After WWII, returning GIs were even more eager to embrace the bolt action, but the lever action held on, in part because the lever action was felt to be a superior hunting tool in thick woods, and also the influence of the Westerns that lit up movie screens across America in the 1950s and 1960s. It may not feed at all.

The reticle is the most interesting aspect. Once the round is lifted, the bolt, going forward, strips the cartridge off of the lifter and chambers it.

The Primary Arms Advanced Micro dot, or AMD, is a simple and effective option. Press the bolt over the hammer, and slide it in, making sure the ejector slot on the bolt lines up with the ejector. The rail comes from XS Sights.

(The plastic and steel of the Hydrosled add another 19 pounds, for a total of 35 pounds of recoil-killing weight.). Tom Beckstrand and Neal Emery of Hornady highlight the 6MM Creedmoor ammo. You know, .30-30, .35 Remington, .444. I call that the “bazooka hold” and while it works with an AR, it will crush you the one time you do it with a .45-70.

That was the right choice because at the end of the day I got to within 150 yards of as good a 10-point buck as you're likely to see on Anticosti and put him away with one knockdown round of Winchester's 150-grain moly-coated Power-Point Plus. And then there is the increased power a lever action rifle can generate, which brings us to the Marlin 1895. You can go with a coated bullet, such as those from Acme Bullets. The hammer has a generous cocking piece added to the hammer, so you can thumb the hammer back, if you have put it on Safe. For normal cleaning, you do not have to do any more. Berry’s offers a plated 350 grain bullet specifically for the .45-70, and loading that up for practice (and gradually increasing the power) would be a good start. After all, if we are trying to shoot small groups, we should be using a 20X scope or more, right? The safety blocks the travel of the hammer, not allowing it to contact the firing pin. Next, we pit subsonic rivals against each other before stretching the legs of this CQB round out to 600 yards from a short 9-inch barrel. Fast forward to th Thanks to the gun/load's superb accuracy and modern compact rangefinder technology, I could be confident anywhere within that zone. To check the gun's performance I selected six different varieties of commercial .45-70 ammunition. The Marlin 1895 benefits most from moderately powered scopes and even red dot sights. (Sorry, Winchester fans, it’s the truth.)

The VX-6 holds up. The Marlin design can’t fire out of battery. Email him. Introduced in 2009, it is a slightly revamped version of the Model 1895GS in .45-70, which was introduced in 2001 and had all of its major parts manufactured out of stainless steel. For the longest time Marlin did not drill and tap the receivers for scope mounts. And bear? It can definitely become a better rifle when rocking a great Marlin 1895 scope, especially one that complements its strengths and negates its weaknesses. Then you handle it, and you are further convinced that this might just be the best stock tracking rifle ever made. Variety In The Field As the hunt date approached, I learned that each of the six people comprising our party (various writers and Marlin company personnel) had been sent a different model of gun: three Marlin lever actions and three break-open H&R and New England Firearms single shots. The TNW Aero Survival rifle is perfect for squirrels to deer and everything in between! That calls for a red-dot optic.

In fact, I urge you to not do any of those unless you have taken a spill into something profoundly yucky, and have to do a detailed cleaning of everything.

Part of the locking blocks job is to push up on the rear half of the two-piece firing pin. I did take the most promising load and test it at 100 yards, just to see the results. The Marlin 1895 can make solid use of a long eye-relief scope. The 1886 was chambered in .45-70, the Model 71 in .348, which is in effect a necked-down .45-70 case.

On the back of the receiver there is a ghost ring sight, aka an aperture sight, and that is mounted to an extended rail that extends out over the barrel. Compared to the 1895, they are anvils.

We’re concerned with medium to close range hammer-of-Thor situations. Don’t shoot, then let recoil move you, slowly get the rifle back down on the target, and then work the lever.

So I listed the first reading. If you are using your Dark Series for vermin control, a suppressor could be just the ticket. Under no circumstances are you to shoot the 1895 with your head bolt upright, and the stock toe only touching part of your shoulder. That is Fire. 45-70 Gov’t. The concern you might have is: is the Marlin, at just over seven and a half pounds, perhaps too light for the .45-70? The lever is also wrapped in paracord, and that is not just to match the looks of the sling. As a camp gun, we have all spent a lot of time considering this-or-that handgun as being “enough gun” for bear in a hunting camp. To get started, click the link below to visit and learn how to access your digital magazine. All these guns also feature the manual crossbolt hammerblock safety that has been a Marlin standard since 1984. Well, perhaps it is, and perhaps it isn’t. Good luck! The Nikon Prostaff line is varied, but the best model for the Marlin 1895 is the 2 to 7 power variant with a 32 mm objective lens. Make sure the lever cycles properly. The lack of (at the time) heavier bullets also didn’t help.

It’s still a variable optic that has a 1 to 6 power magnification rating.

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