Mais Que Nada means more than anything.

Seems suitable to me, but I'd still add a footnote explaining that term.

Я изменил свой вариант. Maybe quoting Wikipedia would do it.

Great cultural significance.

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Hmm, I'd say black man, but I mean when you google "Preto Velho" you'll get a black old man.

'but that (is) nothing'; Brazilian Portuguese slang for 'come on'. Magalenha: 2. could you translate eu sei qui voce te amar? could you translate eu sei qui voce amar?

Über den Übersetzer. True. I thinke Preto Velho is here is a town. Roda: Kommentare . Last two lines mean, essentially, "you do not want it to end. Perhaps "arrive" is the nearest English word.

not whateve.

Brazilians pronounce this verse as "Sum-ba jee pre-too-too". Literally, more what nothing. Probably, you are mistaking it for "Porto Velho" (, the capital of the Rondonia, a Brazilian state in the Amazon region.

English translation of lyrics for Mas Que Nada by Miriam Makeba., *a regional rhythm from brazilian northeast. It's an entity that represents the knowledge of a black person's ancestors, represented by old black people (not necessarily a man, as women can also be 'pretas velhas', but it's more common to see men with it) who likely were enslaved and killed during it. Sorry, according to IBGE (, the Brazilian National Statistics Office, there is not a single municipality in the country called "Preto Velho". Their explanation seems adequate to me.

There is "Porto Velho" (or "Old Port") which is the capital of Rondonia, a Brazilian state in the Amazon region, or "Pedro Velho" (or "Old Peter"), in Rio Grande do Norte, a state in Northeastern Brazil. And a little bit of research is also necessary. I would do that if it were me translating the song. "Preto Velho" (literally, "old black man") is one of the old wise men amongst the slaves who were conveying all the culture and customs brought from Africa to younger generations in Brazil, ranging from music, traditional medicine, African religions/beliefs/values etc. Joseph Haydn - Hob XXI, 3 Die Jahreszeiten: II Sommer, 4: "Nun regt und bewegt". In any case this verse is very interesting since it conveys the idea that Brazilian samba is a derivation of African pure rhythms mixed with other influences, contrasting with the previous verse "Samba de preto velho" or "original samba".

1. lit.

The phrase "Mais que nada" of the title means "more than anything", however the authors misspelled it.

That's nothing (mais que nada) "that ain't shit" is the feeling.

"Samba de preto tu" is a pun.

I'd just add something to explain what a Preto Velho is for those who're not familiarized with Afro-Brazilian religions.

Sammlungen mit "Mas que nada" 1. ", Failed to add, mais que nada is not the song's title.

The phrase "Mais que nada" of the title means "more than anything", however the authors misspelled it. A Brazilian performance genre combining parades, dance and music. Not to be confused with 'mais que nada' or Spanish 'más que nada', which both mean 'more than nothing' 2. lit. You'll want is voce vie querer.

It would be something like "this samba is so cool that you won't want me to stop". Melissa Horn - Du får aldrig se mig lycklig, The Beatles - I Want You (She's So Heavy).

She saying basically that samb is so good that you won´t want it to end. Mas (but) and not mais (more, which is Mas in Spanish and could be the source of the mas/mais confusion) is the intended phrase, which is literally "but what nothing." Songs for Ballroom Dancing, Part 8: Samba.

Wikipedia has brief, but helpful information

"Preto Velho" is not a city in Brazil. 1. In Brazilian Portuguese, many speakers pronounce "Mais que nada" (or "more than anything") and "Mas que nada" (or "whatever", or the British "come off it!")

I got a little help from a friend about "Mas Que Nada" but since the meaning is "Yeah yeah right" something like that, this translation seemed the best, glad you like it!

or dance without an end?

legal here means cool. It would be analagous to the "common" misspelling in English of "Your something" and "You're something" - pronounced the same way but with different implications.

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