Mealybugs are a type of insect belonging to the family Pseudococcidae.

Rubbing alcohol kills mealybugs on contact. And since then, they’ve spread into many states: Since they were first found in Florida, you can imagine the type of situation that must be going on over there. Within this group the shorter persistence pesticides (that are usually certified for organic growing) are likely to be less damaging to non-target wildlife than those with longer persistence and/or systemic action. The plant stays low to the ground and creeps out words from the crown. Step 3: Using the soaked cotton ball or paper napkin, go ahead and gently wipe the plant leaves, stems, or twigs with the rubbing alcohol. If you live in a full sun environment, white clover is an effective plan for attracting parasitic wasps to control your mealybug population. Booo! Step 2: Next I will wash the area where the plant was sitting with soapy water, and then use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol to disinfect the area. What do mealybugs look like? It’s best not to use soil from your garden. Not only does it work well on mealybugs, but you can also use dish soap to kill a variety of other pests like lanternflies, drain flies, and aphids. So you can stop this by controlling the ant population in your garden. Not only will it kill the bugs, it’s also great for residual pest prevention as well. According to the University of California, mealybugs have a small, segmented body that’s covered with wax. At this point, you’ll start to notice more and more of this fuzzy like pest on all of your plants. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You would want to remove all items from the pantry and carefully inspect them one-by-one for mealybug bug infestations. To the untrained eye, mealybugs may be mistaken for mildew or plant fungus rather than an actual pest. Your email address will not be published. This substance will bring ants to the area which will only further damage your plants. My brand new book Vertical Vegetables is now available for purchase!! Mealybugs are insects in the family Pseudococcidae, unarmored scale insects found in moist, warm habitats.

These plants only seem to attract the “safer” species of mealybugs. This is why it’s imperative to handle them ASAP and get rid of them. Allow your basil plants to dry and then spread a layer of a product called Tanglefoot around the base of your basil plants and the ants won’t be able to pass beyond it. Glasshouse mealybugs are common insects that tend to live together in clusters in inaccessible parts of plants, such as leaf axils, leaf sheaths, between twining stems and under loose bark. You can adjust the concentration of the spray by adding more or fewer drops of oil. Discard contaminated soil in the trash can, rather than putting it into compost. The most common plants where mealybugs are found are the following: This guide will cover home remedies to get rid of mealybugs that are infesting these plants. That is the exact stuff I use to make my DIY insecticidal soap to kill pests like mealybugs on my plants. Never introduce a mealybug infested plant to your garden as this will easily have them spread to your other plants. When you start to notice the population of mealybugs dwindle, you can try using a less harsh method. Feeding plants should give them just enough nutrients to grow healthy. If you look closer, they look like a small, flat oval with many legs protruding all around the body. Vitax Plant Guard Pest & Disease Control, Bug Clear for Fruit and Veg) can give some control of glasshouse mealybugs. You can mix neem oil and dish soap to make an effective pesticide at home. Typically, I add 8-14 drops of any oil to 1 cup of water and try it out for a week on a single leaf. How To Get Rid Of Mealybugs On Houseplants, My Proven Process For Long-Term Mealybug Control, How To Prevent Mealybugs From EVER Coming Back, how to get rid of whiteflies on your houseplants. So this all lies in your due diligence when you buy a new plant. Controlling mealybugs is most effective when you catch and treat an infestation in its early stages. Mealybugs can go unnoticed in the early stages of infestation. Take infested plants to the bathroom and rinse off mealybugs under the shower. Mealybugs are small pink tropical insects, no larger than 1/5 inch long. It grows relatively easily during warm weather in … Step 4: I check the infested plant daily for any signs of mealybugs, and kill each one that I see using a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol.

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