This Energy Tank is located in a room to the top-right in Area 6, near to another Metroid encounter as well as a Missile Tank. At the bottom, use morphball to shrink and collect it. Jump up into the area and use your Aeion ability to slow time and reach the Energy Tank. Collecting these tanks will increase her maximum energy capacity by 100 points, and top off her energy to boot. Energy Tank #2: Located above the first Metroid encounter in Area 1. © Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. Check out our complete collection of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes cheats. These can be easy to miss, so use our guide and walkthrough to help you find them all. Energy Tank #10: After the first Save Point in Area 8, enter the passage with yellow liquid. Collecting all of these will give you one of the two endings that are shown for 100% completion, depending on how long you took to complete the game. Energy Tank #7 Location: Area 5 Required Abilities: Grapple Beam, Morph Ball, and Super Missile. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. x1) You start with this.x2) Temple Grounds - Storage Cavern B: After visiting the Great Temple and heading to Agon Wastes, use a Missile to go through the Red Door in the Temple Assembly Site.x3) Temple Grounds - Windchamber Gateway: Enter the Windchamber Gateway from the Path of Eyes, use the Kinetic Orb Cannon to cross the gap and Grapple to the platform with the Energy Tank.x4) Temple Grounds - Fortress Transport Access: Once you get the Light Suit, stand in the beam of light in this room to be transported up to a secret room with an Energy Tank in it.x5) Agon Wastes - Mining Station Access: Use a Bomb on the block in the middle of the tunnel to fall to a Kinetic Orb Cannon, which will launch you to a tunnel leading to the Energy Tank. Copyright © 2020 Nintendo Insider. Energy Tanks are, pretty much, the most valuable upgrades you can find in Metroid: Samus Returns. Energy Tank #9 Location: Area 7 Required Abilities: Power Bombs. Essentially, each tank makes it easier for Samus to survive, defeat bosses, and complete her mission without retrying a whole lot. Energy Tank #5: After lowering the first poison pool in Area 4, you’ll find this energy tank when using the grappling hook to reach the elevator. Just beneath the grapple stopper, there’s an easy Energy Tank. There is one Energy Tank to recover in each area, rewarding players that retrieve them with the chance to increase their energy gauge by 99 points. Manage Cookie Settings, Metroid: Samus Returns Guide – All Energy Tank Locations, Super Mario 64 Walkthrough: Rainbow Ride Stars, Super Mario 64 Walkthrough: Tick Tock Clock Stars. Between these two save stations, there are two passages — an upper passage that’s a straight line, and a lower passage.

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