One of the signs to know a person is seriously under satanic surveillance is when such person is bitten by a strange animal.

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A monkey in a dream also represents a sinner and a criminal. Some people dreams of killing animals and the ended up losing their child or other precious seeds. In dreams, the dead of animals has many symbolic meanings. Pray against suffering, carelessness and mistakes. It is important to look at the factors that surrounds this type of dreams.

If somebody that you know offer a food to a monkey, suggest the willingness to blessing a person.

Please, refrain from issuing curses. On the other hand, if you ran away in the dream when monkey attacked you, that dream means you have been hit by demonic attack unaware. This is true especially if you are a prayer person. Based on observation, monkey don’t usually run, they jump. Our content is under copyright law. If you are afraid of a person in the family, it is time for you to avoid the person before something bad would occur.

It might be a disaster if your treasure is gone!

To fight animal means satanic oppression.

The way monkey behave like a responsible human adult has to be put into consideration.

You notice that no matter how hard you try to come out from your problems, there is another set of attacks awaits you. Something happened in your life, so you had to change your priorities.

Your life and your relationships are progressing with harmony and happiness. The moment a monkey bites you in the dream is a mark used by enemy to recognize you.

Dreaming about a monkey running to you with a threatening gesture implies the bad luck to your family

You may be a subject of close attack by enemies.

If you are not in a relationship and you dream about romancing with monkey, it means that you are going to marry the wrong person. Contents within this website is for only to edifying the body of Christ and solution site to all spiritual problems and registered with government. Such as false prophets, irresponsible men, etc. Cage dream can lead to a person being helpless, or powerless to do certain things. If you have recently visited the zoo where you came across monkey, then this type of dream is normal. If the monkey image carries the face of a known person  it is important to ensure that you are not dealing with wrong people who knows everything about you.

It is possible to dream of a monkey giving birth and at the same time a woman is also giving birth in waking life only to wake up that a woman has put to bed.
Maybe you are in a marriage, your dream probably just reflects your ability to provide for your children. In addition, if you want to come out from evil inheritance and control, the dream may even be directly related to anti-progress forces. At some point, you may have given up on your dream as a result of ancestral evil powers. If you are married, this is the best time to sleep with your wife. But if the monkey eats the fruits on the tree, it therefore means dryness and fruitlessness.

This shows that a person may not have licence to prosper again. This can make you unstable.When monkey appears more often in your dream, they can indicate enemy of progress. For pregnant people who haven’t experienced abortion or miscarriage, they can signify the meaning to fruitfulness, happiness and progress in the marriage. A crying monkey animal signifies a terrible affliction or bad news is coming. This type of curse can be revealed to you through furious prayer and fasting. Islamic dreams about Animals find dream interpretations.

Monkeys are not a common dream theme, likely because we don’t usually see them in our society more often than that of dogs.

They are unable to experience sound health, joy, peace of mind, satisfaction etc. When you wake up from feeling unstable, or like feeling some bad events is likely to capture your day, you need to pray against manipulative forces of witchcraft. This is likely a sign that you are winning the battle, and perhaps God has taken or brought you out from the hands of the enemy.

If you are the type of person who always find it difficult to smile, friendly, happy, this type of dream might be a generational attack. It represent a strange man or woman assigned to deal with you.

Other dream about monkeys in spiritual perspectives. I paralyze every destiny polluter, in the name of Jesus. The Almighty God created animals and these creatures are wonderfully made in the sight of God.

It can also means enemy is stealing from you. or email to: Be mindful of some people in the organisation because they might set you up one day.

Or you are with a person who is not ready to marry or love you. If you eventually the monkey killed you, this usually mean the evil spirit or idols have it in the mind to waste you one day.

Blood of Jesus, (say “blood of Jesus” seven times) separate my life and destiny from every unfriendly friend, in the name of Jesus. When you are under constant stress or you are surrounded by monkeys in waking life, you can feel the impact in your emotions.

Handover your request to God. To back up the fasting, kindly take the following verses for helps: Mark 3:27, Psalm 11:3, Exodus 19:5, Psalm 109:28, Gen 12:3, Deut 30:7, Luke 23:12.

Do you feel like you are walking in the shadow of death? Put your trust and confidence in God alone and not man. When you are single, the bite can seem like marriage or breakthrough is an impossible goal.

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