Heat lamps obviously produce heat, but they also yield light, which will promote proper behaviors and allow your lizard to see. I can get some pictures if you want. It’s completely customizable and uses melamine (or pine wood) and glass for the main structure. If anyone could help out or give any other helpful hints for building a cage that would be much appreciated! Be sure to scroll down to see the Snake Discovery video review and assembly of this enclosure below. ), 4 Best Reptile Misting Systems to Keep Your Pet Happy & Healthy. There's my enclosure. Generally, the iguana will need a cage that is at least 8-feet long, 8-feet high, and a minimum of 4-feet wide.

As such, it is excellent for repurposing! Additionally, the newly cut edges need to be sanded so they aren’t so sharp. Maximum Reptile™ enclosures are built up to a standard, not down to a price and not only have multiple accessories so that you can cover the top with our custom hood, you can stack them too by using our spacers or, by stacking on top of our original terrarium stands. Builds can be as simple as removing glass from a cabinet and replacing it with screen and then sealing the structure, or as complex as making a custom piece that beautifully fits into a particular part of the house. Having reviewed the basics of your tegu’s enclosure, we can now discuss the specific things you’ll need to provide when setting up your pet’s habitat. After doing some digging, I was able to find where they redirected the Tegu enclosure plans so the link should work for you now.

Ordering: Now available - please allow approximately 4 to 6 weeks for shipping (Updated August 31st). However, the cost is minimal, particularly if you already have the tools and just need to gather supplies. I'd highly recommend wood and drylok - cheaper than melamine, lighter, and very durable. Some gravitate towards iguanas, and others are drawn to monitor lizards, but a relative handful prefer keeping members of a slightly less popular group: the tegus (Tupinambis). Despite uniformed statements to the contrary, you can provide your pet with a habitat that is as large as you like – you’ll just need to make sure that your pet has plenty of hiding places and visual barriers within it. Replicating tropical or sub-tropical conditions for your tegu requires that you install heating and lighting devices in the habitat. Fortunately, tegus do not require as much habitat furniture as some other reptiles do, but you will need to include a few things in your pet’s habitat. I have worked directly with a variety of species since 2014, and ReptiFiles is where I share my research with you. When we build a new large enclosure, we bring our "cutting sheets” with us to the store. I'm also having a hard time deciding which is better for viewing, glass or plexiglass. • Size-appropriate hide box with lid that latches (larger is better, but don’t go crazy) Replacing heat lamps or other devices as they burn out or fail. This enclosure comes semi-assembled and packs flat to save on shipping costs. This is the best tegu enclosure for desks and shelves because it’s wider than it is tall. Custom Enclosures. An Honest Look, 10 Awesome Corn Snake Accessories & Decorations, How to Set Up a Tegu Enclosure: Step-by-Step Guide, Do Reptiles Get Lonely? Keepers have varying opinions regarding the proper size for a tegu enclosure. Yes — if you take the right precautions. The assembly is easy to do and takes just minutes to complete; Super strong design – Stacks 2 high with our optional spacers; Optional hood – Cover up those ugly lights and cords while maintaining better temperature and … • Dish scrub brush, scrubbie, and antibacterial dish soap (for cleaning dishes) As such, you may find yourself dreaming of the, However, something that should be stressed is that when choosing an enclosure, Limited options and flexibility with design. • Daily spot cleaning As such, they are, DIY Reptile Enclosure Plan #1: DIY Snake Cage (Recycled Cabinets), DIY Reptile Enclosure Plan #2: DIY Chameleon Cage (Refurbished Cabinet), DIY Reptile Enclosure Plan #3: DIY Iguana Cage, DIY Reptile Enclosure Plan #4: DIY Enclosure for Brazilian Rainbow Boa (Old windows), DIY Reptile Enclosure Plan #5: DIY Aussie Python & Snake Enclosure, DIY Reptile Enclosure Plan #6:  Indoor Tegu Enclosure, DIY Reptile Enclosure Plan #7: Basic Reptile Enclosure, DIY Reptile Enclosure Plan #8: Purchased Plans (eBay – multiple sizes), 6 Vegetarian Reptiles that Make for Great Pets (No Bugs or Mice Needed!

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