed them and darted away. Along the way, they decided that Mako, Bolin, and Asami would check on the airbenders who were used as leverage, while Korra gave herself up to Zaheer, although Lin, Suyin, Tonraq, and the security detail would back her up. Roku begged his friend for help, but Sozin -- seeing a chance to end the Avatar's resistance of his ambitions -- left Roku to die. Upon arrival, they learned that Tokuga had leveraged Raiko into withdrawing the United Forces, only for General Iroh to inform Korra that the President had ordered bi-planes to destroy Tokuga's airship. [20] While fighting several Equalist mecha tanks, Mako redirected the electricity channeled through their metal cables to disable them.

One of the segments of the episode "The Tales of Ba Sing Se" was dedicated to Mako. However, when Toza won and Bolin revealed that he had encouraged the pro-bender to not to throw the match, Mako urged his brother to run from an irritated Shin. The Fire Ferrets won and Korra became a permanent part of the team.

With no way of knowing about, much less contacting his relatives, Mako became the patriarch of his family and his early life was spent searching for ways to support himself and his brother as orphans. His time as a cone attracted the attention of the gang known as the Triple Threat Triad.

Being helped to his feet, Mako comforted a downcast Bolin, who admitted to having been given the slip by Tokuga, by formally acknowledging their partnership. Mako got a job using his lightning and firebend at a forge and the two soon discovered they could win good pay-outs if they applied as Pro-Benders at the gym with Bolin's friend Hasook as their third the team of The FIre Ferrets, named after Bolin's pet Fire-ferret Pabu, which he intended to be the teams' mascot. Some time after, he rejoined Team Avatar, reporting that, despite a thorough search, Tokuga had eluded him, nor did Mako see him escape through the spirit portal.

Mako defensively responded that he was fine, and that he thought it was great that the two were dating. Roku | Mako told Bolin to go easy, and told Skoochy that he had been in his shoes once, and understood where he was coming from, but that at the end of the day he had a responsibility to the other people in Republic City, and that people could die if they did not find Tokuga. However, he is capable of genuine kindness and a protective demeanor.

Related: Avatar: The Horrible Fate Of The Earth King's Pet Bear. [47] Wu appreciated his services to the extent of requesting Raiko that Mako be allowed to return to Ba Sing Se with him after the coronation, much to the firebender's annoyance. Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Cover Story, Todd Howard Reveals New Starfield Details, Elder Scrolls 6 Day One Game Pass Addition Confirmed, The Mandalorian Season 2 Has A Neat Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Easter Egg, New Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Neon Dawn Operator Revealed, Meet Aruni, New Netflix's The Witcher Season 2 Video Teases New Monsters, Watch Dogs: Legion Urges You To Wear A Mask To Save Lives, Best Dragon Age Origins Mods To Celebrate Its Anniversary On Nov 3, Yakuza: Like A Dragon Review – A New Hero Takes His Turn, Harry Potter's Hogwarts Recreated In Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2, Days Gone Is Getting Solid Performance Upgrades On PS5. The angst he has built has lead to a deep-seeded anger that Mako can easily call upon at any moment. Avatar: Who Is More Powerful, Team Aang or Team Korra?

Mako ordered the military's mecha suits to burn down the earth wall Korra's allies had built to protect themselves, but the Avatar was able to take Asami onto the airship and flee, although Guan's army was able to kidnap Wu.[5]. Raava | He is a firebender from a multicultural family who grew up on the streets of Republic City as an orphan with his younger brother, Bolin. [1], Heading for the championship, the team needed funding to play, thus Mako got a job at Republic City Power Plant. With Jargala as their guide, they navigated the subterranean passages to bypass the Triple Threats. [9] Being the elder brother, with no knowledge of his relatives, he was forced to take on adult responsibilities from that point on, depriving him of the majority of his childhood. Book Three: Change (late 171 AG) This was particularly evident when he threatened an Equalist by raising a flaming fist when seeking information regarding Korra's whereabouts. Toza came to help out the two and Zolt called off the beat-down, claiming the brothers were more trouble than the were worth. As the Triple Threats start invading the Creeping Crystals' turf, Korra insisted that the police move in and stop them, but Lin argued that Tokuga would demolish the whole neighborhood with everyone inside if they tried, a fact Mako supported, considering how he almost killed them before. I failed Mako. Mako collected the owner's bet while Bolin talked to Toza about that night's match; the firebender chastised him because he believed that doing so would get them in trouble with Shady Shin. As an orphan, Mako did whatever was necessary in order to survive along with his brother. Teen And Up Audiences (1079) General Audiences (755) Mature (587) Explicit (305) Not Rated (215) Include Warnings . A group of deadly bending prodigies, the four were revealed to have attempted to kidnap Korra in her youth.

To make it up to him, she took him to dinner at Kwong's Cuisine, marking the start of their relationship. Mako later got a phone call from a distressed Korra, who told him she had reason to believe Asami Sato had been kidnapped. He later watched as Kuvira was brought before a tribunal to answer for her crimes as ruler of the Earth Empire, and witnessed Suyin confront Kuvira after she plead not guilty. His discipline was built in combination of his roles as his brother's guardian, his time in the Triple Threat Triads and his training as a Pro-Bender. Ty Lee | As the trio arrived at the Creeping Crystals' hideout, Mako unsuccessfully attempted to stop Korra from breaking in, and Korra kicked the door down and attacked multiple members, before standing with Mako and Bolin and demanded Jargala tell her where Asami was. His commitment and effectiveness on the streets was such that he earned himself praise from President Raiko. [24] When he was cornered by Ming-Hua's tendril attacks, he had the clarity of mind to aim lightning at her water tendrils, thus electrocuting her.[45].

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