My concern is that Allison was and is “taking the fall” — the blame, just she was set-up to do, IMO — for far more dangerous ESP / NXIVM criminals who were more lightly — or not at all — charged. Clare and Lauren: participating in crimes (including collecting collaterals) for 20 years (and more for Lauren)…participating in the abuse of the judicial system, fraud, id theft, harassment, amongst the other “activities” of Nxivm… Mark John Geragos[1] (born October 5, 1957) is an American criminal defense lawyer and the managing partner of Geragos & Geragos, in Los Angeles. hahahaha… i love that lawyer! Our team of experienced lawyers has tried more than 1,000 cases. Well written. A marriage divided. This is not to suggest that the other 98 or so victims were not brutalized by the monstrous Clare Bronfman, also known as Legatus in some Nxivm circles. You get the idea! [59], Waxman, Sharon. He also represented Scott Peterson, in another trial that received widespread media attention. experience. Prior to the Nike case blowing up on him and Avenatti, it is believed that Geragos tried to negotiate with the feds to buy a better plea deal for Clare by providing evidence of alleged crimes of certain Nike officials. If he fleeces Clare so that he can take on more Pro Bono cases that deserve such representation, then I am a little more ok with it. This is what happens when we try to be “nice” instead of just calling somebody what they are, [redacted], K.R. How Americans’ COVID experiences shape their votes. Allison broke the law and collected collateral UNDER COERCION… once again, circumstance used to explain the position of the other victims. He takes on pro bono cases, across the nation, in addition to cases he oversees as part of the Criminal Justice Institute. More recently, he has represented Kaepernick in his battles with the NFL and served as a legal advisor to “Empire” star Jussie Smollett, who was accused of staging an attack against himself in Chicago. And she ain’t alone. For the first time since the board’s inception more than 150 years ago, the powerful L.A. County Board of Supervisors will be all women, each of whom comes with significant backgrounds in politics and government. Not one thing of what you say is true…and this within the first 5 lines!!! Books by Mark Geragos. Mark Geragos. He writes on criminal law, criminal procedure, democracy, and race. So, in effect, he can do what you’re suggesting – he just can’t acknowledge that he’s doing it. Shadow a liar, but all that was done directly was to say that Mr. Pin. [23][24] Other notable clients include: Geragos occasionally appears as both guest and legal commentator on TV.

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