i'm about to start building my own mini moonboard. do you find yourself flagging a lot on the left/right edge of the board? Join. You could also get some "better" holds and put them between diagonally between the holds. There are a good number of undercling/scrunchy starts. Most hold companies have adequate stock and lead time right now. The finishing row of holds has very few jugs or finger buckets. Dedicated to increasing all our knowledge about how to better improve at our sport. You can try and make your own problems or as others have said get better holds. The moonboard problems begin at v5 and even then the lower grade problems are still hard. any suggestions about how to place my footholds? The part 2 video is exporting now and will be uploaded shortly if anyone is interested. In general, I find there is a higher emphasis on body tension and moving between poor holds than on the other sets. Go here: https://www.moonboard.com/how-to-build-your-moonboard#buildinfo. Mini Moonboard is the best thing ever released for keeping busy during Covid-19 Lockdown !!! That said if you have a moonboard and dont already use a hangboard this could be the great supplement you are looking for. distance between each other, etc. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. Press J to jump to the feed. mini moonboard - minimum board width. Do you have Woods B + C coming in? because in total i had to work with 2m45. Online. I'm about 188cm and awkward sit starts have always been a struggle climbing outside. Part 2 is up now: https://youtu.be/ZlrzURRCPpE, Also, if you would like to just play around with the SketchUp or look at the cost/materials breakdown spreadsheet, you can find the shared folder here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1WfKzScx2-YuxGLv8mAwixIuIhxSMEUG2, Looks like your cat is trying to send it too, Haha yeah he likes to psych me up by smacking me in the back of the head. Reddit's rock climbing training community. Attached you can see that i extended my moonboard with some bigger KMZ Holds. Cookies help us deliver our Services. This is one of the great things about a Moonboard vs a spray wall. Dedicated to increasing all our knowledge about how to better improve at our sport. Created Oct 18, 2010. The Mini setup is by far, the hardest Moonboard setup. If I were you I would definitely get some more bigger holds. hi everyone, idk if any of you has a minimoonboard or knows someone who owns one but i was wondering if it's possible to reduce the standard width of the board (2440mm) to 2270mm. I couldnt agree more... i almost shit my pants when i opened the box and saw the holds i´m saving now for the 2020 wood holds B because it also got some juggy holds and a lot more easier problems in the app i think around V3 which is closer to my level then V4-V5... bit who would´ve guessed... i have to work with holds i have while saving for more. Do not mind the foot holds, they will be finished and placed correctly by the end of the week. I just submitted the first video for a two part series going over my experiences in great detail with building a freestanding Mini MoonBoard in my living room. The problems are on average, shorter than the standard set (well, duh!) Well i had to build something i could have for a very long time... so i went for a moonboard. Moonboard Mini. Yeah i will get L/XL jugs to put on there. Training on the normal moon board holds is just too intense for the fingers. The videos the users post in the app on some problems are a massive help so i wonder if there are people that could film doing some V3-V4 boulders on original school holds :). I really don't mind the learning curve, but i'm looking for good alternatives to improve my moonboarding skills? I currently watch alot of videos of overhang techniques and video every session to do some analyses afterwards. That said you really have to do your research and understand the mentality, technique, and rest required for high intensity work and already be good at listening to your body and preventing injuries ahead of time. I know it´s far above my current level but if you don´t challenge yourself you might aswell don´t do it it will be hard getting to v4 and even then it´s still hard getting higher but i´ll see it along the way. For a V3 climber even a 30 degree wall will still be enough to get stronger but you'll probably want to invest in some jugs and decent footholds at first. More posts from the climbharder community. Has anyone got one? i'll just buy the hold sets and do the rest. Dedicated to increasing all our knowledge about how to better improve at our sport. Some random thoughts below. and about 3-4 moves, but there's definitely problems in the 5-7 move range. Thx for the tip! ), and the longer ones usually have some degree of lateral movement on the board (pretty interesting movement, actually). I keep trying to convince myself I can build a full one somehow but I think you convinced me to stick with the mini! how much free space would you recommend to leave on the sides of the wall? hard! The Moon wood holds are kinda shitty plywood. The general consensus seems to be that you should be climbing around V5 to really use a moon board. is there a particular reason for this? Although there are definitely some taller folks on the app right now, and they're absolutely crushing. Do you mind telling me what are the wall dimensions you used? At 40 degrees, you could get at least 10-11 feet of climbing area with a kicker to boot. O man I know. Same, I wish there was more pictures or media of it online. For reference, I've gone through a lot of benchmarks on the 2016/17 sets up to 7B (V7/8). My ceilings are 9ft and I doubt my HOA will let me build a full size one in my little yard. Im jealous. No not coming in... first have to save up 400euro for wood holds B... but yeah this set is in the pipeline... in the app is nothing below 6B for original school holds but they are way too crimpy, Just so you know V4's on 2016 moonboard are likely harder than any gym V4's and wayyyy too hard for a V2 boulderer. I built one for Covid, and am very happy with it so far. , More posts from the climbharder community. The top of the moonboard i´m going to put a hangboard and some xl campus rungs (these are still in progress) currently i´m using the bigger holds of moon and place the bigger holds so that i improve backstepping, flagging while not overdoing my fingertendons on those crimpy holds... some crimping is involved but that´s just to train fingerstrength a few moments of my sessions. Those are easier to begin with. I still might do a splash board at some point that uses the full 9ft. I had no idea this existed and now I want one. There is no way i can go to a climbing gym anytime soon so have timento practice and because it´s my basement no time or distance constraints... the only way to improve is to challenge yourself! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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