May the grass under your feet always be green.

On this special day, O God, I humbly come before you asking for special blessings. Shine forever and have fun as if it was always a happy day. May you be blessed with a smile on your face and laughter for your day. If we could dance all night and stay awake a lifetime, I would never tire of you. ~Morissette Alanis . No matter what battles you fight, you may never have to sacrifice your life for it. no one is ever alone or forgotten. I love you very much, dear son. Sister, on your great day, May god bless you with a life full of good health, dreams come true and happiness. Be mindful of Allah and you will find Him in front of you. May your life always overflow with happiness and love and good health.

May almighty God bless the United States of America! May You enjoy much love and happiness throughout your lives together. It is the only way to win. May your years on this earth be filled with the blessings of God and the true form of happiness! As you celebrate your anniversary, may your days be bright and full of joy and contentment. Have fun while celebrating your new era. To wish life to be any other way then it currently is, is foolish. And may he keep you protected from everything that brings pain to your life. And climb on every rung, May you stay forever young,”. By celebrating each day, I only have one very important wish for you. I ask for the unconditional love and blessing of God upon you as you celebrate the day that you were introduced into this world. The fact that I am still believe god that god still have a wonderful purpose for your life, and I humbly pray god to reveal that purpose to you so that you too can share the optimism! It teaches me the value of living each moment as if it were the last. May you have your friends around your table and your family surrounding you with love. So I hope you have every reason to smile and laugh out loud. In God eyes, I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a writer of 12 Nepali literature books, film director of Maithili film & Nepali short movies, photographer, founder of the media house, designer of some websites and writer & editor of some blogs, has expert knowledge & experiences of Nepalese society, culture, tourist places, travels, business, literature, movies, festivals, celebrations. Enjoy your day. May the Lord bless you abundantly and grant you a long life to enjoy all the blessings that he has granted you. Your future is very bright. May the guardian angels be with you at all times and may sadness not know how to get to your door. Your email address will not be published. Stay healthy. If you instead switch the question around and ask all the ways He has blessed you, you’ll have a million different reasons to praise Him. Have a safe blessed day. May you live longer. We should make dua and ask Allah to bless us with happiness, success and whatever is good. If you spend a second complaining, you have wasted a second. But I pray that the Lord will light your path wherever you go and allow you to see success all the time. If all I do is contemplate your glory every sunrise, my life will become perfect. Happy Memorial Day. I thank god for increasing your joy and your years and I pray god  to place you to face a long and prosperous future. God loves you, He wants to bless you, He wants you to prosper. May the divine protection and favor of the Lord surround you every day of your fabulous life. New Year quotes On this auspicious day of Mother's day, may the God Almighty bless you my dearest Mother and keep you safe at all times. May the line fall into places pleasing to you. God bless you Jimmy, God bless your heart. ", Sections: Dua Center Online Quran 99 Names of Allah Islamic Teachings Prophet Stories Prayer Ramadan Contact Us, Barakallahu Feekum Meaning (And When To Say It).

That you are bigger than you were. Laugh at your pain and give way to your happiness by doing so. So put your heart on the right track to win. May anything you impose on your hands be excellent and bring you immeasurable happiness. Have a quiet life. May you live long with good health and endless happiness. May your life shine as bright as the sun. May Almighty God bless you with a life full of joy and happiness. Every moment with you is priceless. Have a wonderful day and may god bless you with long life. Stay healthy. May you begin to take bold steps that will take you to a great place. You have been exactly what I prayed for in a boyfriend, and today being a special day, I will take this opportunity to beg the Lord for the success and joy in all your efforts. May you always be surrounded by people who love you and want your well-being. The sun is grateful to shine upon you, the moon is delighted to be your guide, and I am grateful to be your friend.

May the Almighty God always be your liberator and your shield every day of your life. Those days mainly come as birthday, friendship day as well various festivals. May God bless you with peace and happiness on this unique day that you celebrate. May Allah Bless you both and showers his countless blessings on you May Allah keep you both safe and sound in all respects 27. And most importantly, may God always bless you with long life. Custom and user added quotes with pictures. Let joy take over your heart. As you celebrate your big day, I want you to know that with God every dream of yours is possible. Oh mom, you must enjoy good health and long life. I love you. May God help you achieve all your dreams, dear friend, and let your heart never know sadness. May you build a ladder to the stars.

And the wish is that this special day of yours and the rest of the days that follow will fill you with peace, happiness and good health from above. May God bless you every second of your life, dear friend. But if the opposite of what we expect comes true we have to learn to say Alhamdulillah and accept our fate.

To say May Allah for you in Arabic it would be: The transliteration for this is Baraka Allahu Fik, meaning May Allah Bless You. Enjoy this time on earth with me.

What we need to mindful of is to desiring something and invoking Allah but then having a fixed expectation of the outcome. May the good angels of love preserve your heart and keep it warm with blessing. Today is your special, my sweet friend. May you always have many reasons to smile and inspire. It brings me serenity. Wishing you good health and long life. If you ask, then ask Allah [alone]; and if you seek help, then seek help from Allah [alone]. If you want to tell someone, God bless you with good health and long life on the special day of your loved ones, use these quotes to wish them good health, happiness and long life. The sound of your laughter gives me joy. May God have mercy on your soul. ~Anonymous . Stay blessed and enjoy this special day that belongs to you. “May God bless and keep you always, May your wishes all come true, May you always do for others. I pray God bless you with all the happiness and good health in this universe.

Stay here forever in good health, baby. Good Morning God Bless You May God bless your morning, keeping you safe all day long. May God bless you with longevity and make your health flourish. In God's eyes, love is never absent.

God bless their families who stand by this great land. From now until always, may your health flourish daily like the flower in the field. And God bless each and every one of our troops...may you ALL find your way home safe and sound! Let the angels take care of you instead of the doctors. May you always be happy with good health, my dear. May you now also be marked by new manifestations of goodness in your life! My friend, I wish you longevity and good health. God Bless! And may he always bless you for … If you are going through difficult times, keep trusting God. Happy Memorial Day, god bless our soldiers; fallen, retired and serving. It is necessary to wish our loved ones and friends good health and long life on certain days of their lives. So many lives are tied to yours; you are a channel of blessing. With your company, my bosom is always rich in love. 11678 matching entries found.

Numbers 6: 24 -26 “The LORD bless you and keep you; The LORD make His face shine upon you, And be gracious to you; The LORD lift up His countenance upon you, And give you peace.” (NKJV) Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.” (NIV) I wish you a fantastic day, grandson. In God's embrace, no one is ever alone or forgotten. Curse it and it will curse you....If you bless a situation, it has no power to hurt you, and even if it is troublesome for a time, it will gradually fade out, if you sincerely bless it. You can probably find a million ways you’ve been cheated and no one is denying that these things didn’t happen. I pray that his love, blessings, grace and goodness will dwell in you forever. My prayer for you today is that this special event will pave the way for an abundance of prosperity, happiness, good health, peace and love in your life.

Amen! Today, being the most special day of your life, I pray for good health, happiness and amazing achievements in your life. May you enjoy life to the fullest. Words cannot express how grateful I am to the good Lord for granting you another beautiful year on this beautiful planet.

May the Almighty God always be your liberator and your shield every day of your life. Your life needs yours to survive. It does you no justice to feel bad or pity yourself. May you have a long and healthy life.

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