(spoilers). On the way, one of Aria's tech experts, Ahz, is able to hack through Cerberus comms and determine that Cerberus is about to attack the Talons' leader. Which made me really sad actually. Before they head out, Nyreen escapes Aria's bunker.

She has survived for over a thousand years not by needlessly exposing herself to risk; she has the patience and cautiousness to see long-term plans through. If you go to the Bioware dlc page it's says you can romance aria. Aria orders Bray to get to her bunker and bring the bunker defense cannons online. He needed to see who he's dealing with, though with the incessant sexual harassment Aria's getting from him she needed a proxy else he'd end up dead. Then we get a dialog on who will control omega. When asked about her current situation, she snaps at Shepard for finding it funny. Favorite Answer. Miss Dark. She swears revenge against Cerberus for stealing Omega from her. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. You can then have Nyreen take control but still has to answer to Aria. The catch, however, is that she claims to have objections to some of the company Shepard keeps and won't allow the Normandy crew to participate. Using the Cerberus authorization codes from the previous captain of the ship, the cruiser is able to make it past the blockade without drawing suspicion. When the ship is close enough to the station, Aria orders the ship to fire on the Cerberus command ship and at the same time signals her fleet through the relay.

Aria thinks it's a con job, but ultimately is dismissive of the turian and warns him never to show his face again after doing what he came on Omega to do. Later, Aria returns to Purgatory on the Citadel, finding it easier to coordinate Omega's reconstruction from there. 4 … Kai Leng ultimately escapes the meeting, thus Aria T'Loak is denied the possibility of avenging her daughter's death.

(Omega spoilers)". Aria is furious but not surprised at Nyreen's ability to disappear. Aria T'Loak is the de facto ruler of Omega, the nominal capital of the Terminus Systems. Can you romance aria in the omega dlc for mass effect 3? Aria's pod, with Shepard on board, is able to make past the defense cannons and crash-land on the station. The reason becomes apparent as a salarian transforms into an Adjutant, forcing them to kill it. Untrue to her word, Aria employs her hackers and obtains the information from Sanders' terminal. She holds Petrovsky hostage, forcing him to return to Omega by threatening to flush his crew out the airlock. Out of Nyreen's earshot, Aria reveals her plan for manipulating Nyreen to Shepard, saying that the civilians' attack will force Nyreen to try and protect them, thus gaining her support. It could work like this: we allow aria to kill the general. Her ending speech and the implications of Omega's future will change accordingly. As Cerberus forces are at the point of overwhelming a group of Talon defenders, Nyreen shows up and dispatches the Cerberus troops. The Illusive Man, ever the master manipulator, uses Aria's suspicions of Grayson's involvement in her daughter's death to persuade Aria to work with Cerberus.

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